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constellations by vikimonster2004
constellationsby Vicious Victoria
Ever wondered how hard it is to be human? Well, read as the constellations tries to be one Join their exciting journey of drama, twist, overcoming, and growth. ~~~~~~~~~...
CheeseGirl. by iAmFentseTheWriter
#2 Ofentse❤
SOUTH AFRICAN BASED STORY CheeseGirl: A South African Term used to describe a girl who is rich or comes from a rich family/ background. Highest Ranking: #13 South Africa...
Alolan Sunset - Gladion x Reader by CrimsonWolf3107
Alolan Sunset - Gladion x Readerby
NOTE: For some reason, wattpad isn't letting me add more chapters. Sorry for the long wait for updates! Y/N is a 14-year-old girl who has just arrived in the Alola Regio...
Lost Worlds (a zodiac story) by vikimonster2004
Lost Worlds (a zodiac story)by Vicious Victoria
Can twelve strangers put their differences aside to save the Astro realm. "Are you fucking telling me that they're twelve of them" Orion jeered as he hit his h...
Living With Animals by SavWrites22
Living With Animalsby Sav
BOOK TWO IS UP HIGHEST RANKINGS- #1 out of 6k in living- #1 out of 958 in Leukemia-#2 out of 1.14k in cancer patient--#18 out of 14.2k in parents. Thanks to everyone for...
Career Switch by alexis_s_moore
Career Switchby Alexis Moore
Being reunited with a biological parent isn't much fun when you find your whole life has been a lie after looking up your familytree through an online family tree test...
Jewel in the Mist by AngHoizSimp
Jewel in the Mistby Ang
In his past life, Jule was the young master of a wealthy family. He took pride in his grades and boasted his talents to the whole world, confident that his family's infl...
The Walls that Bind by xMah_Bx
The Walls that Bindby Pinocchio
[Completed] He broke his rules for Her; She didn't see Him do it He put one monster behind bars; Another was sleeping under his bed. He thought he got vengeance; He bro...
Unexpected Arrival || The Jungle Book 2016 by iBePotato
Unexpected Arrival || The Jungle That1Potato
Daiane, a beautiful, powerful jaguar gets captured and brought to India. While transporting her, she manages to escape and runs to the nearest place she can find; the j...
Return To Middle Earth by nightwing2
Return To Middle Earthby Alfred F. Jones
Glorfindel is returned to Arda. He could not remember the journey in the boat. He remembers the Valar telling him of his mission, than falling onto the ground in pain. H...
Before Knell by xMah_Bx
Before Knellby Pinocchio
[Completed]✔ Yipeeee🙈 You're here🤭 A young female teen is forced to the center of life and death after inheriting the same disease that ended her Father's life. Now...
Camp Casper by TheCurlyGirls
Camp Casperby TheCurlyGirls
Megan is a farm girl from the middle of Wyoming. Victoria is a sophisticated young girl from a rich family in Texas. They have nothing in common--or so they think. Turns...
Who would have known? by AddieVA
Who would have known?by Addie
Ana. Her life didn't get turned upside down, it got scrapped in a blender leaving her with small pieces of what was left and left her in a completely new country with z...
Warrior Cats Rise of the Outsider by Iwritereadforfun
Warrior Cats Rise of the Outsiderby write read
This is a story about a apprentice injuired and in a new land not similar to his home being found by Rivercaln and he will have to get use to this new life but his old o...
The Grimm Reaper is my twin brother by zanchene
The Grimm Reaper is my twin brotherby zanchene
Zoe Smoak always thought she was the only child ... until her 16th birthday party where everything changed . She found out that she had a brother who was not as normal...
Adapting to High School  by Cookieseth14
Adapting to High School by Cookieseth14
Seth is starting high school while his girlfriend (Becca) is at another school. How will Seth adapt to this situation? Find out in "Adapting In High School " c...
Learning to adapt by juligj100
Learning to adaptby juligj100
A story I wrote for one of my practice English exam wasn't really sure where I was taking it but I quite like it. Learning to adapt is a short story which tells you a b...
Where Am I? by ahartwig44
Where Am I?by andrea
After waking up from a ten year coma, Sarah is clueless. Everything has changed. She knows her self as a 13 year old girl but now is 23 in a way different world.
The Broken by Belmentoria
The Brokenby Robert Kriel
John Newton is about to complete his sessions with Doctor Olivia Atkins, a psychologist, after nearly six months. In an unfortunate event, where he saved Olivia's life...
Enjoy Your Meal by ChrisPizzaClements
Enjoy Your Mealby Chris Clements
Who knew how one meal could change your whole world?