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Doctor Fu, I am honored to marry (H) by FelicityYuzuki
Doctor Fu, I am honored to marry (...by Felicity
Author: 小不点爱吃肉 alternative name: 傅医生,有幸嫁给你 Artist cover used: @aoseagrass the rebirth sweet pet article. Sexy slut actress vs pathological paranoid doctor. Subdue Tempta...
Ang Barako Kung Ama by Jumburat
Ang Barako Kung Amaby Jumburat
Warning: This story contains mature themes, explicit content, and graphic violence intended for adult audiences (R-18). Reader discretion is advised.
Fifty Shades of Cryaotic by The_Limelight_Girl
Fifty Shades of Cryaoticby Satan Loves You
!!WARNING!! R-18 CONTENT! BOYXBOY AND SEX SLAVERY IF THIS MAKES YOU UNCOMFORTABLE, THEN DO NOT READ!! Cry, a rich young man who owns several companies, stunning looks...
Run If You Can #S2: Under His Obsession  by ItzYourCrazyGirlHere
Run If You Can #S2: Under His Obse...by Francine Joy Pangilinan
COMPLETED✓ Michael was a spoiled brat girl.When she was in highschool she had crush on her cousin,pero isinantabi nya ito dahil nga mag cousin sila.Close na close sila n...
Lover of the Sins by friend0fyours
Lover of the Sinsby friend0fyours
[TENTATIVE TITLE] There resided a man named Juan, whose life embarked on an unusual journey. He was an ordinary resident, yet Juan had fallen under the enchanting spell...
the angelic knight by dragon_samurai_13
the angelic knightby the dragon shogun
the battle against the eighth angel goes worse then originally foreseen as EVA unit-01 is gone, not damaged not destroyed but utterly gone, what happened is unexpected a...
Love Stops Rumours (BL)  by VaSKeJAce05
Love Stops Rumours (BL) by JaceMin
⭕Disclaimer: This Is NOT MINE. For Offline Reading Purpose Only.⭕ Author(s): Xiao Chen, 萧辰 Status in COO: 30 Chapters (Completed) Description: On the first day of school...
Lonza Jewels (Father and Daughter H) by Mirei_Loiroyel
Lonza Jewels (Father and Daughter...by Mirei_Loiroyel
Auhor: 蕴屾 Title: 龙沙宝石(父女H) Introduction: He suits and wears shoes, defends money, stands on the opposite side of innocents, helps tigers to eat, and does all the bad thi...
I'll Leave This Story Behind! by CrimsonThorn56
I'll Leave This Story Behind!by CrimsonThorn56
Lilith was just an average 30-year-old adult, living a normal day to day life before she died. Now she's reincarnated as an Omega in a R-18 Book, and if that wasn't bad...
the seraphim navy by dragon_samurai_13
the seraphim navyby the dragon shogun
the sunken fog ships have been resurrected by unknown means, I-401, under orders from the new admiral of the entire fog armada, was placed back under the command of chih...
The young commissioner's pet slave (Ayato×Thoma)  by LittleCatSnu
The young commissioner's pet slave...by LittleCatSnu
This is the story about the young commissioner Kamisato Ayato and his loyal pet housekeeper Thoma's love between master and pet. The fox in gentleman's clothing bullies...
ERO YUME (✔️) by CozyAyah
ERO YUME (✔️)by aya
how can you love, when that person is living in your dreams.
Transported in another world  by TK20GAMING
Transported in another world by TK20GAMING
Ryu Kazuki was ordinary high school boy, that had love for fantasy games...one night Ryu looked through his window seeing a shooting star,the time he saw the star he mad...
HOTD: Tōshiro Nagi by Eros_Lord
HOTD: Tōshiro Nagiby Eros_Lord
Tōshiro Nagi is a young high school student who finds himself in the midst of a zombie apocalypse in the world of Highschool of the Dead. Despite the chaos and danger ar...
Mr.Shredeur's Obsession by Kijjararar_rawr
Mr.Shredeur's Obsessionby KI RA
[BxB|MPREG|R18] STATUS: ON-GOING Read at your own risk DISCLAIMER:THIS IS WRITTEN IN TAGLISH. * The photo used on the book cover is not mine ,credits to the rightful own...
Dirty Lovin' |Russia x America R+18| by KurikuKun
Dirty Lovin' |Russia x America R+1...by KurikuKun
A smut fanfiction of Russia x America. It's pretty nice .
Quickly Wear The Face Of The Devil Extra 3 by XieGege
Quickly Wear The Face Of The Devil...by XieGege
Translation not mine for offline purposes only. Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil Extra 3 "The Fox Demon and the Regent" Translated By : White Sky
Infernum. ~Sett x Aphelios~  by Fosphie
Infernum. ~Sett x Aphelios~ by Jhintastic❤️
Sett, el jefe del prostíbulo más famoso de toda la ciudad, una noche se encuentra con el candidato Perfecto para su negocio.