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CONTROL - Ver. 2 by L0VEandLUST
CONTROL - Ver. 2by lofi-loser.exe
The seven-year gap changed everything. Fairy Tail is mocked by the townspeople, Guilds now fight for power titles, And an innocent little fairy that they once knew has g...
Meaningless by cecaniaC
Meaninglessby cecaniacorabella
The Rain Women's Unexpected Mate by AmandaDerrington
The Rain Women's Unexpected Mateby Amanda Derrington
Meet Juvia Lockser, former S class mage of the Phantom Lord guild, now residing member of Fairy Tail and one of the most powerful female mages to ever be in the guild. S...
Frozen Over by omlitscora
Frozen Overby omlitscora
(Modern Gruvia) "You'll find someone someday, Gray." "What do you mean, Daddy?" "You'll understand someday. Someday you'll love someone as much...
Half a Heart Without You  - Gruvia by FroCheney
Half a Heart Without You - Gruviaby Fro♡
Gray leaves on a job to the Phoenix Mountains with Team Natsu leaving Juvia behind with nothing to do at the guild but wait for his return. Mirajane encourages Juvia to...
Abandoned [Fairy Tail Gruvia] by GrayFullbuster591
Abandoned [Fairy Tail Gruvia]by notgrayfullbuster
Cover by @jeonsmiles Gray Fullbuster, hailed as the Ice-Prince at school had long stopped trusting people after being abandoned long ago by his parents. Vowing to close...
Dark Romance (Rogue X Juvia) by RiriDesu
Dark Romance (Rogue X Juvia)by Riri
Juvia is on a mission with Lucy and Levy. At first it's suppose to be an easy quick mission but it turns out that the mission was a false one. The place they are heading...
The Day I Broke by icecoldx
The Day I Brokeby free boscoe
"Juvia...I'm going to be clear with you," Gray said seriously. "I don't like you." Everyone has two halves, one good and one bad. What happens when J...
Dangerous and Sweet (Navia Natsu x Juvia) by RiriDesu
Dangerous and Sweet (Navia Natsu x...by Riri
Natsu Dragneel is the heir of one of the top five strongest Yakuza clan. However, no matter how strong he is, he lost his love to Gray fullbuster. Gray is also an heir t...
Fighting With You (juvia Lockser)  by rainwomen12
Fighting With You (juvia Lockser) by ruby
Juvia lockser went to a job to get Information about a mystery forest. But she had been missing for a long time. Natsu team determined to find her but juvia is not same...
The Beast Summoner (fairy tail) by QuinnVictani
The Beast Summoner (fairy tail)by Quinn Victanni
Like Lucy she uses summoner magic, unlike Lucy it's for animals. She can summon whatever animal she wishes as long as she's made a contract. Also author's note: I at fi...
GrUvia One-Shots by DasEvilCat
GrUvia One-Shotsby Hannah Francesca Sicat Pineda
Yo, GrUvia One-Shots contains my hard work for my favorite Fairy Tail shipping, GrUvia. It is fluffy, steamy and potentially humorous. Also Fairy Tail and its characters...
Gray Fullbuster Love story ~Fairy Tail ~ by Lucy8253
Gray Fullbuster Love story ~Fairy...by Lucy Dragneel
The story is about Ice Dragon Slayer who steals his frozen heart and ..... (Fairy Tail + Fairy Til 2014!) !+ i'm upadting 2-3 A WEEK!
•Meeting on a sudden winter [On Hold] • by SHINYAISM
•Meeting on a sudden winter [On Ho...by ♚ 暮グレ深 ♚ ™
[Gruvia] This is a story about the two clans : The Ice Clan and the Water Clan. Fating lovers were Gray Fullbuster, the future ruler of the Ice Clan and Juvia Lockser, t...
Denying by KIM_WOO_BIN_101
Denyingby KIM_WOO_BIN_101
A Gruvia Fan Fiction. I want to tell her I like her, I want to tell her I care, and I want to tell her I love her. You've been chasing me since you've known me. I've b...
♡ Snowdrops ♥ GrUvia One-Shots (Ice and Water) by mintchocolatechipnut
♡ Snowdrops ♥ GrUvia One-Shots (Ic...by ○ Kaya Waffles カヤ ●
A collection of GrUvia one-shots <3 <3
The Start of our Journey  by notactive2020
The Start of our Journey by Not active
After everything they went through to make it this far it's just getting tougher. Silver Fullbuster Jr is born and now it's time to see his powers and it's time to help...
drunk | gruvia lemon ☮ by rainbowcigarettes
drunk | gruvia lemon ☮by i'm back, baby!
Juvia was sad, and she asked Cana for some booze. She made the mistake of drinking Cana's favorite beer. GROOVY-UH LEMON < i donut own Fairy Tail >
Confessing, Pretending and Taking Revenge by lalibelardo
Confessing, Pretending and Taking...by lalibelardo
After Grand Magic Games. Lyon congratulates Juvia and confess his true feelings. One time, Gray snaps and says something mean to Juvia. She runs off and bumps into Lyon...