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A Cry From the Wild by FlaaffyVulpix
A Cry From the Wildby FlaaffyVulpix
After an egg of a beautiful Vulpix was found by Claire, she starting thinking more and more about her lost partner. The story will bring you all of the appropriate emot...
Diary of a Chonk Doge by sexylegolas
Diary of a Chonk Dogeby Natalie Rushman
DONT CHONK SHAME. Inzide the heart of a chonky doge is like a deep bowl of treatos. Unending, ful of suprize. Sometime treatos, sometime broccoli (ew). She chonky, but s...
Luna's Life by Twilight_attack
Luna's Lifeby A writer 🤷🏽‍♀️
Aimed at 8-11 year olds [COMPLETED] I like writing animal stories and my favourite animal is a wolf so I came up with this story about a white wolf named Luna and her li...
Man's Best-friend by Madam0Rouperus
Man's Best-friendby Madam0Rouperus
Rory would never leave Ted. Not ever. But sometimes, just sometimes people have to leave you. Rory is a dog-a Springer Spaniel to be precise- and just like any other dog...
Stereoytypes by KaityHoward
Stereoytypesby Kaitlyn Howard
In a world where some people are set on hating Pit bulls, we get a glimpse into the life of a Pit bull named Lark. She may be a sweet and gentle stray, but stereotypes t...
My Dog Died Today by giraffelady76539
My Dog Died Todayby Mike Woolensack
A tribute/eulogy to the best dog we ever had.
Her Best Friend by Fox4Life039
Her Best Friendby A. O. Foxling
This is about a girl named, Vitani and her dog, May. They have a unbreakable bond, especially after Vitani's father goes to war and leave her with her cruel, heartless...
4 legged guardian by SweetyTheDingo
4 legged guardianby Kestrel
A dog's point of view of her sick owner. Her self appointed job to protecting her human.
Dogs by cxcalixc
Dogsby cxcalixc
This is about one of the most greatest and talented animal in the entire universe. They are the most loyal and loving things. Dogs. Many people take advantage of these w...
Shits & Giggles by GracelessFuckWit
Shits & Gigglesby Daxton Keller
Jonah Tryniski, Ethan Hicks, Travis Kelly, and Alexander Clarke have been best friends since day one of preschool. And when the boys hit the tenth grade, Maeby, a hypera...
Lost by KitKat_TheSmol
Lostby KitKat_TheSmol
This is the story of a boy and his dog, who have to take matters into their own hands when Austin's parents go missing. The police are no help and pass it off as a simpl...
Puppy. by 5sos_addict4689
#12 5sos_addict4689
"A mans best friend" As they say, a dog is a mans best friend. It doesn't matter if you are rich or poor/ good looking or bad looking. A dog will love you no...
Archie - my dog  by dommydoms
Archie - my dog by 🤠👊
i love him so i made a book about him les get it
Un-Ordinary Love by I-Likes-To-Write
Un-Ordinary Loveby I-Likes-To-Write
An Un-Ordinary Story about a young man named Damian and his caring companion Aster. He claims that his 'love story' is unique because he doesn't have one. Anymore. Dami...
The book of a very special dogo by _Ariana_Chan_
The book of a very special dogoby Ariana
This is just a happy birthday tribute for my dog and one of my only friend (because I prefer dogs)
The Squirrel Hunter by Glenn_is_Kawaii
The Squirrel Hunterby Kaylee Brown
Daryl Dixon isn't like other kids. He was always the "stinky" kid in the class. No one ever questioned where he lived, or why he never took a bath. Of course...
Mickey by greggerguy
Mickeyby greggerguy
A short story of loss, compassion, and friendship
Not just a dog.. by RichyNoble
Not just a Richy Writes
Dedicated to my dearest little pet Venny & to all those loving dogs that crossed the rainbow bridge..
Believe  by Nikisprinkles
Believe by Nikisprinkles
His mother finally reached the front door opening to find a very peculiar thing. Max's mother thought as to who could leave such a small thing outside in such a big stor...
Off Trail by BreckaMayo
Off Trailby BreckaMayo
One woman's journey from the crushing weight of a failed relationship and near crippling social anxiety to the freedom of the high peaks of the Adirondack mountains. Th...