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Callie's Secret Pee Adventures by Punland
Callie's Secret Pee Adventuresby Omorashi Fangirl
19-year-old Callie discovers an unusual new kink. Will mostly be peeing and some desperation, possible wetting in later chapters.
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The Camping Trip by PJOomo
The Camping Tripby PJOomo
A camping trip turns out a little embarrassing for John
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Extreme Desperation: Olivia's Story by livharts
Extreme Desperation: Olivia's Storyby livharts
A true story based on an experience I had in High-School, aged 16.
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OC Omorashi/ Sickfics by NekoOmorashi
OC Omorashi/ Sickficsby Author-san
Omorashi and Sickfic stories with my OC's (Original Characters) introduced in the first chapter. This is my first Omorashi work, and I'm determined to make this one of t...
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Omorashi HARRY POTTER (DRACO MALFOY) by Billiefanfic
Omorashi HARRY POTTER (DRACO Billie <3<3<3<3
A story focused on Draco Malfoy and his many experiences of desperation
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Draco Malfoy Omorashi (Harry Potter) by omofanfic
Draco Malfoy Omorashi (Harry omofanfic (Billie)
How will Draco manage his bladder issues while also studying at Hogwarts and keeping his bad boy image?
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Pooping and Peeing Stories by Poopypants7
Pooping and Peeing Storiesby Poopypants7
A collection of fictional stories about some poop and pee related stuff like pooping and peeing pants!
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A hard day at school by PJOomo
A hard day at schoolby PJOomo
John is on public speaking class and really has to pee.
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The Beach Encounter - A Male Omorashi Story by MaleOmoLover5
The Beach Encounter - A Male Rosen Steel
Description A beautiful girl and a handsome man meet at a beach. What will happen when they find out they have the same fetish. This is only the second book I've writte...
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Desperation in the car (Male) by OmarashiGirl
Desperation in the car (Male)by OmarashiStories
A Young Man, named Nathan... Was very desperate with the need to pee. He wanted to ask his parents, if they could pull over somewhere... But he knew if he asked. that th...
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Letty by imastupididyut
Lettyby imastupididyut
All Rights Reserved. 2016 Imastupididyut. Lyn (A.C.H) THis story is all mine and a part of my imagination.. with a few memories. No part (or part thereof) of it can be c...
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Omorashi One-Shots: Piss And Wetting by beylenore
Omorashi One-Shots: Piss And bey
Female wetting and desperation.
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Desperation  by Seraphic_devil_mione
Desperation by Mione
In the dictionary, Desperation means recklessness without despair... That's how Hermione Granger defined her actions. She had lost everything, including the man she love...
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You're My Stalker? || Zarry by Nexus_Universe
You're My Stalker? || Zarryby Mikaela Evans
Moving out of Darlington, Zayn is forced to move to Bradford by his parents. Everything became easier once he left but things didn't feel right after the first few days...
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Nagito/Hajime X Reader: Is This Ultimate Love Or Ultimate Desperation? by Lunanime
Nagito/Hajime X Reader: Is This Lunanime
This is a story about You and Nagito (now decided there's going to be a choice for Hajime at the End!) Will you try convince him to stop the last murder from happening...
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The Tale of Two Killers: Blood Harvest (Book Four) | boyxboy | by JosslynWho
The Tale of Two Killers: Blood JosslynWho
This story will follow Jeremiah Titus, son of vampire elder Demiesius, and former vampire slayer Hamilton H. Hamilton. He is arguably one of the strongest, most deadly c...
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I Will Make You Mine, This Is My Promise ✔ by slow_learner
I Will Make You Mine, This Is My SamA
He pinned her to the wall by grabbing her arm and stood too close to her. So close that their noses and foreheads were touching. "You look hurt, Maira. Your eyes a...
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You Can't Have It All by AureliaCrystal
You Can't Have It Allby Aurelia Crystal
Amanda Auburn thought she had it all - a new job in the city, new friends, a co-worker with interest and a great boss. All that is about to change when circumstances mad...
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My Husband's Best Friend by sugarNspice81
My Husband's Best Friendby Kira
Anna page has been married for five years now to her husband, Nicholas Page. They begin to argue and fight and ignore each other when they both find out that they might...
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Pee Holding Challenges by jtbull
Pee Holding Challengesby jtbull
Challenges that'll push you to your very limit. :) Game on!
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