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rejection » larry au by larryokay
rejection » larry auby erin
❝ i really want to take you out on a date. ❞ ❝ when will you give it up? ❞ ❝ when will you say yes? ❞ or; harry asks louis out multiple times and louis' just a sassy bit...
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Why Do You Hate Me So Much? by tempolourryfix
Why Do You Hate Me So Much?by Anne
"Answer me! Why do you hate me so much?" "For Christ's sake isn't it obvious?" Wherein Louis is in a band and Harry is his grumpy ass neighbor. Harry...
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Back Home by cleverfics
Back Homeby Courtney
Summary: It’s 1916 and Louis Tomlinson has been conscripted and called for active duty in the world war. Leaving his boyfriend Harry, his family, and everyone else he lo...
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The Runner In Blue Nikes [A Larry Stylinson Novel] by KaamenCosPri
The Runner In Blue Nikes [A Larry...by Kaamen CosPri
Harry Styles just wishes that his life would go back to normal. That the same gym he's been working at for the last three summer's didn't just burn to the ground, and th...
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photograph ↛ larry au by makeoutlarry
photograph ↛ larry auby k
harry is a singer and tours worldwide. louis is a college student and part time vinyl store employee. they keep photographs of their love with them at all times, just to...
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Larry Stylinson One Shots. by janeyboo
Larry Stylinson One Shots.by janeyboo
A compilation of my Larry Stylinson one shots :)
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Louder Than Words {A Larry Story} by fxckinlarrry
Louder Than Words {A Larry Story}by Maddie
Words used to seem powerful to Harry until he met a boy who is unable to use them.
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For Your Love by Sincerelywithlove
For Your Loveby Kaity
The day that Louis decides they should apply for the 2013 season of X Factor they're holed up in Louis' flat and Harry decides that Louis has just about lost his mind.
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Larry Stylinson One Shots by LarryIsForever_
Larry Stylinson One Shotsby :)
Cute little drafts. Some may contain smut. Some are original, some from tumblr and others from quotev. I'll always give credit to it's original author.
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Destined for your Heart - A Ziam Mayne and Larry Stylinson story. by 1dforeveralways
Destined for your Heart - A Ziam M...by Sarah Mayne. x
Sometimes feelings are just hidden, other times feelings are always there but it takes something big to realize what they are. One Direction. To some they are just anoth...
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everything is changing // larry stylinson au hooker oneshot by izzyandkia
everything is changing // larry st...by izzy and kia
heeeey guys!! izzy here, im the new co-owner of this account :) i wrote this fic about a year ago and posted it on my tumblr but now i use this account as well i wanted...
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Under The Moonlight [Larry - Vampire AU] *Completed* by 1DLarry123
Under The Moonlight [Larry - Vampi...by Julia ♥
Fascinating...that's what Louis first thought about Harry. They met when Louis went to a club with his friend Niall. To Niall happened the same, but he met Zayn. Harry a...
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The Larries Q&A by NovocaineLarry
The Larries Q&Aby Darling Just Hold On
Where Larries, regardless of bottom harries or bottom louis stans, gather to answer random questions about the most perfect couple to ever exist. Note: If you're not a L...
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accidentally falling - A Larry Stylinson short story by LSFOREVER
accidentally falling - A Larry Sty...by LSFOREVER
Louis never thought losing his job and boyfriend could lead to something, someone, so much better. (I have this posted on my ao3 too.)
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Never an Honest Word (Larry Stylinson Fan Fiction) [Also On Hold] by Lxrrrryy
Never an Honest Word (Larry Stylin...by Lxrrrryy
Another semi-cliche Larry Stylinson fan fiction.
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In A Heartbeat - Larry Stylinson [complete] by youcantgetlostif
In A Heartbeat - Larry Stylinson [...by M.
When Harry meets his new roommates, he is immediately captivated by one of them. But what happens when he discovers Louis' dark, bloody secret? And will Louis be able to...
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Not A Chance by alittlebutterfly
Not A Chanceby Chloe
"I kept my eyes locked on his face, taking in every feature. He was so perfect, every single feature, his blue full of life eyes, his lips, the small bit of stubble...
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