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-White Haired Fairy-Tian Guan Ci Fu x Male Reader by Archzengel
-White Haired Fairy-Tian Guan Ci Archzengel
Shao [Name] is a martial god of luck & fortune. Despite himself called a god of luck & fortune, his behavior is mysterious and rarely talks around his fellow martials an...
Pure love: Obsessed by Arika126
Pure love: Obsessedby Aarya kokate
Xie Lian x Male oc × Hua Cheng In the ghost groom case Xie Ian meets a mysterious man with beautiful silver hair yet when the case finished He met two boy's on the Bull...
Shadow // TGCF Modern AU by Belvichy24
Shadow // TGCF Modern AUby Belvichy24
I've had this story idea for quite some time but kept on procrastinating on making a stable plot 🤣, but don't get me wrong, I still haven't made a stable plot, but I ju...
Forever Loved (Volo x FemReader) by Rainy5267
Forever Loved (Volo x FemReader)by Rainy
Falling from the space-time rift made questions run through your mind: why am I here? Who is Arceus? And who is this mysterious merchant? Not only did you fall from the...
ALL I WANTED by jeon_chi97
ALL I WANTEDby ♡sunrise♡
-"أنتي كلك ملكي..". -"لمعلوماتك سيد جيون انا لست بغرض لتمتلكه". - كل ما أردته أن أكون محبوبة ان اجد حضن ألجأ له للهرب من عالمي المؤلم ما ذنبي اذا ه...
Wangxian/Hualian Oneshots  by anime5yikes
Wangxian/Hualian Oneshots by :)
A collection of one-shots for MDZS's Wangxian ( Wei Wuxian/ Lan Wangji) and TGCF's Hualian (Xie Lian/ Hua Cheng) :))))
Always Together// Hualian Short Story  by Belvichy24
Always Together// Hualian Short Belvichy24
[COMPLETE] So this is the continuation of Hualian's love story, since the last scene was at Qiandeng temple. my mind just can't accept that it's over 😭, so I decided t...
Island Child by Freshmanbaby
Island Childby Jesse Stimpson
Oliver and Sara went all the way that night on the Gambit, right before all hell broke loose. Eight months later Oliver discovered that she was not only alive but also p...
Poetry closet 2.0 by Belvichy24
Poetry closet 2.0by Belvichy24
My first poetry closet hit a wall so I made another one! Please read it!!!
Before and After by CheshireLian1
Before and Afterby CheshireLian1
As requested by (KayssieRoble), I would like to give a sequel to The Way it Goes! I will be writing about how Jade leaves Roy and what happens throughout her pregnancy b...
Forever homes and second chances by CrimsonRed_Writes
Forever homes and second chancesby ȻɍɨmsønɌɇđ
Bruce finally took it too far. He finally drove Red Hood out of Gotham, threw the troublesome wolf out of his city and away from his pack. He had disowned the Alpha and...
✿⁠ LOVER ; Hualian by loverrei
✿⁠ LOVER ; Hualianby naoi rei
✧ ˙ ◌ ✿⁠ ˙ ✧ Hello, this is another Hualian story! Just a little reminder that if the characters act out of ch...
Olicity by fandommfanficss
Olicityby fandommfanficss
Felicity Smoak, recent graduate of MIT. Is celebrating her graduation with some friends. She meets Oliver Queen. What could possibly go wrong?
Fondness over the Far Away Memories by jn3883
Fondness over the Far Away Memoriesby Ajustine Charlie Hermosura
During eight years since his last year in highschool, Xie Lian has been holding something precious, fond and cherish memories close to his heart. Eight years of longing...
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Heaven Official's Affliction | TGCF by Sukuni
Heaven Official's Affliction | TGCFby Sukuni
This is a Heaven Official's Blessing AU where Xie Lian decides to unleash the Human Face Disease on the country of Yong'An! There will be heavy spoilers for the entire H...
Miscommunication Array by Strange_Tangerine
Miscommunication Arrayby Strange_Tangerine
based off a roleplay amongst my group of friends Contributors and honorable mentions : Kenzie, Starry, AL, and his highness Prince James. After a life of suffering at th...
pokemon legends Arceus group chat  by KrystalRow
pokemon legends Arceus group chat by
a group chat with some of the legends Arceus character
God Of The Mountain  by Srhfs4
God Of The Mountain by Blãck Rõse🌹
This one shot story is continued after Wei Wuxian's death with the collaboration of TGCF & ERHA. Inspired by the song 'Goddess of the mountain ' So, enjoy the fiction w...
They Says  by raidy350
They Says by Ray
جِيون جُونغكوك الفتَى المَعروف بانه لعُوب الجَامعه. "حتَى مَع الفتيَان؟؟" "رُبما..." "الرواية لا تُشجِع المثلِية والشذُوذ" __ __ جُونغكوك...
Paladins Oneshots (HIATUS) by Tordoholic
Paladins Oneshots (HIATUS)by ミ★ 🅣🅞🅡🅓 ! ˎˊ-
A series of oneshots with your favorite champions~ I haven't seen a lot of these, so I decided to make my own! -I might take requests! If you want to request something I...