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Rivals | larry au by marvelnourry
Rivals | larry auby marvelnourry
"I was right about you Harry.... You are just a fucking stuck up snob" Louis hates Harry. Harry hates Louis. What more can I say?
I'll Be Your Safety ♡ by lovecloudniall
I'll Be Your Safety ♡by Hollyyyy
Hi, My name is Harry, Harry Styles from One Direction. I have hundreds of girls falling at my feet and yet i am still depressed. I am Gay and I have hidden it for the pa...
Light It Up (On The Run) by smileyourepretty
Light It Up (On The Run)by Ronnie
"You're quite relaxed for someone who has a gun pointed at them." "You won't shoot me." Harry dares, hoping Hydrogen (or whatever his name is) can't...
If You See This Boy by Sincerelywithlove
If You See This Boyby Kaity
It took little time for four year old Harry Styles, and the new kid on the block, six year old Louis Tomlinson, to become the best of friends. The boys spent most of the...
Our Human (Zianourry) by harrys-rings
Our Human (Zianourry)by Court
[Highest ranking: #110 in Fanfiction] Humans know all about werewolves and vampires. Humans are considered the lowest species, the weakest. Some humans, however, are m...
instagram 2.0 l.s by larriesillusion
instagram 2.0 l.sby larriesillusion
the second book to instagram! you should probably read that one before this so you're not confused
In A Heartbeat - Larry Stylinson [complete] by youcantgetlostif
In A Heartbeat - Larry Stylinson [...by M.
When Harry meets his new roommates, he is immediately captivated by one of them. But what happens when he discovers Louis' dark, bloody secret? And will Louis be able to...
Even Angels Have Their Demons | l.s. by WildeThoughts
Even Angels Have Their Demons | l...by WildeThoughts
Louis is appointed the role of Guardian Angel, and his first mission is a boy named Zayn Malik. Unfortunately, it seems that a certain Demon has gotten to him first. Or...
The Captive (One Direction boyxboy/slash FanFiction) by paintingtheworldgray
The Captive (One Direction boyxboy...by Paintingtheworldgray
Harry Styles gets kidnapped and taken to Louis Tomlinson, who loaned money to people who need it. Harry's stepfather borrowed money and refused to pay any back. What hap...
We were too young by annee_b
We were too youngby Lauee
A Larry fic on Instagram cause I'm bored and I wanted to! Hope you enjoy it
A Twist of Fate - Larry Stylinson by fishxthis
A Twist of Fate - Larry Stylinsonby Paige/Amelia
Louis and Harry grew up together, and were best friends even in their earliest memories. They are 12 years old when Louis has to move to Australia, and they never expect...
proposta indecente [l.s] by l-enore
proposta indecente [l.s]by lare
Harry Styles odiava seu emprego, ele verdadeiramente fazia. Mas veja bem, ele tinha 22 anos, era solteiro, possuía apenas um amigo na cidade e bem, trabalhava como camar...
Larry One Shots by donnyslouis
Larry One Shotsby Alec
Multiple one shots I seem to write quite often...:)
caffeine scars ↛ larry au by makeoutlarry
caffeine scars ↛ larry auby k
Louis is a regular at the small café Coffee Crave, and he starts to take interest in a new customer. It might be the emerald eyes that dart around the tiny shop nervousl...
Thanks, Gemma [Larry Stylinson] by zianxurry
Thanks, Gemma [Larry Stylinson]by ❝ 掠夺 ❞
Louis Tomlinson, ojos azules, cabello castaño, linda sonrisa... la típica descripción de un príncipe de Disney. No hay mucho que contar sobre él, practica fútbol, t...
awake » larry au by larryokay
awake » larry auby erin
harry has ocd. louis has passed away.
I'll take care of you darling by saltandvinegarHL
I'll take care of you darlingby SaltandvinegarHL
Harry is a nice and quiet kid, he tends to go unnocited by people but that's ok for him as long as they don't bother him. Sadly this year seems to not be as easy as he h...
Our Fears// l.s by KTJ_123
Our Fears// l.sby ✨Katy J✨
Sequel to No Fear, Everything's going perfectly for Harry and Louis. They graduated school with flying colours, the wedding is beautiful and all they could have wished f...
A collection of Larry Stylinson one shots by alittlebutterfly
A collection of Larry Stylinson on...by Chloe
a series of one shots based on the romance that is larry stylinson
The Boy at the Gym (A Larry Stylinson One Shot) by fallingfortommo
The Boy at the Gym (A Larry Stylin...by Amanda
Harry Styles was an average, hormonal 17 year old boy. When seeing the hottest guy he has ever seen at his community’s gym, will he be able to keep them under control?