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SOTUS: First Weeks and Friends by soosuxx
SOTUS: First Weeks and Friendsby soosuxx
Kongpob and Arthit have just started dating, and they are not good at hiding their relationship. Or, nosy people find out that their friends are gay. (This story is curr...
Hither & thither✔️ by ObstinateLady
Hither & thither✔️by Grace
When you are grumpy arthit and your boss is annoying kongpob 🙏 One walks in like a charmer and the other is too sleepy to notice that🤐 ...
Arthit's Confessions ✓ by thecoolestherb
Arthit's Confessions ✓by 𝚖𝚒𝚗𝚝.
The 7 times Arthit attempted to confess his love to Kongpob but failed. Based loosely on the 7 deadly sins but it's actually just Arthit being cute and squishable. Will...
Destiny 》 by imaginationxfantasy
Destiny 》by fantasy
Kongpob, a carefree boy, who loves nature and everything it has created, positiveness is in his blood, love is something he thinks can make the world better Arthit is so...
Back to You by Blue_Oon
Back to Youby Blue💙
Arthit broke up with kong. What made him do that? Read about their relationship from the beginning from the sweet fluffy days to the day they broke up. Will kong let hi...
You Belong To My World (Completed!) by ionlyseedaylight
You Belong To My World (Completed!)by ionlyseedaylight
Arthit is in 2017. Kongpob is in 2020. They live in the same apartment, but in two totally different worlds. Can they find their way back to each other? ✓parallel uni...
"The Outsider Point of View" by QueenyC10
"The Outsider Point of View"by QueenyC
A series of short stories about other characters observing Kongpob and Arthit's relationship. Mostly based on SOTUS and beyond.. Original works by QueenyClairey (also av...
9. KRIST AND ARTHIT (ENG) - COMPLETE by Lazy_writer18
9. KRIST AND ARTHIT (ENG) - COMPLE...by Lazy Writer
What happens if Krist is sucked in Sotus novel and becomes a barrier for Arthit and Kongpop? Then what about Singto? Welcome to another Zyzy FF fiction. The genre remain...
My family💞💕 by Kitsing0062x0206
My family💞💕by Jaan
Kongpob has been living with his mother who does nothing but abuse him along with her new lover. He has shut himself from the whole world and rarely interacts with anyon...
Everything will be alright by Moulanao
Everything will be alrightby Daddy's Angel
kong:I hate you P'Arthit Arthit: kong please listen to me once Ming: let's forget everything p'kit Kit : yes let's forget everything
I Can't, If It's Not You by tshreyu
I Can't, If It's Not Youby Tshreyu
Summary: Kongpob has to do what he has to. But what about the love of his life and their relationship? Let's find out.
10 ways to love you by chaptersinprogress
10 ways to love youby chaptersinprogress
10 different kisses kong and arthit shared
REMORSE by _moonchild0419
REMORSEby moonchild
SOTUS Fanfiction tentang penyesalan Arthit dan Kongpob serta bagaimana mereka mengatasinya. Notes: bxb M-Preg Penggunaan kata-kata kasar. Some caracters belong to the or...
Remember Us? (Completed) by QueenyC10
Remember Us? (Completed)by QueenyC
A terrible accident leaves Kongpob suffering from the temporary loss of parts of his memory.. Forgetting your cat? That's one thing.. Forgetting your husband? That's ano...
Let's Do Lunch by OtterPrincess11
Let's Do Lunchby Eve
Kongpob is a single father that has trouble getting his son to eat. Little did he know the solution to their problem works in the Production department.
A Second Chance..! by Kitsing0062x0206
A Second Chance..!by Jaan
A small misunderstanding led to their separation.. one blaming himself and his short-temper while the other the was breaking apart thinking that he hasn't shown enough l...
Suspicious [Completed] by harr__li
Suspicious [Completed]by harr__li
'They looked goddamn suspicious!' *This is just a really short and simple story about my favourite bl couple Arthit and Kongpob from Sotus The Series and Sotus S The Ser...
YOU + Me = Us by Flora20518
YOU + Me = Usby Flora 20
hi it's ghostship. Ahh it's Phaming. all charector belong to original Owner also Photos and Songs.
Mr. Detective by Kitsing0062x0206
Mr. Detectiveby Jaan
Kong and Arthit have known eachother since they were kids.. though they were 5 years apart.. they always used to play together like friends but when Kong was 7 years old...
It Started with a Kiss by BL_Sins
It Started with a Kissby BL_Sins
In this romantic story, a high school student named Arthit Rojnapat finally tells his senior, Kongpob Suthiluck, that he has been in love with him since he saw him the v...