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Suicide Attempt •  Larry Stylinson by LarryIce
Suicide Attempt • Larry Stylinsonby -
Louis Tomlinson hates his life and he's going to end it on Friday. He will also live stream himself taking his own life to his bully, Harry Styles, the schools most popu...
Disobeying Daddy by literally_larry
Disobeying Daddyby LARRY STYLINSON
Harry is a good sub, shy and obedient. He'd kill to please master Zayn, and punishments for him are few and far between. But what happens when Zayn adds a new sub to the...
We Could Happen ~Larry AU~ by donnyslouis
We Could Happen ~Larry AU~by Alec
Louis is a freshman with a crush on his older brother's best friend. He gets bullied, but it doesn't really bother him. He also likes to sing. or the one where Louis has...
Rivals | larry au by marvelnourry
Rivals | larry auby marvelnourry
"I was right about you Harry.... You are just a fucking stuck up snob" Louis hates Harry. Harry hates Louis. What more can I say?
Messages » Larry AU by digitalashton
Messages » Larry AUby sierra
Louis starts getting cute little messages from a secret admirer and gradually feels himself falling more and more in love with the boy. But can you really like someone y...
We Are Infinite - Larry Stylinson AU by something1d
We Are Infinite - Larry Stylinson...by :-)
This is the story of a twisted, difficult journey. This is the story of two very different boys finding out who they really are. This is the story of an unlikely pairing...
instagram 2.0 l.s by larriesillusion
instagram 2.0 l.sby larriesillusion
the second book to instagram! you should probably read that one before this so you're not confused
If You See This Boy by Sincerelywithlove
If You See This Boyby Kaity
It took little time for four year old Harry Styles, and the new kid on the block, six year old Louis Tomlinson, to become the best of friends. The boys spent most of the...
chamber of reflection by lustforlouis
chamber of reflectionby alivia ☆
a sequence of chapters about the blended Tomlinson family, involving the humorous and silly events that take place. Harry and Louis have struggled to navigate adulthood...
A Twist of Fate - Larry Stylinson by fishxthis
A Twist of Fate - Larry Stylinsonby Paige/Amelia
Louis and Harry grew up together, and were best friends even in their earliest memories. They are 12 years old when Louis has to move to Australia, and they never expect...
To Write Love on His Arms (a Larry Stylinson fanfic) by forbiddenlarry
To Write Love on His Arms (a Larry...by L
For the past four years, Harry has been suffering from backlash caused by his sexuality. In the public eye, he is viewed as a manwhore, a cub, a senseless bastard, and w...
Coffee Cup Cu-tea by Themoonwillberising
Coffee Cup Cu-teaby Themoonwillberising
Larry AU where Harry works in a bakery that the cute boy with the blue eyes comes to everyday. Harry flirts with him the only way he knows how, leaving him messages on h...
Even Angels Have Their Demons | l.s. by WildeThoughts
Even Angels Have Their Demons | l...by WildeThoughts
Louis is appointed the role of Guardian Angel, and his first mission is a boy named Zayn Malik. Unfortunately, it seems that a certain Demon has gotten to him first. Or...
The Captive (One Direction boyxboy/slash FanFiction) by paintingtheworldgray
The Captive (One Direction boyxboy...by Paintingtheworldgray
Harry Styles gets kidnapped and taken to Louis Tomlinson, who loaned money to people who need it. Harry's stepfather borrowed money and refused to pay any back. What hap...
More than we seem (1D Louis/Harry) by Mitzytrix
More than we seem (1D Louis/Harry)by S o p h i a❥❅♫♛ ★
Larry Stylinson... The mash up name that drilled its way into Harry Styles' head. He never hesitated to admit they would fake romantic scenes and kisses, but what happen...
Our Fears// l.s by KTJ_123
Our Fears// l.sby ✨Katy J✨
Sequel to No Fear, Everything's going perfectly for Harry and Louis. They graduated school with flying colours, the wedding is beautiful and all they could have wished f...
Hurt ( larry stylinson ) by tpwkpaigey
Hurt ( larry stylinson )by Paigey
modern day larry abo au harry has hurt louis one too many times. when louis gives him one last chance, harry does what he can to try and repair what's left of their brok...
Modest Delusions - Book 3 (Larry Stylinson AU) by sherlocksweetheart
Modest Delusions - Book 3 (Larry S...by J
Time heals all wounds... doesn't it? Seven months have come and gone, the boys are on hiatus. To the public they are writing their new record, behind closed doors they h...
One Direction One Shots (Slashes) by darthniall
One Direction One Shots (Slashes)by darthniall
This is a collection of boyxboy one shots. It you don't like boyxboy stories, don't read! Larry, Niam, Lilo, Nouis, Zarry, Narry, Zouis, Lirry, Ziam and maybe Nosh. (It...
Lost and Insecure (Larry Stylinson AU) by LightningandMoments
Lost and Insecure (Larry Stylinson...by LightningandMoments
Harry Styles was just a sixteen year old boy afraid to leave his bedroom. That's normal, right? Except it's not. Harry suffers from Schizophrenia. His Mum had been told...