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Jasper Hale Imagines by iwannabeacow
Jasper Hale Imaginesby iwannabeacow
Jasper Hale imagines.. (includes- smut, romance, friendship, mature language, abuse, roughness, etc..) If you have a request please tell me.. I will most likely run out...
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Her Secrets by haven_luci
Her Secretsby Lucifer's Safe Place
Everyone assumed that Bella was just a timid human... What if she was so much more? What if her mate wasnt even Edward, but God of War himself? And what if she already k...
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Long Gone by lunaisbabe
Long Goneby Luna
Katherine Roberts is Liv's best friend and a cop she is also the only one that knows that she is a zombie after the Washington Lake Massacre. Follow them around on their...
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Hale's Harmony by moon-walker
Hale's Harmonyby moon-walker
When the Cullens moved to Forks, Washington they weren't expecting to encounter another supernatural being; they certainly weren't expecting her to be Jasper's mate. Mee...
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The truth will always come out - Jasper/Bella [Completed] by EricaLouise21
The truth will always come out - Erica Louise
Stephenie Meyer owns all the characters, except for the ones I make up. The plot is mine. ----------------------------------- Bella is adopted, when a friendly face tell...
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A New Nurse In The 4077th by elisheba27
A New Nurse In The 4077thby Lizzy ✨
A continuing story about Y/N nurse and her adventures at the 4077th M*A*S*H unit. Features Colonel Potter, Charles Emerson Winchester III, BJ Hunnicut, and all the usua...
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Captain and the major by AmyDunbar2
Captain and the majorby Loki’sgirl
Y/n is the a daughter of Aro and the head captain of the guard. Aro send her to go to school with the Cullens. Despite being shill human one she arrives she feel to a su...
Chun Li...(Interracial) by Enny101
Chun Li...(Interracial)by Eniola
A Blasian teenager finally builds self confidence with the help of her two best friends. Ignoring the negativity that comes with her of being a mixed race. And most of a...
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Touch in the dark  by _yunaaa_
Touch in the dark by 𝓨𝓾𝓷𝓪
#3 in izombie 17/09/19
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MaNanSS: Married To Major Manik by taqwamansoor200105
MaNanSS: Married To Major Manikby taqwamansoor200105
Married life of an Army officer..... Major Manik Malhotra.....
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Major Izzy by KenzieP15
Major Izzyby Makenzie
Izzy was turned at age 17. 50 years later she met Peter and Charlotte Whitlock. They have been like her parents since she meet them. They move to Forks Washington. What...
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Alucard x reader- Ancient Creatures (on Hiatus) by Lady-Amathyst
Alucard x reader- Ancient Lady-Amathyst
(Y/N) lived a solitary life, attempting to live peacefully amongst humans. But when she meets Alucard and the rest of the Hellsing organisation how will that change. Wha...
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You Snared My Heart: A Marching Band Love Story by bubbertgoesretro
You Snared My Heart: A Marching Al & Al
A cheesy romance centered on marching band. Prepare to be amazed, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the best book we've ever written. Warning: it's the first book we've ever...
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Happy Endings by alicelostinunderland
Happy Endingsby Vodka Fairy
Daniella Swan, also known as Danny, gets into more fights than she'd admit to. She's the opposite of Bella, however that only strengthens their bond. Moving to Forks, D...
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What To Do When You Loose by Neutral03
What To Do When You Looseby Neutral03
After the aftermath of endgame, Dick was lost, he almost lost his mentor, his father figure to an alien jail. He almost got his whole team killed and let an alien invasi...
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Mlb imagines  by hayley1967kaz25y
Mlb imagines by scuba steve
MLB Imagines •feel free to send requests •⚠️Warnings⚠️ mentions of abuse sexual assault *smut
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Not Always The Hero // (Percy Jackson x Peter Parker) by fandomsandfables
Not Always The Hero // (Percy fandomsandfables
Percy Jackson x Peter Parker
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Lennox's Girlfriend by Lennox_Daughter
Lennox's Girlfriendby Lennox_Daughter
She was his girlfriend. She was also a Witwicky. And her boyfriend was in the military. Her and her brother discover an alien race together. Then the military get invo...
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[Soukoku DaChuu] Tái sinh by LeoKasaSaiko
[Soukoku DaChuu] Tái sinhby LeoKasaSaiko
AU Thiên thần Chuuya. Dazai x Chuuya. XX x Dazai Mention Hãy cùng đoán xem XX là ai nhé~ Cảnh báo: Major Character Death ______ "Tôi đến đây với một yêu cầu. 100 ng...
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mlb imagines ➵ by seager-
mlb imagines ➵by em
imagines with your favorite major league baseball stars. ☆ requests are always open!
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