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Totally NOT Falling 4 Him! (Luka x Adrien) by whenyouyouwhenyou
Totally NOT Falling 4 Him! (Luka whenyouyouwhenyou
This is a miraculous ladybug fanfiction, it will include but not limited to; boy love. a LOT of boy love. Drama, romance, adventure, and most of all, their will probably...
GAY ???? - Miraculous Chat Fanfic ✔ by -NixxNixx-
GAY ???? - Miraculous Chat Fanfic ✔by 醒めない夢
when Alya accidently added Chloe shit happened. • • • Ranks; #1 in Chloenette 11/08/2021 #2 in Lukadrien 11/08/2021
Better In Harmony (lukadrien) by Hobis_Sunshine
Better In Harmony (lukadrien)by ✨Gina✨
It's Valentines Day, and the longing feelings of love and desire is in the air. Chat Noir wants to confess to Ladybug about his feelings, but when he is unable to, Viper...
Cat's Eye (Lukadrien) by aldwynrivers
Cat's Eye (Lukadrien)by aldwynrivers
Adrien Agreste is a perfect boy, with a perfect life. But there's something about him that nobody knows. Luka wants to know. Gay fix-it fic loosely based on Callimara'...
Falling For Him by m1lady23
Falling For Himby m1lady23
Luka is rejected by Marinette. Cat Noir is rejected by Ladybug. They both decide to move on, but never expecting to move on with a guy. What obstacles will they face? Wi...
Right When I Saw You | Lukadrien by chatzona
Right When I Saw You | Lukadrienby dumb
Luka Couffaine is starting his new life at his temporary new school. And honestly, he expected time to fly by as fast as lightning while he was staying there. However, w...
Not as expected by CanIhaveamonster
Not as expectedby CanIhaveamonster
Marinette is hopelessly head over heels for Adrien. While Adrien has been pining over ladybug for the longest...or so he thought. It all changed when Luka, a friend that...
Did you hear that Lila? by Bookw0rm2020
Did you hear that Lila?by NettieBringsDupain
Basically the akuma class goes to Gotham for a school trip theres new budding romance as well as broken hearts. Thanks to the fact that they're away from hawkmoth and hi...
Let's keep it a secret  by ilovemichelemorrone
Let's keep it a secret by Mara
it's not easy being a world famous model and rockstar. There are things you can't do, things you have to give and things you need to hide. This is what famous model Adri...
Story of a first kiss. by the55th
Story of a first Luis
[🏳️‍🌈🐈‍⬛🐍] Madly in love, Adrien Agreste receives help to start a relationship with the love of his life: Luka Couffaine. But what will he do when a certain secret...
Inner Music: A Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir fanfiction  by Skstar7
Inner Music: A Miraculous Tales Skyla Jacobs
Adrien and Luka decide that they can both do better than Marinette, so they do each other (I didn't mean for that to sound so dirty 😶) I don't own Miraculous Tales of L...
Our secret  by Sakura610
Our secret by Sakura610
A Luka x Adrien story mostly fluff but some spicy bits, this time line is when Marionette is still trying to get with at least one of them and Luka has his miraculous fu...
No longer a secret (Lukadrien) by AnakinLuke123456789
No longer a secret (Lukadrien)by AnakinLuke123456789
I planned to make a Lukadrien one-shot book. But then I changed my mind and come out with a multi-chapter story. After Luka and Marinette mutual break up and after Chat...
 The Thunderbirds by 1mm0rt4l4r1thm3t1c
The Thunderbirdsby K
Has the show Miraculous: The Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir, ever seem a bit off to you? For instance the fact that Marinette is stalking Adrien to the point where she...
UH-Oh by Phoenix_1687
UH-Ohby Dusk Nightshade
Luka and Adrien are dating in secret, but what happens when people start finding out? Cover art is NOT mine
Miraculously In Love - A Lukadrien Story by pickleberry567
Miraculously In Love - A Pickle Berry
At first, he's jealous that Luka has gotten Marinette head over heels for him, but soon Adrien realizes that his feelings aren't for her at all. Why can he stop thinking...
Lukadrien Smut🔞 by Doodewithsmut
Lukadrien Smut🔞by Doode with smut
As Adrien always said that Marinette was just a friend nobody knew that it was pointed towards the black and blue hair boy Luka, who was deeply jealous of Adrien being c...
Shower the Moonlight (A Lukadrien Fanfiction)  by SurrealCloud
Shower the Moonlight (A Surreal Cloud
The night after Luka's akumatization to "Truth", Chat Noir goes to check on him. Once he's outside his window, he listens in to something unexpected. Things e...
You're for keeps [Luka x Adrien] (Cancelled) by LoveUnicorns1300
You're for keeps [Luka x Adrien] ( LoveUnicorns1300
What started out as fake dating, to stop his father from forcing him to date a particular liar, gets real really quick with just a kiss, an experimented kiss.... Charact...
Part of the Family by changeofheart505
Part of the Familyby ChibiSD
Marinette Dupain-Cheng wanted Adrien to become a part of her family. From the moment she fell for him, she wanted to be part of her family. But, when she learns he has a...