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harry potter: the grey heir by jexishere
harry potter: the grey heirby the dragon samurai
harry potter the boy who lived the boy sent to his aunt and uncle and nearly tortured by him before being sent off to hogwarts to start his misadventures but what if the...
Lonza Jewels (Father and Daughter H) by Mirei_Loiroyel
Lonza Jewels (Father and Daughter...by Mirei_Loiroyel
Auhor: 蕴屾 Title: 龙沙宝石(父女H) Introduction: He suits and wears shoes, defends money, stands on the opposite side of innocents, helps tigers to eat, and does all the bad thi...
jaune arc: the systematic king by jexishere
jaune arc: the systematic kingby the dragon samurai
a system has been given to our lovable goofball from a being only referring to himself as the sovereign what will our lovable goofball do with this system
Zuo Siyouxiang (1v1 High H) by Mirei_Loiroyel
Zuo Siyouxiang (1v1 High H)by Mirei_Loiroyel
Author: 脂粉葫芦 Title: 左思佑想 Introduction: Copy 1: He said that there is no life-long relationship, so don't feel wronged, grab it if you like it, or throw it away if you do...
Dog Slave by lemmeRise
Dog Slaveby f*ckmyAss
The Perfect MISTAKE (C) by Lady_Asheana
The Perfect MISTAKE (C)by Asheana
WARNING: This story has mature scenes which are not suitable for young readers. Please read at your own risk. R-18/Mature Content/SPG.
My Best Sex Friend by HiddenBehindTheTrees
My Best Sex Friendby Sex Addict
All we do is SEX Then eventually we FELL And after we fell we had sex And had sex And had sex Sex is all we want Oh and if your asking why i said that when i already s...
Young Justice: UnReal by Mystic_Lord
Young Justice: UnRealby Mystic_Lord
[Dave, A young 25 year old man who works hard everyday to realize his dreams, is currently dead. He's been given another chance in a new world due to his unexpected deat...
ONE SHOT SERIES (SPG) by zelcollection
ONE SHOT SERIES (SPG)by zelcollection
SERIES OF RED 1 : R-18 Expect a sexual scenes every chapter. Pag di kayang basahin, wag ng ipagpatuloy. slow update!
Love Stops Rumours (BL)  by VaSKeJAce05
Love Stops Rumours (BL) by JaceMin
⭕Disclaimer: This Is NOT MINE. For Offline Reading Purpose Only.⭕ Author(s): Xiao Chen, 萧辰 Status in COO: 30 Chapters (Completed) Description: On the first day of school...
Be Fascinated by Yoh_nika
Be Fascinatedby Nikah
⭐ offline purposes only ⚠️ Type Light Novel (KR) Genre Adult Drama Ecchi Fantasy Josei Romance Smut Author(s) Euphonium 유포늄 Artist(s) 사슴 The Oracle's Saint was fake...
The Leap of Blood (ON-GOING) by Independent112
The Leap of Blood (ON-GOING)by sweetnics
"Ilang taon man ang lilipas hinding hindi ako mapapagod hanapin sya. Sukuan man ako ng mundo hinding hindi ko susukuan ang paghahanap sa anak ko. Dahil ako'y nanini...
Players in LOVE✔️ by ExraNovahCassandra
Players in LOVE✔️by ExraNovahCassandra
Oikawa Toru, Sugawara Koshi,Yaku Morisuke, Tendou Satori, Akaashi Keiji, Kozume Kenma, Shirabu Kenjiro, Miya Atsumu, Suna Rintarou, and Hinata Shoyo are transfere in Tok...
Medicine (1v1 Siblings) by Mirei_Loiroyel
Medicine (1v1 Siblings)by Mirei_Loiroyel
Author: Q阿Q Title: 药(1v1兄妹) Introduction: Lin Qingqing is the medicine for Xiang Yu to speak. The autistic male protagonist ✘ the humble and weak female protagonist. The...
until i met you again by moonmidnight04
until i met you againby Just call me M.
she meet the unexpected person , and didn't know that she's falling for him, eventhough that her enemy
The Rise of a Celestial [Arifureta Fanfic] by TianXianWN
The Rise of a Celestial [Arifureta...by TianXianWN
Nader, a young man who had given all of himself to try to eradicate evil from the world, to bring happiness to all existence so that they could live in harmony and witho...
Hot Desire Series1:Sensation by BLUE_HEADED
Hot Desire Series1:Sensationby BlueBabe Author💙
My god my boss is my Ex! Carlisle and Camila Story I love you but I hate you.We stuck in the moment me in the past you in the present.I wish you still love me like befor...
Man's Possession [R-18 COMPLETED] by thesleg
Man's Possession [R-18 COMPLETED]by thesleg
There love was start... By an unacceptable truth.