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My Own Piece Of Art by staranisha
My Own Piece Of Artby staranisha
18+ only Contains majorly Smut OS
All that Matters [Asya story] by tiaraKsgian
All that Matters [Asya story]by tiaraKsgian
Its a story of a cop and a girl called zoya farooqui . story based on famous indian show Qubool hai
The Desperate Kingdom of Love**COMPLETE** by mysticaltales11111
The Desperate Kingdom of Love**COM...by LifeDrama&SomeFictions
A Decade ago,Arnav Singh Raizada and Asad Ahemed Khan,heirs to famous business tycoons of the country, turned from best friends to enemies overnight, due to a fateful mi...
Journey Of Arrange(love) Marriage ✔ by loveforlove3
Journey Of Arrange(love) Marriage ✔by _dreamer_
Story of two souls bounded together in a lovely sacred bond called MARRIAGE It is a sweet, full of love and intense story of our beloved Aditya and zoya Aditya is CEO o...
🥀 QATL-E-AAM 🥀 by Sidnaaz_e_jaan
🥀 QATL-E-AAM 🥀by __stupidfeelings__
{Main leads : Shehnaaz Gill ; Sidharth Shukla} [Publishing date : 21 June , 2021] This is a story about a broken Lively girl and a happy living man..... Mainly a Profess...
Jashn-e-ishq  by Sidnaaz_e_jaan
Jashn-e-ishq by __stupidfeelings__
this story is about after bb how shehnaaz and sidharth get intimate one day suddenly and the next day sid tells her that it was mistake it broke Sana..... to read furth...
Fated To Be Together  by Zoya_001
Fated To Be Together by Zoya
She is model of innocence; He is anything but innocent. She sees the world in light; He only sees darkness. Her eyes speak volumes; His blue orbs are empty. She speaks...
ROUGH WATERS , nikolai lantsov by ninazeniik
ROUGH WATERS , nikolai lantsovby 𝘣𝘦𝘤𝘬𝘴
golden child, lion boy. tell me what it's like to conquer. 𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗮𝘇𝗲𝗻𝗶𝗶𝗸© (nikolai lantsov x fem!OC) COVER: @wandtheif
ROYALTY ✾ T'CHALLA UDAKU  by timdraker
Zoya Buhari is now of age, and her Kingdom is in need of a King. "You have the beauty and grace of the grazing antelope, but the heart of the most fearsome lioness...
Planned To Be Together ✔ by Zoya_001
Planned To Be Together ✔by Zoya
Vaish. DramaQueen. A young businesswoman whose ultimate aim is to live her life to the fullest and enjoy every moment. All she wants is to make her family proud of hers...
guard ━ nikolai lantsov by jenviii
guard ━ nikolai lantsovby jennaviv
❝ because you keep me sane. I can't stand it either but I feel like I'm slowly losing my mind when you're not there. AND I SWEAR IF YOU START LAUGHING IM GOING TO- ❞ ・:*...
Cassiopeia | General Kirigan x OC by jabschvybwubrvjk
Cassiopeia | General Kirigan x OCby Ben Barnes Enthusiast
I've only watched the first season of Shadow and Bone on Netflix, I haven't actually read the books. This book does not follow the show because it is an AU where the Fol...
If He Only Knew 💕 by I_am_lady_capricorn
If He Only Knew 💕by I_am_lady_capricorn
03/10/2020 - 16/03/2021 Asad Ahmad khan Heir of Khan enterprises. His family is a big name in Shimla. His father had just not earned a lot of money but also the respect...
Heart Attached -Rewriting (✔️) by -Nitasha
Heart Attached -Rewriting (✔️)by 👑-Nitasha 👑
Zoya hassan was a young girl. she believed to live her life the way she wanted it. she loved her life and believe on living every moment of it. She was talkative, clumsy...
Chained✔ by UnicornCloak
Chained✔by Cold Dragon
A man who never cares for anyone apart from himself. A woman who has been devoid of love from her family and yearns for a bit of affection and care from someone but neve...
MY UNKNOWN BETTER-HALF👫 by mischiviouswritter
MY UNKNOWN BETTER-HALF👫by mischiviouswritter
Heyy guys,I am reader but due to my dear bestiee end up being writter... Here is a JOURNEY FROM UNKNOWN TO KNOWN And carry a beautiful msg for everyone here...Hope you...
people will talk (part-2)  new updates dec 2021 by Venomika
people will talk (part-2) new upd...by Venomika
this is a story starts after fateh and tejo get divorced so that fateh can go back to jasmine tejo leaves everyone and tries to start a new life only to end up in a dis...
Little Sankta - The Darkling by goldensimps
Little Sankta - The Darklingby sammy & bay
Alina Starkov grew up without her best friend by her side, Mal was adopted neglected her and never saw her again. Alina was bullied, beaten and lost, she had no clue wha...
AdiYa: She Doesn't Know!! (18+) by taihatarique5
AdiYa: She Doesn't Know!! (18+)by taiha tarique
Aditya sat next to Zoya in the bed. And embraced her from sideways. He kissed her cheek first. He said, "Oh! You are so young, both soft and and so firm!" His...
Breaking The Villain  by NightAtThePalace
Breaking The Villain by Sakshi Sharma
What would you do if you found yourself inside your favourite novel/tv show...?? Well, that is what happened to Aurelia. One simple accident and ....poof.....instead of...