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The Kiss Thing (THIAM) by PiccionaMalandrina
The Kiss Thing (THIAM)by PiccionaMalandrina
[Theo doesn't have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, but it's Valentine's day and he's gonna have his chocolate.] "I want chocolate" Theo repeats, sprawled on Liam'...
teen wolf - groupchat + texts by mewhenteenwolf
teen wolf - groupchat + textsby mieczyslaw <3
idk if anyone does these anymore but i read them so idc other : - ships include : sterek thiam scisaac malira allydia jethan/dethan/dackson (complicated ass...
Baby Raekens by LeeroyLoveMarcy28
Baby Raekensby 💜 Ric Tomlinson💜
After the Wild Hunt, Theo had to once again be by himself. No one knew what he did after he would leave the battles, and he thought no one cared. Liam did, he always did...
You Can't Just Do That! | Thiam |Complete| by LOUIS_TOMMOS_WIFE505
You Can't Just Do That! | Thiam | LOUIS_TOMMOS_WIFE505
In the moment you do stuff that takes a few minutes to register in your mind. Couple that with excitement and concern and Theo has no clue what he just did till it was t...
Fuck off you...Hot thing by RRitalinclub
Fuck off you...Hot thingby Meh
Thiam story 🌈 All the cast from Teen wolf and further in all cast from the originals Liam doesn't have feelings for Theo....HE DOESN'T or does he....he's so confused.B...
Pretenders  by linny4224
Pretenders by linny4224
The pack meets Alex Frost, Theo's best friend. She will help on their journey to defeat Monroe. During this, many of the pack mates will realize their feelings for each...
Nico and Elizabeth || thiam by simonwrites14
Nico and Elizabeth || thiamby Simon
Theo finds out he's expecting twins, now he has to tell the babies father the one and only Liam dunbar. Someone ik asked me to make a thiam mpreg so here's this #15 in t...
Thiam teen wolf (Instagram/snap chat) by tayasimonsen
Thiam teen wolf (Instagram/snap tayasimonsen
Liam finds out he is gay and is gay for Theo. Theo is learning how to be a better person and on the way he falls for a blue eyed boy named Liam Instagram, snap chat and...
Dream Of You • Thiam by merthur102
Dream Of You • Thiamby merthur102
Starts during season six of Teen Wolf. How it should have gone 🌈 "What's your plan, Liam? It takes true strength to break through the barrier. There's no point try...
0009 (Thiam One-Shot TW) by becca_dunbar_raeken
0009 (Thiam One-Shot TW)by becca_dunbar_raeken
Liam gets himself into trouble, so he makes one phone call to get help.
Instagram ~ Thiam by incitingchaos
Instagram ~ Thiamby 🔥
A Thiam instagram story. Nothing extremely special about this book.
I'm a Mom, no big deal [a Sterek Pack Mom story] by AJacketSlut
I'm a Mom, no big deal [a Sterek hiihatemyself
Stiles Stilinski knows about the supernatural, I mean, how couldn't he? His best friend is a werewolf, the girl he used to crush on is a banshee, he's got a brooding sou...
break the rules to get to you by Jamrock12
break the rules to get to youby katie 110
liam is in danger and theo breaks every street law to get to him.
Him or me? by Legitness1234
Him or me?by Legitness1234
A Thiam love triangle: What happens when Theo falls in love with Liam but Hayden is still in the picture.
Twisted - Thiam by 1JayJay
Twisted - Thiamby JJ Rocha
Thank you all for over 10K reads. (When did that happen?) I love you so much (29.01.19) Thank you all for over 20K reads. I love you so much (19.07.19) 45k reads - what...
Barely Human (But Getting There) by Illuminated_Spectrum
Barely Human (But Getting There)by Illuminated Spectrum
After once again putting his life on the line for Scott's reckless, blue-eyed beta, Theo is left close to death and trapped in a trauma that prevents him from healing. T...
change : thiam  by thiamsbitchh
change : thiam by thiamsbitchh
Two people. Two different lives, two different mindsets. These two people, Theo Raeken and Liam Dunbar, both had issues. Theo, being labelled as a sociopath, who anyon...
Put your head on my shoulder by tafffita
Put your head on my shoulderby Taffy
Liam keeps touching Theo. Theo doesn't know if he can handle it.
Truth or dare ~Thiam~ by Bangtan_Banshee
Truth or dare ~Thiam~by Bangtan_Banshee13
Where Theo and Liam become boyfriends and promise to never tell anyone. What happens when a game exposes them •Thiam •boyxboy •gay •Werewolf •sex
Pack Bonds and Paternal Instincts|| Teen Wolf  by Crowtheemobean
Pack Bonds and Paternal Instincts| Crow
Derek never planned on being a parent. Things never go his way though and he ends up being a father anyway. It's not the usual way of obtaining a kid, but he wouldn't co...