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To my Spouse  by -PipandGeorgie-
To my Spouse by +♡+
Alex and Aaron are happily married, they're both successful in their careers, and they even started a family. When happily ever after turns into disaster, how will these...
Click, boom then it happens (Hamburr) by imalittletorelatable
Click, boom then it happens (Hambu...by Mentally Disturbed Llama
I legit am only making this because literally no other story I could find had this cover and this cover had to be used because it's just that amazing. Highest rankings: ...
♥♥Hamilton One-Shots♥♥ by DoodleTheGayNoodle
♥♥Hamilton One-Shots♥♥by Doodle The Gay Noodle
I want you guys to know, that we're not ones for Hamilton x Reader Cause gay shit is our thing ouo So it's gonna have a lot of Hamilton x Other Man kind of things in...
Hamilton One Shots (Collection) by HamiltonCrazyFanatic
Hamilton One Shots (Collection)by PersonTrappedInManyFandoms
This is just a collection of my trash Hamilton one shots! Hope you enjoy! Feel free to ask me any questions you have (please make sure they're appropriate) Requests are...
We'll Find Each Other Again | A Collection of Drabbles and Oneshots by Alex by alexsparagraphs
We'll Find Each Other Again | A Co...by alex
A collection of Hamilton drabbles, ficlets, oneshots, and short stories I've written and will write. MATURE/EXPLICIT LANGUAGE WARNING fluff / angst / possibly smut but I...
Songs From Hamilton Reimagined by writer_out_of_time
Songs From Hamilton Reimaginedby AA
A collection of songs from Hamilton I rewrote!
My Darling Alexander ❤ by Marty665
My Darling Alexander ❤by Cherry pop
Aaron Burr is the man that most men would love to be or become. he's smart, reasonable, charming and handsome. he's always played with people's emotions because of this...
HAMILTON ONESHOTS ☺️☺️☺️ by tzapq3
HAMILTON ONESHOTS ☺️☺️☺️by Testiny Seals
This is my first one shot books there are many gay ships and a few Washingdad moments I hope you like it
A Guide to Hamilton Ships by THE-Ham-Fangirl
A Guide to Hamilton Shipsby THE-Ham-Fangirl
‼️‼️DISCLAIMER‼️‼️ When I wrote this, I was pretty biased with what I said and also pretty obsessed with Lams. I no longer agree with most of what I said and know that a...
Hetalia Reacts To Hamilton [DISCONTINUED] by iiSkyeh_
Hetalia Reacts To Hamilton [DISCON...by Yeeted to iiDopeSky_
This will be about Hetalia and Hamilton Characters reacting to both Hamilton And Hetalia 😁💖 ⭐️Hetalia Characters in this story⭐️ -America -China -England -France -Germ...
my hamilton ship opinions because i had the sudden urge to make this by A_FatPenguin
my hamilton ship opinions because...by A_FatPenguin
i didn't think i would be doing this but i had the urge to and it would haunt me forever if i didn't this might have the most ships out of any hamilton ship opinions bo...
Corset in Congress (A Hamilton Genderbend) by rubyjean_jacket
Corset in Congress (A Hamilton Gen...by rubyjean_jacket
A Hamilton AU where everything is the same except Alexander is a woman and she marries Elijah Schuyler. For the most part it is told from Aaron Burr's perspective, but...
Hamilton one shots by Ashleyat_the_disco
Hamilton one shotsby Lover
Um, request please? I don't do readers x whoever, but like any other ship I'm down for. Super gay oneshotssss. Some may be smut some may not be. Ima do my best y'all.
Hamilton College AU - Freshman (Book 2) by jemmymadison316
Hamilton College AU - Freshman (Bo...by jemmymadison316
Relationships and friendships are a challenge as the young men grow up and find their place in the world. Alexander Hamilton struggles against his trauma-filled childho...
Hamilton ships by ShiningStarMLP
Hamilton shipsby ShiningStarMLP
Hamilton took my life. Also none of this art is mine.
Hamilton College AU - Sophomore (Book 3) by jemmymadison316
Hamilton College AU - Sophomore (B...by jemmymadison316
The Salt Squad is back for another year of college. Relationships and friendships are a challenge as the young men grow up and find their place in the world. Debate beco...
Hamilton One-Shots by fangirl_issues102
Hamilton One-Shotsby Just Dying Over Here
Just your average book of Hamilton one shots. Probably will include mature language and sensitive subjects Angst or Fluff, no Smut (I just don't feel comfortable writin...
Hamilton Oneshots by soapstxr
Hamilton Oneshotsby soapstxr
yeah uh my OTP is Jeffmads. So most of these are Jeffmads but I DO write other ships so donut worry. Oh yeah, only fluffs and angsts. None of THAT stuff. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Pl...
Instagram; Hamilton. by milurocks
Instagram; Hamilton.by the orator
@Ham acaba de compartir contenido. _____________________________________________________ AU de Hamilton, donde los padres fundadores tienen celulares y, obviamente, inst...