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We Have Forever [ON HOLD] by celeneee2x
We Have Forever [ON HOLD]by Celene Juanico
Lizzie and her twin sister Elena recently lost their parents in an accident. The whole town looks at them sympathetic. Elena enjoys the affection of the town, but Lizzie...
DÉVÎŁŚ ĆHÎŁD / Josie Saltzman  by CandiTee
DÉVÎŁŚ ĆHÎŁD / Josie Saltzman by #HarleyQuinn 4life
" You know what I can't stop what's between us. Your sister is one thing but for you to stop this because of HER is messed up." " I'm sorry, I really am b...
I'll always protect you - The Blacklist Fanfic by MilenaCranenigma
I'll always protect you - The Raven
During season 1: Raymond 'Red' Reddington has a special someone working as a FBI for him. Informing him of information, missions and his 'daughter'. All while protecting...
In a Flash by yeeet___bitches
In a Flashby yeeet___life
Emily is 13 has a tragic past that effects her behavior in the future. She notices something odd about this town But she meets a group and gets feeling for a certain pe...
Last surprise(Legacies) by ForgottenOriginal
Last surprise(Legacies)by ForgottenOriginal
Alaric thought he was done with Esther Mikaelson he thought he'd never have to deal the Family drama of the Mikaelsons. However in an dream, Esther vists the former Enh...
Aphmau MCD meets certain others by Zane-cha4life
Aphmau MCD meets certain othersby Midnightglich33
4 people who are friends of Jessica find them selfs in her MCD world. they feel a strange connection to the world. coincidence maybe not......
Aloisxreader love story! by xXlillydrownedxX
Aloisxreader love story!by Weeping Willows
Your name is Elizabeth faith and you are 17 years old and you have two demon butlers named blade and slade one day you were on a walk and you ran right into a boy name...
Adopted by Scarlett Johansson  by MarvelCastStoryes
Adopted by Scarlett Johansson by MarvelCastStoryes
Chloe is 13 years old girl ho lives in a foster home but now live on a bench in the park becasue the People on the foster hmoe abused her and hit her all the time Chloe...