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The Princess and the Wolf by Sunshinehappygirl81
The Princess and the Wolfby Sunshinehappygirl81
If a princess kisses a frog; the frog will turn into a prince. But what happens if a hero falls in love with a princess? (I do not own the cover picture(s), all credit t...
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Destinies Entwined ||| LOZ by dragon-pappy
Destinies Entwined ||| LOZby Aithusa
(UNDER EDITING) 《TP Link X Reader 》 When the worlds of day and night suddenly collide into one, your whole life is flipped upside down. Alongside the unspoken chosen her...
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the master of illusions [ ganondorf x reader ] by ClazeyJ
the master of illusions [ ganondor...by 🌏earthsauce™️🌏
For as long as Demise has existed, so has a family of his loyal followers. The [L/N] bloodline. It's tradition for every first-born of each generation in the family to s...
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The Moon Is In Our Hearts (Link x Reader) by Luminous_107
The Moon Is In Our Hearts (Link x...by lυмι
A boy of courage and a girl of hope are destined to be together. As best friends, they worry about their bond being broken because they, in fact, do have feelings for...
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Raising the Stakes; Zelink Coffee Shop AU (The Legend Of Zelda) by Sheikahzen
Raising the Stakes; Zelink Coffee...by Inastaria
Zelda, the governors daughter, is an aspiring author who can only write in coffee shops. Forced by her father to move away from Central, and her beloved coffee shop, sh...
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Male reader x Zelda Twilight Princess [FINISHED] by Simon-san
Male reader x Zelda Twilight Princ...by Simon
You are new to the land of Hyrule. You'll be recruited as a royal guard a first but when a foe appear, you'll be missing. What kind of adventure will you sail? Read it t...
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Just Me Myself and I by VideoGamerNerd
Just Me Myself and Iby Moni
Twilight Princess Link is turned back into a wolf, and is accidentally teleported to a different world, Breath if the Wild. Wolf Link and BotW Link become unlikely frien...
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The Twilight Veil (Link X Reader) by catfishhamsterlady
The Twilight Veil (Link X Reader)by Catrina Furr
COMPLETED- 2018 "Where did you come from?" Ilia asked and that's when everything stopped. Where did I come from? I tried to remember, I thought really hard bu...
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The Mirror That Separated Us  (A Midlink Story) by SheikTNB
The Mirror That Separated Us (A M...by SheikTNB
This is my first time writing a fan fic, please don't judge too hard :D ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WARNING: Twilight Princess Spoiler alert!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~...
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My random Blog by LightNax
My random Blogby Luz de luna
Todo el mundo tiene blog, digamos que es una moda... Asi que; Why not? Midna y Banette me acompañaran de vez en cuando, aún así, no prometo actualizar diariamente (?) Y...
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Zelink One Shots by EmilyCreations
Zelink One Shotsby Zelda
A compilation of Zelink fluff and smut, because you all really loved my one shots. Don't forget to leave requests so I can make your suggestions a reality! I hope you al...
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The Queen and the King (Continuing the story of "The Princess And The Wolf") by Sunshinehappygirl81
The Queen and the King (Continuing...by Sunshinehappygirl81
It has been five wonderful years after the Twilight Invasion, four years after Ganondorf's second reign of terror. Link and Zelda lead their normal lives, and Midna visi...
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Link's Tumblr Headcanons by LinkTheHylianHero
Link's Tumblr Headcanonsby LinkTheHylianChampion
A place where everything I've written outside of Wattpad is compiled in no particular order with absolutely no context.
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Triforce of Essence | Legend of Zelda Fan Fiction by NeriBurns
Triforce of Essence | Legend of Ze...by NeriBurns
When unsuspecting Neri is thrown into a Legend of Zelda game that was never meant to be released, she miraculously meets the Hero of Time himself. However, a strange sym...
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The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Warriors by MiniJen
The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Warrio...by MiniJen
A novelization of Hyrule Warriors. It has often been told that when darkness covers Hyrule, a lone, courageous hero arises to restore balance and peace to the land. Howe...
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Being Brave | Hey | Zelink High School AU by Princess-Zel
Being Brave | Hey | Zelink High Sc...by Zel
Castle Town is wild, and so are the gangs that inhabit it. With different conspiracies and schemes running rampant, Zelda Haiden finds herself caught up in the center of...
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Legend of Zelda: Skyward Academy by Frozenbeenie
Legend of Zelda: Skyward Academyby Frozenbeenie
After a tragic past, Link was send to a mental facility in Termina. He soon moved back to Hyrule to live with his father and evil twin brother, Dark, again. The only peo...
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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Desperation by Din_Nayru_Farore
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Desper...by robin
After Link's quest in Twilight Princess, he could no longer relate to those he sacrificed his sanity for. After the things he has seen, he knows there's only two people...
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I wish you were here  (loz modern)  by gamergirlrage
I wish you were here (loz modern) by Gamergirlrage
Zelda has the biggest crush on Link, but due to a tragic event Link had to move away.. he was her best friend and she felt alone for a time until she met Midna. One da...
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the feeling ↠ link x reader by dahyunxox
the feeling ↠ link x readerby babygirl
maybe promises are meant to be broken part 1: completed part 2: ongoing * 2nd place winner in the arctic awards 2018 camp coldblood category
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