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Forever Halloween(Markiplier X Reader) by ImSorryMrGullible
Forever Halloween(Markiplier X professional fangirl
*completed* I was frozen when the pop of the gun rang throughout the house. I wanted to close my eyes, I wanted to look away, but I couldn't. The man fell to his knees a...
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Not Your Toy (Darkiplier X Reader) by PixieRheaMoon
Not Your Toy (Darkiplier X Reader)by PixieRheaMoon
"I'm not your toy!!" my voice was hoarse from screaming. "Not my toy? Is that really what you think?! You're right!" Dark sat in front of me, kneeli...
You Can Call Me Daddy| A Teamiplier Smut Book| THE TWO YEAR OLD REPOST by SinfulMom4413
You Can Call Me Daddy| A SinfulMom is BACK
⚠️ SMUT WARNING ⚠️ Hey guys this is a Teamiplier smut book. It's the repost you've all missed. Brining it back after two years. I'm not editing it, only brining it back...
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iplier shenanigans  by Dark-demon-queen
iplier shenanigans by huffle-puff-fander
one shots of all the Iplier's. there will be fluff, angst, drama, funny, ect.
Chemical Explosion (Septiplier)[✔️] by depressed_fox7
Chemical Explosion (Septiplier)[✔️]by Depressed Fox
THIS IS THE SECOND BOOK IN A SERIES Mark just awoke from a strange dream, he was back in high school, but everything was so different. The fact that he was dating Jack...
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Still Worth Fighting For (Damien/Darkiplier x Reader) by SardonicandSarcastic
Still Worth Fighting For (Damien/ SardonicandSarcastic
(You may want to watch 'who killed markiplier' first) After the events at Markiplier Manor, (Y/n) was abandoned in the Manor with nobody. Despite his/her cruel fate, (Y...
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Ring Masters (Darkiplier, Antisepticeye, Corruptgameplays, Natemare X reader)  by ItBeEm
Ring Masters (Darkiplier, It's Em
Y/n runs the channel (channel name) along with Mark, Jack, Nate, and Ethan. What you unfortunately don't know is that each of the men that you are working with have a da...
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Guide to a better rp!  by warfstacheonesie
Guide to a better rp! by Warfstacheonesie
Are YOU in for some FUN, but people don't like to rp with you or the other way around?! You have COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE! I've been doing some rp with multiple people...
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Tempus Fugit {Who Killed Markiplier} by kalelaufeyson
Tempus Fugit {Who Killed *
tem·pus fu·git ˌtempəs ˈfyo͞ojit exclamation time flies (used to draw attention to the rapid passage of time). Iris has been gone five years. Her work at University with...
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I'm Here to Help You (Darkiplier x Reader) by the_bluepencil
I'm Here to Help You (Darkiplier the_bluepencil
{COMPLETED} This is my first story, so only constructive criticism, please. Also, there's no smut. Sorry not sorry. I ain't writing that shit. Also also, there's probabl...
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My mini-Mark (Markilpierxreader) by warfstacheonesie
My mini-Mark (Markilpierxreader)by Warfstacheonesie
You live in a small village. You have lived in the village for a long time, so your house is pretty old, but the sounds in your house isn't just crackling wood....
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Who Killed Markiplier? by FlamingFriendship
Who Killed Markiplier?by FlamingFriendship
"Tonight was about friends. Tonight was about fun. Finishing your drink, you laughed and followed the others to the poker table. Yes, tonight was definitely going t...
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Before I Met You (Markiplier x Male Reader) by IsItMarco
Before I Met You (Markiplier x Marco
You are a 22 year old male singer/songwriter on YouTube that is about to reach 1.000.000 subscribers. You just moved to LA to make a restart of your life and maybe get a...
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YouTuber Smut by Markimoon4585
YouTuber Smutby Hailey
Just some YouTuber Smuts *REQUESTS OPEN*
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The Boy Next Door by BooperDooperBby
The Boy Next Doorby ✨Naomi ✨
A story in which a small Irish boy named Jack moves to a new country his senior year, and develops a crush on his dreamy next door neighbor who just so happens to be his...
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Markiplier Smuts by Markipliersloves
Markiplier Smutsby Markipliersloves
This is a book about Markiplier Smuts. There IS smut in here. If you don't like smut, this book isn't for you. I don't know how often I will update. This is my first tim...
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 You Break Me (Markiplier x reader) by beg0neth0t
You Break Me (Markiplier x reader)by tasha
(Y/N) has life problems since she was 10. At 14 years old, her father dies and her mom is having trouble dealing with it. Until a few years, when (Y/N) is 16, her mom fi...
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One-shots and requests! by warfstacheonesie
One-shots and requests!by Warfstacheonesie
There's no smut in here, just cute 'lil one-shots. And IF there's smut, I'll give you a warning. Have fun, and thanks for reading!
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The high school teachers (Markiplier X Pewdiepie X Jacksepticeye X Reader) by keewhite12
The high school teachers ( JuggleThosePuggles
{completed} The three youtubers you loved, were kicked off of YouTube, and YouTube was shut down. The youtubers were all forced to find new jobs and it turns out Mark, J...
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Markicest (dark x Mark) one shots (pretty gay)(requests open) by InuAyume
Markicest (dark x Mark) one Spill the Tea Hun
helenbrine and SheeraAyame inspired me to write this. I do apologize if it's cringe and that the title is similar to Helenbrine's Title, that's because I'm uncreative wh...
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