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Min Yoongi's gf by Taehyuna09
Min Yoongi's gfby Hyuna
This is a story of our beloved Suga and his gf. She is smitten with him but will Suga be able to reciprocate the love which she gave him? I wrote this just for fun. I...
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  • kimseokjin
  • agustd
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She's Not Yours (SNS #3) by micmicamics
She's Not Yours (SNS #3)by Micah
Say hi to the strong independent woman named Jade Margaux Marchessa. A lady who was told by her mom to transfer at their province because they wanna change her lifestyle...
  • friends
  • livein
  • brat
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Happen In Time by BaileyKen_13
Happen In Timeby QueenJustice
Sean Lew and Kaycee Rice have been a great partners in dancing, and also when in terms of entrepreneurship. They started small and after they graduated, they started to...
  • loveaffairs
  • love
  • livein
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A Love so Forbidden (A dramione love story) by Dramione_feltson12
A Love so Forbidden (A dramione Swasti Agarwal
After the war of Hogwarts all the warriors are to spend a year and half at the homes of death eaters' children. What will happen when Hermione enters the Malfoy manor fo...
  • fanfic
  • harry
  • hermione
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Be my little by littleone2106
Be my littleby littleone2106
A stressed girl friend is forced into being a little by her dominant boyfriend, while she does everything in her capacity to not be dependent on him.
  • daddy
  • livein
  • steve
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Just for 30 days by Red_Miyaka
Just for 30 daysby Cha
Kakayanin kaya ni Dina at Mavey ang makapiling ang isa't-isa sa loob ng 30 days? Kahit na, mag-ex na sila? WARNING: Unedited. ---♪-♪-♪-♪----- Just for 30 days Red_Miyaka...
  • livein
  • condo
  • elixah
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Extraordinary (A Moriarty Fanfic) by mispell
Extraordinary (A Moriarty Fanfic)by ˗ˏˋkaiaˎˊ-
A consulting criminal who has eyes for no one and no one only, he despises the world of boring, predictable people, scurrying around living mundane lives while he orches...
  • bbc
  • holmes
  • fanfiction
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My Two BEDROOM Story by Dreamcatcher1200VMS
My Two BEDROOM Storyby Vanesa Salamoding
Hindi akalain ni Margaux na sa paglipas ng mahabang panahon ay makikita niyang muli ang lalaking unang nagpatibok at nanakit sa puso niya na si Denver Villamor, Ang kila...
  • love
  • marriage
  • livein
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You Changed my Life in a Moment by Felix_Jayson
You Changed my Life in a Momentby Felix_Jayson
Kwento s'ya ni Ashen at Claire na maninirahan sa iisang bubong para makatipid sa upa sa apartment dahil sila ay magaaral sa Manila. Pero sa pagusad ng panahon ay nadidis...
  • sliceoflife
  • livein
  • apartment
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The Life by daddylovesbabygirl
The Lifeby daddylovesbabygirl
This is just a short story of what I think life means.
  • peacesign
  • futureme
  • love
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I'll Be Back For You... by TemptedDesires
I'll Be Back For Niha Parveen
'And ever has it been known that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.' -Kahlil Gibran x 'My natural instinct, if someone touched me without my perm...
  • jealousy
  • neighbors
  • london
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Why Is It So? by Shivkanya
Why Is It So?by Shivkanya
#JustWriteIt#LoveLetters This book is dedicated to LOVE IN THE TIMES OF CHOLERA's Florentino Ariza and Farmina Dasa!! This is not a series of love letters between two...
  • desire
  • romance
  • missing
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Vintage Cameras & Arrogant Jerks by oneminusheart
Vintage Cameras & Arrogant Jerksby [one plus heart]
"Its not that hard to not fall for a person" After breaking her step-mom's treasured vintage camera, Riley Hastings has to face the step monster's wrath. Again...
  • camera
  • teenfic
  • vintage
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My Stranger to Love by NikaImMortz
My Stranger to Loveby Morenika Santi
He is just a stranger He became special Is he the one for me to love? If its not us, who? If its not now, when? With just one story One time, One heart, One choice, One...
  • livein
  • stanger
  • love
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Against All Odds by candy-to-condoms
Against All Oddsby Anne
I've typed the word "love" on Google and found a different variety of references to define it. I've looked through the links starting from the most popular one...
  • college
  • future
  • hakim
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Rebirth by Nagato
Rebirthby Koranteng Joshua Yaw
Sometimes you meet people who are Ideally friends but you know deep down they won't stay forever. no matter how long we were loved, we were never loved enough.... DeDica...
  • may
  • hope
  • lovethere
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The LIVE IN PARTNERS by girlatheart123
The LIVE IN PARTNERSby girlatheart123
  • bed
  • livein
  • love
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