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Naruto: The Phoenix Sage by Guardian_Dragon
Naruto: The Phoenix Sageby DEVIL'S PARADISE
For all his life Naruto always thinks why do people hate him and beat him without any reason but always calling him "demon brat". So, after getting caught for...
Reincarnation of Brothers by AngelFinder1
Reincarnation of Brothersby AngelFinder1
Reincarnated into Naruto and Sasuke, Asura and Indra are determined to not repeat the mistakes of their first life. I try to post a chapters every week. I do not own the...
Naruto No Kitsune by Megumi_Ookami
Naruto No Kitsuneby Megumi_Ookami
Naruto no Kitsune Naruto is placed under a severe Genjutsu that makes him suffer his past as a child. The Kyuubi finds him in his mind and is the one to save him. Afte...
The Pain of Neglect (Naruto Fanfic) by photogal123
The Pain of Neglect (Naruto Fanfic)by Oracle Seasons
Throughout his life young Naruto has never experienced love, his has been shunned and harmed by the village and neglected by his family. His entire life an endless hole...
A Mother's Love: A Naruto Fanfic by Kingjay14545
A Mother's Love: A Naruto Fanficby Jay
Naruto Story! Dunno Pairings yet Kushina was the previous Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi. When Minato was sealing the Kyuubi into Naruto, she decided to give Naruto a little...
It's Agent not Ninja by Ninetailedfoxkura
It's Agent not Ninjaby TailedFoxKurama
Naruto left the Hidden Leaf Village for reasons unknown to everyone including Team 7 and the rookie 9. The only one who knew why and where he went was the Third Hokage a...
The Neglected One: Naruto of Fairy Tail by Animenin117
The Neglected One: Naruto of Sup yall?
Book 1 I can see every tear you've cried like an ocean in your eyes All the pain and the scars have left you cold I can see all the fears you face through a storm that n...
Little Sensei: A Naruto Fanfiction by jarodlikestowrite
Little Sensei: A Naruto Fanfictionby Revolutionist
There have been prodigies from the Hidden Leaf before, Itachi Uchiha, Minato Namikaze, and Orochimaru being one of the few, but none of them were bigger prodigies than N...
The Eternal Emperor by antiherione
The Eternal Emperorby Noël
This is not my own. the title is the same but the original one is by End_Credits. An author who sadly hasn't updated since 2017. A crossover between Naruto and One Piec...
Fox In The Leaf  by LovelyKurmui
Fox In The Leaf by Ashley Gonzalez
During an attack, something unexpected happened to the Seal on Naruto, and now he has to live with the changes that no one would have expected. I don't own nothing. All...
Below The Beneath by MyAnimehub
Below The Beneathby MyAnimehub
Naruto always was different but what happens when everyone knows that Naruto they knows is not the real Naruto.
Kurama's kit (fem!Kurama) by da_fak_life20
Kurama's kit (fem!Kurama)by da_fak_life20
How would Naruto's life been if Kurama was in fact his mother? Kurama is Kushina Uzumaki? How? Read to find out! A/N I suck at descriptions. Anyhow...... Naruto does no...
I'm A Girl Ya Know! by soft_mochii_7
I'm A Girl Ya Know!by Anita
"Please tell me those are manboobs..." "Naruto? A girl?!" "WHAT? Th-that idiot is a..." I'm Naruto Uzumaki! Obviously, a girl. I'd always h...
Yeah, dobe, if you be mine -SasuNaru!!!- by Animinxx
Yeah, dobe, if you be mine Kit
This is a story of SasuNaru, Naruto was having a little 'trouble' if you know what I mean ;) Let's hope Sasuke'll fix this little dilemma. Love during the ages :D [Just...
Another World [Naruto Fanfic] by Dishonored_Assassin
Another World [Naruto Fanfic]by Dishonored_Assassin
[My first story on Wattpad] I was an assassin for Organization XIII. Now I'm a ninja of Konoha. Xemnas became too power hungry and worked with Saïx to create a dimension...
mission o.b.i.t.o (naruto timetravel au)  by here-have-a-potato
mission o.b.i.t.o (naruto it's da rei
what does one get when combining a dangerous time seal, an injured uchiha, a reckless uzumaki and a tempest of absolute destructive power? Well obito got weird parent...
Long Live Jashin-sama! by shimmm_
Long Live Jashin-sama!by shim
"WHAT do you mean you're a GOD, but can't fight!?" Everything was alright in Naruto's life, to him at least. He didn't have much people he can count as a frien...
Naruto road of greatness by timegard
Naruto road of greatnessby timegard
"I do not own naruto or any of its characters." Naruto meet's kuubi during his sixth birthday and offers to train him. Later gains dojutsu powerful than sharin...
Just Smile: A Naruto Fanfiction by jarodlikestowrite
Just Smile: A Naruto Fanfictionby Revolutionist
"Just smile, Naruto!" When he was six years old, Naruto Namikaze's life changed forever when the Nine-Tailed Fox attacked the village. Now alone, Naruto must...
Cale and The Shinobi by YaoiYurishipper
Cale and The Shinobiby YaoiYurilover1827
Cale and Choi Han live happily in the Black Castle with their three children. One day, while they were enjoying their time together they were pulled into a different wor...