instagram 2.0 l.s by larriesillusion
instagram 2.0 l.sby larriesillusion
the second book to instagram! you should probably read that one before this so you're not confused
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Lou » Larry Stylinson [#1] by ashionline
Lou » Larry Stylinson [#1]by A.
❝Me encanta que digas sólo Lou, Harry. Qué solamente sea yo para ti.❞ 【Harry tiene 16 años y en su corta vida sólo ha dicho "Lou". Nada ni nadie puede...
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it makes me wonder ~ larry stylinson [book 1] by something1d
it makes me wonder ~ larry stylins...by :-)
What do you get when you mix a socially awkward teenage mess with a boy who is, in essence, the personification of perfection? Well. ~ larry stylinson, high school au ~ ...
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Wanted Housemates |  BXB ❤ L.S  | √ by crypticfangirl
Wanted Housemates | BXB ❤ L.S | √by Khim
[Completed] - Louis had recently bought a five-bedroom house with his boyfriend but he got cheated on so he kicked him out and he kind of loves his house so he posted an...
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The Hamptons by hopelarrybrave
The Hamptonsby hopelarrybrave
Tudo começou em um dia importante para todos os alunos do Hamptons High School, inclusive para Louis Tomlinson, que terminou um namoro de oito meses e logo em seguida fo...
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SERENDIPIA » Larry Stylinson by ashionline
SERENDIPIA » Larry Stylinsonby A.
Louis no tenía ni siquiera un poco de vergüenza para declararse a alguien, tal vez un poco nervioso pero nada que le asuste. Cada dos por tres estaba declarándose ante c...
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No Fear// l.s by KTJ_123
No Fear// l.sby ✨Katy J✨
(COMPLETED) After moving school, Louis Tomlinson knows that this town isn't normal. Strange sighting, unexplained disappearances, very introverted people and him. The ta...
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fuck; larry [one shots] +18 by fuckkhal
fuck; larry [one shots] +18by somebody
Serie de one shots centrados en Harry y Louis en la que de una u otra manera terminan enamorados el uno del otro. ...Disfruta xx
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It Is What It Is L.S by JERBShips
It Is What It Is L.Sby JERB Ships
A Short Story "Harry I need to tell you something" "Me too" "OK you first" "ME AND NICK ARE GETTING MARRIED!" "O-oh uh t-tha...
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The Fires of Spring (Larry AU) by hipsta_pleasee
The Fires of Spring (Larry AU)by Fluorescent Adolescent
Harry is in a punk band. Louis is the new prep kid. It should be a problem. But it's not. or; The one where Louis has a slight depression that always nags in the back of...
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Wanted Housemates » l.s. [Italian Translation] by tenerifelouis
Wanted Housemates » l.s. [Italian...by ele
Louis aveva recentemente comprato insieme al suo ragazzo una casa con cinque camere. Quest'ultimo lo tradì e per questo Louis lo buttò fuori di casa. Amava quel posto pe...
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El Diario de Harry Styles » Larry Stylinson [OS] by ashionline
El Diario de Harry Styles » Larry...by A.
【Después de plenear por 5 años mudarse, Louis Tomlinson decidió con mucho orgullo vivir en San Carlos de Bariloche. Ordenando y limpiando sus cosas en su nueva casa; se...
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El Secreto De Tu Idioma » Larry Stylinson [OS] by ashionline
El Secreto De Tu Idioma » Larry St...by A.
【Louis Tomlinson es un cantante solista muy famoso, millones y millones de fans, millones de dolares, miles "chicas", miles de "chicos", entrevistas...
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Our Fears// l.s by KTJ_123
Our Fears// l.sby ✨Katy J✨
Sequel to No Fear, Everything's going perfectly for Harry and Louis. They graduated school with flying colours, the wedding is beautiful and all they could have wished f...
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Text Me: Larry Stylinson Texts by happytimelou
Text Me: Larry Stylinson Textsby Eli Stylinson
Louis: Harry ur a fuckin frog Harry: Well you're a hedgehog The many texts of Larry Stylinson, written by yours truly :)
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En Una Noche » Larry Stylinson [OS] by ashionline
En Una Noche » Larry Stylinson [OS]by A.
【Después del accidente que Harry Styles ha tenido; quedó bastante mal como... como con pesadillas en la madrugada. Suena horrendo, quiero decir, despertarse gritando, su...
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class clown . L.S  by harold2faB4yOu
class clown . L.S by *iTs zEn*
The one where it starts on halloween and Harry's the frustrated jolly teacher who spreads to much kindness for everyone and ends up in the janitor's closet on his knee's...
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Recommended Larry Books by -topharry
Recommended Larry Booksby Louis Styles
This is books that I enjoy reading and I recommend reading.
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The Ex Boyfriend (Zourry) by angelcumclean
The Ex Boyfriend (Zourry)by mandy
Zayn takes his boyfriend, Harry, to a party, but when they get there Zayn notices that Harry's ex boyfriend is there, Louis Tomlinson. It turns out that Louis doesn't h...
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Questions Larry shippers ask themself. by Haz_Lou91
Questions Larry shippers ask thems...by Larry
Mostly, What's on the Larry Shippers minds.
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