Markiplier Smuts #2 by fanficphobic
Markiplier Smuts #2by DADDYPLIER
Volume 2 of Some really juicy smut for you dirty girls like me! 💦😏❤
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Not Your Toy (Darkiplier X Reader) by PixieRheaMoon
Not Your Toy (Darkiplier X Reader)by PixieRheaMoon
"I'm not your toy!!" my voice was hoarse from screaming. "Not my toy? Is that really what you think?! You're right!" Dark sat in front of me, kneeli...
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Markiplier x reader smuts by piratefox97
Markiplier x reader smutsby :3
Warning: lots of smut
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Total Control (Darkiplier x reader) by DijaMohd
Total Control (Darkiplier x reader)by Dija Mohammed
You live in Cincinnati and love watching Markiplier, but ever since the first Darkiplier video you loved Dark even more. Until shit starts to get real. But what will be...
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Antidote (Jacksepticeye x reader) by beg0neth0t
Antidote (Jacksepticeye x reader)by tasha
(Sequel to 'Posion') Life contiunes for (Y/N) as they progresses with her toxic love-hate relationship with Sean, things only get more hetic with their friends as feuds...
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 Kitten: Wilford Warfstache X Reader  by aesthetic-n-stuff
Kitten: Wilford Warfstache X Tbh Idk
COMPLETED STORY One day, on your way home, you meet an unusual man. He introduces himself as Wilford Warfstache. He explains that he isn't from the area and he has gotte...
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When the Moon Rises (Markiplier X Reader) by BlueWolfAngel
When the Moon Rises (Markiplier BlueWolfAngel
One day you go to L.A with your best friend Madi. Only to find out what might have been a relaxing vacay for you, it appears there are signs everywhere on the internet s...
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The high school teachers (Markiplier X Pewdiepie X Jacksepticeye X Reader) by keewhite12
The high school teachers ( JuggleThosePuggles
{completed} The three youtubers you loved, were kicked off of YouTube, and YouTube was shut down. The youtubers were all forced to find new jobs and it turns out Mark, J...
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Before I Met You (Markiplier x Male Reader) by IsItMarco
Before I Met You (Markiplier x Marco
You are a 22 year old male singer/songwriter on YouTube that is about to reach 1.000.000 subscribers. You just moved to LA to make a restart of your life and maybe get a...
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Googleiplier  by Purple_Snek
Googleiplier by Rhayne
Being by yourself is pretty boring, but after receiving a mysterious birthday package you decide life isn't so boring after all
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Take me away - Markiplier x reader fic by writingtrashcan
Take me away - Markiplier x Livvy
A fresh new start in a new place for you, scared from being so far away from home, your parents, your friends, but excited to have some independence. You live your life...
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Who Killed Markiplier? by FlamingFriendship
Who Killed Markiplier?by FlamingFriendship
"Tonight was about friends. Tonight was about fun. Finishing your drink, you laughed and followed the others to the poker table. Yes, tonight was definitely going t...
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Prince Charming [Markiplier x Reader] by markiplierisokayy
Prince Charming [Markiplier x Bless up 👏🏼
Everyone told me how much love could break a person. Love makes you crazy and do stupid things. They thought that hiding my feelings would make it all okay. It did, but...
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Mark's castle 2 (MarkplierXreader) by warfstacheonesie
Mark's castle 2 (MarkplierXreader)by Warfstacheonesie
MARK'S CASTLE SEQUEL! HERE IT FINALLY IS, AS PROMISED A LONG TIME AGO, BUT I'M A WOMAN OF MY WORD!! Dark and Anti always argue about everything. No one really knows why...
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Manipulation || Darkiplier horror story by Silverwing31
Manipulation || Darkiplier SilverWing13
You met your favorite person in the world. But it wasn't as fun as you would have liked. and it only got worse from there. A man who you believed to be a legend, a myth...
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Darkiplier and Antisepticeye X Reader by CopperLiver
Darkiplier and Antisepticeye X CopperLiver
You and Mark are trapped in a horrific nightmare. You are both being chased by Antisepticeye. What will happen? Cover art, credit goes to the artist.
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Septiplier Smut Shots by BaptizedByACriminal
Septiplier Smut Shotsby SnowNoMery
Smut, Smut, and more Smut Also, this is my first time writing smut, so sorry if it's sHIt. 👌🙌👌🙌👌🙌👌🙌👌🙌👌🙌🤘🙌🤘🙌 Okay my consenting bois, enjoy.
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Youtuber Egos Short Story Collection! by Marvin-The-Magic-Cat
Youtuber Egos Short Story Marvin The Ghoul Boi
This is a collection of short stories about Jack, Mark and their egos that I published on Tumblr. I thought since I put One and the Same here I might a well put my other...
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Pet  (ManxMan) DISCONTINUED  by anything_gay_
Pet (ManxMan) DISCONTINUED by anything_gay_
Jacksepticeye x Markiplier Jack is Mark slave. Mark is a cruel uncaring Master. He's never given two shits about any of his slaves in the past, but suddenly his heart ch...
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(Darkiplier x Reader) When a Black Cat Crosses Your Path (possibly lemon) by lunaChandler
(Darkiplier x Reader) When a lunaChandler
a lovely girl meets a famous YouTuber but to her surprise...he wasn't what she excepted to be (smut? lemon? whatever you call. maybe! depends on how the story goes :3 a...
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