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Bughead one-shots/ smut ♥️ by mylifemystorybug
Bughead one-shots/ smut ♥️by mylifemybug
Fluff-smut- and so Much more
Husband from now on I will spoil you.  by AnamikaAcharjee
Husband from now on I will spoil Anamika Acharjee
Trishna sen ,was about to get award for being the best singer of the year but before that she died and transmigrated into a novel. She who grew up in an orphanage sudden...
Choni : (| Enemies to lovers 🤬-😻 by madnessaoveryou
Choni : (| Enemies to lovers 🤬-😻by Choni._stories
toni is the new girl to river dale high and is in the biggest baddest gang in town when she comes to river dale high she meets Cheryl who is the queen of the school and...
Obsession•  yan!archons x fem!reader by weirdteenagerr
Obsession• yan!archons x fem! weirdteenagerr
A Human namned y/n l/n that lived in a small town had just been rescued after an attack by The abyss. Her saviour was none other Than barbatos, or as he is called During...
diapered at 12 by StrikerSSO8
diapered at 12by Caleb Harrelson
this is a kinda true (some parts are made up) story of my life and diapers
Accidental Marriage. ( Book 1 ) by AnamikaAcharjee
Accidental Marriage. ( Book 1 )by Anamika Acharjee
" I married you just for my family but don't think I will ever love you " said Arnav with an angry tone. " Why didn't you say no ? " I asked him whi...
I am Caroline Bingley by AnamikaAcharjee
I am Caroline Bingleyby Anamika Acharjee
Retelling of the story pride and prejudice. " It is a truth universally acknowledged , that a girl in possession of too many pride and prejudice books , must end u...
𝐒𝐡𝐮𝐫𝐢 | 𝙤𝙣𝙡𝙮 𝙤𝙣𝙚 by MANIAC-LOVER
𝐒𝐡𝐮𝐫𝐢 | 𝙤𝙣𝙡𝙮 𝙤𝙣𝙚by ML
( If you haven't seen black panther 2 yet I suggest you do ) ⚠️ SPOILER WARNING ⚠️ After everything that happened with Shuri becoming the black panther she decided to...
Why would she like MY insta ?!//Camren by Fuck_harmony
Why would she like MY insta ?!// Fuck_harmony
Badass Jauregui Queen B Cabello The two never got along So why would She like her picture ?!
Mysteries Of Destiny by samshitales
Mysteries Of Destinyby lazy author
She spoke up,"i am sorry i can't be mother..I lost my everything that evening.." His eyes turned into angrier but he looked at her and eyes turned soft.. he ca...
NOT YOU AGAIN NUNA 🔞 by milktaefic
It is a hate come love story and can be little fun too 🤣 and it mature content 🔞✨❤️
TEACHER'S PET ( short erotic novel) by kiss_mi_cheeekkksss
TEACHER'S PET ( short erotic novel)by Just Call Me KISSES
"A college professor does his best to avoid the temptation presented by one of his students."
My Evil wife is a sweetheart.  by AnamikaAcharjee
My Evil wife is a sweetheart. by Anamika Acharjee
" Aditiya I thought about it a lot and finally came to a decision that we should get divorced" my statement schoked him. " Is it your new plan to scheme...
On Mount Everest With You by anntivej
On Mount Everest With Youby Andrea
Cassie is self-sabotaging, a dry sense of humour, a sultry melody, a sarcastic remark. She's a dead gaze, smudged eyeliner, a garden of withering red tulips, and... an a...
The Malfoy Sister by alice_kyriakouux
The Malfoy Sisterby alice_kyriakouux
Short Story - Completed #2- dracossiter #36- malfoyfamily - from July 21 2020 You may know Draco Malfoy and his parents. You may think you know everything about him. Bu...
SAMANVAYA  by samshitales
SAMANVAYA by lazy author
so basically it's not a story but a small poem for my girl my happiness my everything.. samanvaya thank you for entering in my life and making it as beautiful as you are...
A Month of Butterflies by gjthescribbler
A Month of Butterfliesby gj
It was the first day of Gwynethea's Senior High School Life. An ordinary goody two-shoes who aims at the top. She wants nothing but decent grades, good performances and...
Just Us💍😖 by anthonytrujx
Just Us💍😖by Elle❤️
❤️love~ a strong feeling of affection. ✨like~ having the same characteristics or qualities as; similar to. Starring: Anthony Truj || Team 10 Y/N (Your Name) BOOK IS COMP...
Love for me is light camera and smile.  by AnamikaAcharjee
Love for me is light camera and Anamika Acharjee
Did it ever happen to you that you're the only single person in your family and friends ? Like your sister is about to give birth to her second child , your friend who...