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Heirs Of The Alpha by SquishyMinMinMing
Heirs Of The Alphaby Mimi Jeon
"But I don't WANT to carry one-" "Then sucks to be you." ••• Kim Taehyung is very powerful werewolf. You even so much as look at him the wrong way yo...
Pregnant With The Alpha King's Baby (on hiatus) by Who_tf_are_you
Pregnant With The Alpha King's 🍼.
Jenna Mary Hart was a normal werewolf teenager. Or so, everyone thought. After a happy day of being a popular girl, she comes home to a abusive family. Screaming, and cr...
The Runt of the Litter by BlackShadowDawn
The Runt of the Litterby Annabel
"The Runt of the Litter" is a historical fiction novel about the mentally retarded in 1800s England. The large manor owned by controlling Sir Douglas Michaels...
A Litter of Joy by RayreeAnne
A Litter of Joyby RayreeAnne
Marinette has been having some dreams about being pregnant and giving birth to kittens. Her loving husband, Adrien, believes it means she is pregnant, but she just think...
Luna's Life by Twilight_attack
Luna's Lifeby A writer 🤷🏽‍♀️
Aimed at 8-11 year olds [COMPLETED] I like writing animal stories and my favourite animal is a wolf so I came up with this story about a white wolf named Luna and her li...
The Past is Dead by 3BulletNecklace
The Past is Deadby 3BulletNecklace
Chole's diary after Rachel's disappearance. Lots of songs, and when I say songs I mean indie and pop punk and emo and acousic and just everything sad I listen to + my em...
Impassiveness by Jemmaleena
Impassivenessby Jemma
{FORMERLY JAIL FOR THOSE UNDER EIGHTEEN!!!!!] Is being sent to Carson Juvenile Prison fun? Hell no! Jazmyn Roberts is sent there however and gets involved with the wro...
Our Earth Needs Saving! |Documentary| 🌎 by Blue_KC_Berry
Our Earth Needs Saving! | •_Cloudzy_•
Our Earth is special and so we need to save it from pollution and litter. This documentary will show you how and why saving the planet is important. anime character- fro...
Reducing pollution by Changing-the-World
Reducing pollutionby ~me~
Hello and welcome back to my posts! Looking back at today's topic you might be wondering what inspired it...Well, maybe its the fact, that everyday I look outside, it se...
Pretty Food - Haiku Story by BerryBerryBlitz
Pretty Food - Haiku Storyby BerryBerryBlitz
Just because it looks appealing, doesn't mean that it's good A haiku story Cover and story by me
Time and Tide by OhOneNineOne
Time and Tideby OhOneNineOne
Of a man and the litter he loathes, time and tide make a difference to only one.
Litter Robot II Bubble Unit by BanfieldPetPlan
Litter Robot II Bubble Unitby Pet Plan
Visit this site for more information on Litter Robot II Bub...
Pollution ruins us all by beyond-wonder
Pollution ruins us allby Beyond wonder
Spill over the side swept into the homes of the innocent and take over life and abilities to fly . Oil spills spread over the ocean and kills what ever lives their and t...
Purple Pet Iprimio by PurplePetIprimio
Purple Pet Iprimioby Purple Pet Iprimio
Purple Pet Iprimio is the leading online pet store in USA which provides best cat products at affordable price.
Come into my World by KIDmimi
Come into my Worldby mimi :D
this is going to be a collection of my really short stories and just some of my thoughts and beliefs on the world. i would say it'll have poems but i'm not that kind o...
Hope by AJPritchard
Hopeby AJPritchard
A 500 word Short Story written for the National Geographic #PlanetOrPlastic Competition. This short story follows the life of Hope an infant Seahorse, featuring her str...