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It's Just Me by __peaches__28
It's Just Meby Peaches
Widower and single dad of two girly girls. Single mom to three beautiful girls. Both single. It's just them. Well at least until they meet each other. Can the kids handl...
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Mrs. Holmes [Book III] by Uilosris
Mrs. Holmes [Book III]by Uilosris
[Third Installation in the Sherlanna Series] A new resident has moved into 221B Baker Street- Welcome Mrs. Susanna Holmes! Following a wonderful Honeymoon in the States...
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Honor and Obey (Christian Domestic Discipline)  by justwritin17
Honor and Obey (Christian justwritin17
Levi and Daisy are young newly weds. Levi is an electrician and Daisy is a homemaker. They live in the rural south where traditional ideas about faith and family are sti...
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Surrogate Mother (Completed) by shiyaht
Surrogate Mother (Completed)by Shi T.
Afra Coventry, a CEO of a Fortune 500 Company and Jaeson Coventry, one of Cloverdale's top five lawyers are a newly wed couple. They have everything a marriage could ask...
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The Newlywed Game by xburningdesire
The Newlywed Gameby maria rose
April was in need of money, if she wanted to finish University. Drew was in need of money, if he wanted his Dad to be able to complete the chemotherapy he so badly neede...
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The Last Climax by stingysolace
The Last Climaxby Anvita
Erotic Deception
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Tangled Fates by DazedAndConfused
Tangled Fatesby Isabelle Rae
Do you believe in fate? Kayleigh Brown does. She believes that everything happens for a reason, that our lives are mapped out for us before were even born. She believes...
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Remember When by GarfieldTheCat123
Remember Whenby Sexy Garfield
"You know what? Fuck this! I'm going to sleep!" I pull the blanket over my head, trying to block him out. "How 'bout I fuck you?" He asks, his voice...
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Being With You (TodorokiShoutoXFem!Reader!) by VioletsViolence
Being With You ( VioletsViolence
Being with Todoroki's household isn't (y/n)'s first choice, indeed. But God never stop giving surprises to her when Endeavor make a marriage arrangement between (y/n) an...
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Not So Balanced - Sequel To Balance by Lucia_Rose_Woodlyn
Not So Balanced - Sequel To Balanceby Lucy
The war was over. I thought that meant that peace would shortly follow, but it didn't. Yes, the Fire Nation was no longer ruled by someone evil, but just because you end...
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Chibi's Kicks by Soseji_Hanayo17
Chibi's Kicksby ...
Izuku is 7 months pregnant and the non-stop kicking from the baby made it hard for him and Kacchan to sleep at night .
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The Villain's Bride by sarcastic_biach
The Villain's Brideby MK
There is one word that can define Athena; Innocent. Forever been kept in the confines of her own house, she wondered that did the world outside her room resembled the on...
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Trouble In Paradise (Sequal To Arranged Marriage) COMPLETED  by JoshayaForeverFanfic
Trouble In Paradise (Sequal To Estelle Du Plessis
Josh and Maya are as happy as they can be but what happens when they have to share news which isn't that exciting?
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Letters For Lucien: A Novel (COMPLETE) by SuzyEngland
Letters For Lucien: A Novel ( Suzy England
The journey of mature newlyweds, Mathew and Sunny Ellis, as they anticipate becoming first time parents. A little background: I wrote Letters for Lucien way back in 2005...
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Ice by stingysolace
Iceby Anvita
A newly-wed romance with the most sensual props - blindfold and ice
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The Perfect Ending - Forbidden Love by iWriteForfunOk
The Perfect Ending - Forbidden Loveby Farhana
*SEQUEL TO FORBIDDEN LOVE* It's been four months since Nathaniel and Aasia had gotten married after their senior prom. It's finally time for college, but Aasia has a su...
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Broken Crystal by underthejoon
Broken Crystalby Underthejoon
Jungkook fucks up while you're busy moving into your new home.
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Saeyoung (707) x MC -- Mystic Messenger Fluff by deputycrackers
Saeyoung (707) x MC -- Mystic deputy / ruby
!!SPOILER WARNING!! (Also, there is *implied* sexual content, none actually.) Saeyoung and MC are newlyweds, and they have just moved in to their new house. What's in th...
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Newlyweds by thegirlwholoved01
Newlywedsby goddess
"Remember when I smashed that cake in your face on your birthday?" Hunter asked. "Yes, you got it all in my hair." I say laughing at the memory. &q...
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Honeymoon || A happy SM imagine💕 by imajinkookies
Honeymoon || A happy SM imagine💕by army//mendes army
What if you were married to Shawn Mendes? That's right mega popstar, Shawn Mendes. What sweet adventures and cute moments will you experience? NOTE: This is not complete...
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