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Save Me *George Weasley Love Story* by maly101
Save Me *George Weasley Love Story*by maly101
follow the story of Rosalie Blake as she takes on her fifth year of Hogwarts. Rosalie, an abused, friendless girl discovers love and discovers that everything she knows...
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SHIKWA (✔) by kuku369
SHIKWA (✔)by Kuku
'If you don't clear your misunderstandings in time, they become the reason for distance forever.' 'Beware of the half truth. You may have gotten hold of the wrong half.'...
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love blooms // soukoku by nyumpanman
love blooms // soukokuby JI
in which chuuya loved flowers and dazai came to become his new happiness. started | 6316 finished | 7416 cover by : @tsukkki:
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after midnight // shin soukoku by nyumpanman
after midnight // shin soukokuby JI
In which Akutagawa receives a message from a stranger every midnight and don't know if he should continue talking to him or not. started | 10416 finished | 102716 cove...
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Her Silent Tears  by Sumaiyafairoos777
Her Silent Tears by Sumaiyafairoos
"you may see me struggle but you will never see me quit because I'm a fighter and I will not give up,even though i stumble and fall I will stand again." he sta...
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Never You by Smashsmartaaaa
Never Youby Mimi🤗🤗
"Why is it that the good people always end up hurt?" ****** •Amia Rose, she always knew she didn't have a purpose in life. The hateful words and pitiful stares...
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My View Of Life After I Met You by deepu_shivaay
My View Of Life After I Met Youby Deepika Mallikarjun
Shivaay Singh Oberoi who doesn't believe love exists meets annika who is full of love despite being an orphan and the journey of their unconditional love begins. . . . ...
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Cold Nights Alone by _Jazzabelle_
Cold Nights Aloneby Issa Jazzy
One kicked out for being gay and the other the new kid in town. See where life takes these two! This is a really shitty attempt at a description but what can I say....th...
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Moments of Impact H.S. A.U. by MetteMA
Moments of Impact H.S. A.U.by Mette
Warning: mature content 'When so many are lonely as seem to be lonely, it would be inexcusably selfish to be lonely alone' ~ Tennessee Williams "If I had it my way...
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Finding Love - Completed by Annujam
Finding Love - Completedby Annu Maria Johny
A story of a lonely girl, whose ultimate aim is to find her Love.... As usuall my Pranushka story... Please support...
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Poetry Sessions| M.C. Ober by michelllecaroline
Poetry Sessions| M.C. Oberby M.C. Ober
Original poetry written by M.C. Ober Updated frequently!
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DEVAKSHI by AradhanaKapoor4
DEVAKSHIby Petrichor_love
The story is about a girl named Sakshi. She has been wondering all the while about the reason behind her birth. Little did she know the magic that was about to happen to...
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Swasan Fs - I Was Made To Hate ✔️ by anandruchi
Swasan Fs - I Was Made To Hate ✔️by anandruchi
#Winner: 1st position in Swasan newbie Awards.. #Winner; 3rd position in yours choice Awards. Its story of swara and sanskar, what will happen when swara, a selfish, arr...
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Baby {VMin}  by Taehoely
Baby {VMin} by 내 피클을 빨아 라
"Taehyung it's been years....how long are you going to keep waiting?" "Until I can't wait anymore" Top:Taehyung Bottom:Jimin (lmao this book is hones...
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Best friend girlxgirl /#LGBTQ/ #justwriteit/ by matt2130
Best friend girlxgirl /#LGBTQ/ #ju...by maddie
Emily and Steph have one of the beautiful stores you hear about from your mom and dad when they tell you what love is.
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izuku's instagram by kermit_the_frog555
izuku's instagramby miss_black_widow
kacchan told me to make an insta so why not?
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Silent Pain- Thoughts and Poems About Depression by kynic78
Silent Pain- Thoughts and Poems Ab...by kyleigh nicole
A collection of poems I have written, along with my thoughts and conversations with depression as my daily struggle. This gets very heavy, and if you don't like it, that...
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Broken Glass [Why Don't We] by JacharyChild
Broken Glass [Why Don't We]by 卂ㄥ卂几ㄩ尺
I looked too the mirror and saw an ugly person standing in there. I look it in the eyes and wondered "how did it ever come this way". I closed my eyes for a mi...
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Desolate Consciousness by ChAeLiSaB0i
Desolate Consciousnessby ChAeLiSaB0i
The story of my loneliness and depression. How I find the world cruel and unfair. The way I bottle up my emotions so that my family doesn't worry.
 the devil of lust (origin) by starfire3224
the devil of lust (origin)by starfire3224
abandon deep in the snow a beautiful baby was found by a women who made ends meat by selling her body. raising a beautiful child by herself was wonderful to her but wh...
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