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Eyes on You by love-shade
Eyes on Youby SHADOW
Vegas pete (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡
The Devil's Sunshine (VegasPete) by BetterUnseen
The Devil's Sunshine (VegasPete)by Aster
VegasPete Fanfic
Back stage by mEnOyYyYy
Back stageby ....
Fanfiction parts of my mind
VegasPete Hearts Revenge  by Berdeng_grin
VegasPete Hearts Revenge by Grin
He killed her,my fiance and now he's engaged? If I'm not happy then he too should be. I'm going to avenge my fiances death. I'll make sure he will pay for what he did. ...
Power Up! (Male Reader) by Morning_Blankets
Power Up! (Male Reader)by Morning_Blankets
Townsville, USA. A normal city with strange problems. Monsters, villains, and even demons try to attack the city and claim it has their own. All are stopped by the Power...
What if Pete loses his memory instead of Vegas.Will he remember him or forget him.What will Vegas do read and find out. Disclaimer: i dont own the characters Series:kinn...
What If? by andnonsensestuff
What If?by stuffandnonsense
Forced to hide his real sexuality from his father, Vegas and his best friend Dreamy pretend to be lovers... But what happens when Pete enters his life? Should he please...
PowerPuffGirls X Nerd Male reader by Ku_Teku
PowerPuffGirls X Nerd Male readerby Ku_Teku
Y/N is a smart young boy who can sometimes come off as awkward. Who also has some feelings towards some sibling hero's by the name of Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup. One...
This story highglights the KP 2nd couple, VegasPete. The story may include familiar scenes from the live action of the series but changes were also made. Also, this this...
Save Me (VegasPete) by BetterUnseen
Save Me (VegasPete)by Aster
What if Pete didn't choose Vegas? What if he chose his loyalty to the Major Family? What if he finally met someone that will treat him right? What if Vegas was the only...
Back To You  (Vegas Pete)  by angie_the_doll
Back To You (Vegas Pete) by angie
Vegas died by poolside. And pete finds a bunch of magical incense sticks that let's his soul travel to past Pete's body. To get his lover back, he tries everything and c...
VegasxPete - My Salvation by Clengzky28
VegasxPete - My Salvationby Claire Serbito
This story is about a mafia family who is currently dominating the whole Thailand..they are famous for their businesses and also for their looks. They are viewed by the...
VegasPete (Fanfic) by BetterUnseen
VegasPete (Fanfic)by Aster
This is just a fanfic for those who are supporting VegasPete.
Powerpuff girls (male reader insert) by RandomKid362
Powerpuff girls (male reader inser...by Toad Yeager
This story will be a type of what if story of if (Y/N) was raised in Townsville. So the harem is the same but it's more child crushes. Also powers will be different comp...
The Hidden Heir (VegasPete) by BetterUnseen
The Hidden Heir (VegasPete)by Aster
FUBU (Fuck buddies)  by Sadsper_bb
FUBU (Fuck buddies) by Sadsper
Description Pete is an Seconds year, Architect Students In Chulalongkorn University in bangkok, He has 3 friends with Porsche, Tay, and Thankul they are typical colle...
DADDY'S BABY (Vegaspete Fiction)  by ketkitayde29
DADDY'S BABY (Vegaspete Fiction) by ketkitayde29
What would have happened if after the war instead of Vegas, it was Pete who got shot for protecting Vegas and loss his memory after waking from coma . Behave like a thr...
VegasPete: REEL LIFE VS REAL LIFEby 𝙚𝙧𝙞 • 𝘶𝘳𝘭𝘶𝘷𝘦
Pete, 21 years old and a celebrity. He is famous for acting and is a talented saxophonist. And there is Vegas, an ordinary guy who is a die-hard fanboy of Pete. 📝: Anot...
Start Over by LilumGrave
Start Overby Lilum Grave
After four years since their disappearance, The Powerpuff girls Z realize that their new classmates are nothing more, nothing less than the Rowdyruff boys Z! Nevertheles...
Runaway from Love by SecretsHappens
Runaway from Loveby SecretsHappen
The RRBZ have taken over the world and the PPGZ are in hiding. Everyone thinks that the PPGZ are dead but what happens if they came back with a plan to overthrow the RRB...