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Broken Trust by mischief_managed53
Broken Trustby mischief_managed53
When a girl falls in love or when she gets married, she starts believing in fantasies, starts to dream of a happily ever after, but when Jaxon is forced to marry Genevie...
My Soulmate is a Prince by PetiaraShana01
My Soulmate is a Princeby Petiara Shana
Shana is a Lycan who has a simple life knowing only her parents. She was fine with having no friends but what happens when the only two people she knows on earth complet...
Immortal Soldier by ZyAyoma
Immortal Soldierby Zy Ayoma
Y/n was cursed with Immortality within his quirk, He quit being a hero of war after world war 2. He wanted to live a normal live so he got him self a coffee shop but he...
'Im fine.' He said by DevilLived133
'Im fine.' He saidby DL13
After weirdmageddon Dipper and Mabel return home. After time passes, With Dipper pushing away and everyone around him pulling away, Dipper starts to feel lonely and hate...
Perfectly Imperfect by simply-caitlyn
Perfectly Imperfectby - ̗̀ caitlyn ̖́-
"You and Becca should come to our party tonight." One of them says. Brittany turns to face Becca and I and asks, "Wanna go?" "Just to clarify...
Mafia girl by mahsa2001
Mafia girlby mahsa2001
Natalia Ivanov is trying to make it in the mafia world. She never knew that there were so many secrets in her life. She has so many blank spaces to fill. Love,hatred,be...
WRITTEN IN THE SAND by JoannaKurczak
WRITTEN IN THE SANDby Joanne Storm Writing
"Life has a way of twisting and bending one's paths. Its often painful twists may arise out of little details life throws at one's feet. Those sudden twists in one'...
Sunshine Kisses  by Plumpsugarplum
Sunshine Kisses by Plumpsugarplum
She hardly goes by her full name. People call her Rosie, Rose, even Ella. Some of the kids call her Blackberry, but that's only to get on her nerves. As you read along...
 I Was Made To Hate (Under Editing) by anandruchi
I Was Made To Hate (Under Editing)by anandruchi
Guy: Right from this moment, I promise to hate you till my life. Girl: Don't worry, I also don't have any feeling for you. So, don't have any misconception that I love y...
✅Erkenci kus-The unexpected marriage(Can yaman fanfic)✅ by crusheddreamzzz
✅Erkenci kus-The unexpected marria...by 🌚
Life is full of twist as we all know. We meet in different places with different persons. And lots of surprises awaits us. Some can be positive. Some can be negative. Bu...
Lost In Reality by ana_loveless20
Lost In Realityby Shana
~•~ʜᴇ ᴡᴀs ᴀғʀᴀɪᴅ ᴏғ ɢᴇᴛᴛɪɴɢ ᴀᴛᴛᴀᴄʜᴇᴅ & sʜᴇ ᴡᴀs ᴀғʀᴀɪᴅ ᴏғ ʙᴇɪɴɢ ʟᴇғᴛ~•~ " She loves me. Yeah. But as a best friend, she loves me , but not the same way I do. And she...
PRINCESS - in search of lovable life by hiddenpearl_21
PRINCESS - in search of lovable li...by ✨Priy@nk@✨
She is too stubborn too achieve anything but failed miserably to achieve love in her life. Her family and the society make her weak. The words throw on her directly pier...
Why Me ??? by RimaKhan2
Why Me ???by Rima Khan 💜
A girl and a boy were sitting in a hospital bench with no expression on their faces. The girl was sobbing really hard. The boy didn't knew what to do. The boy said "...
You Belong To Me (Yandere male x reader) by Princeyunyun
You Belong To Me (Yandere male x r...by Princeyunyun
You were fresh out of college ready to take on the tough adult life with your two best friends Mei and Kimi. One day while you were out doing some grocery shopping you...
TOMMYINNIT||One moment leads to another.|| by tesbug
TOMMYINNIT||One moment leads to an...by •tes•
Tommy had once lived a peaceful life in Lmanburg. He had finally felt at peace with himself, and where he was at in his life. He would hangout with his bestfriend Tubbo...
(ON HOLD)More Than a Toy(Gwen Stacy x Depressed Lonely Guitarist Male Reader) by WaterWolf45
(ON HOLD)More Than a Toy(Gwen Stac...by WaterWolf
Y/N has been the boyfriend to Gwen Stacy for years, but when she breaks up with him, he is left heartbroken... until one night he sees a commercial for the popular toy...
Finding Love - Completed by annu_pranushka_jam
Finding Love - Completedby Annujam
A story of a lonely girl, whose ultimate aim is to find her Love.... As usuall my Pranushka story... Please support...
Psycho {JJK} by yoon644
Psycho {JJK}by yoon644
"You're mine.... I own you now" ~~~~ Jungkook fanfic
Broken Girl [Arthur Leclerc] by Deli_F1
Broken Girl [Arthur Leclerc]by #AH19❤️
Jacqueline Alard is known for being a black cat of Monaco, she doesn't have anyone in her life. Arthur Leclerc is the complete opposite, he's adored by everybody. Despit...
Of Crows, Cats and Owls  by Kesokeos
Of Crows, Cats and Owls by Keso
Moving to Tokyo was definitely not a part of the plan that Kei had for his future; neither was meeting Kuroo Tetsurou and catching feelings. As life at Nekoma seemed det...