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It Started with a Kiss by BL_Sins
It Started with a Kissby BL_Sins
In this romantic story, a high school student named Arthit Rojnapat finally tells his senior, Kongpob Suthiluck, that he has been in love with him since he saw him the v...
Over And Beyond #1 by naruxsasumi
Over And Beyond #1by naruxsasumi
Kongpob and Arthit have come very far after the first rumor of their relationship nearly tore them apart. They agreed that keeping quiet about it was the best option. Fi...
The Ghost Of You by crimsonfool
The Ghost Of Youby crimsonfool
When Kongpob finds a gear buried in the sand he keeps it. Ft. Ghost!Arthit *happy ending Credits to Bittersweet for creating SOTUS the series. None of the characters are...
Not Even Death by Sakura_KitKat
Not Even Deathby KitKat
During his second year, Kongpob was in a car accident and died, leaving behind a distraught Arthit and grief-stricken friends. A year later, a Korean boy name Sun Taemin...
The Lock Screen Photo (Completed) by QueenyC10
The Lock Screen Photo (Completed)by QueenyC
The famous scene in SOTUS S when Arthit makes their hands Kongpob's wallpaper... Well what if Kongpob's lockscreen is a different photograph and various characters disco...
You Can't Make An Omelet (without make-up sex) (Completed) by QueenyC10
You Can't Make An Omelet ( QueenyC
Kongpob cannot cook, but he's desperate to make P'Arthit breakfast. Over one week he learns that there are many ways to make an omelet, but that there are consequences w...
Claiming Our Rights by Mazadik
Claiming Our Rightsby Mazadik
I really loved the characters from Sotus series. Not just the power couple but all the characters including their friends. I don't know if you will consider this as a So...
Falling In Love With Mr. Nobody (Arthit x Kongpob) by Nerdy___Katie
Falling In Love With Mr. Nobody ( 🖤
Please keep in mind I only write on Wattpad! Kongpob has been homeschooled for as long as he can remember but there is no reason behind it Halfway through his second-yea...
He's Taken (Completed) by QueenyC10
He's Taken (Completed)by QueenyC
Kongpob gets jealous.. That's it!
Everybody Hurts Sometimes [Complete] by faithnomyen
Everybody Hurts Sometimes [ faithnomyen
When opportunities were opened and you decided to grab it, you should know the sacrifices and consequences that comes with it. When Arthit passed the exam in his dream s...
Always Number 2 by BL_Sins
Always Number 2by BL_Sins
This is a story of one person's one-sided battle against another, and the other person's one-sided love towards the other.* *Rewritten adoption for Krist & Singto couple...
Kongpob Suthiluck's guide on being a Perfect Husband by _littlemisslawyer
Kongpob Suthiluck's guide on + N +
How Kongpob survives his married life with his Sun. Disclaimer: I do not own the characters. BitterSweet is the master behind our Kong and A'Ioon; I'm just a minion ✌🏻
Sotus:Moments of Bliss  ✔ by adi_tales
Sotus:Moments of Bliss ✔by Aditi
Some oneshots of our favourite couple. : ) * Characters belong to Khun Bittersweet.
Only the Ring Finger Knows by BL_Sins
Only the Ring Finger Knowsby BL_Sins
In Bangkok High, couple rings are the newest craze. Every couple in the school exchanges and wears matching rings. Matching rings were supposed to signify eternal love...
His Enigma by adi_tales
His Enigmaby Aditi
King Kongpob had declared hybrid Arthit Rojanapat his mate. There's only one problem Kongpob is an alpha and Arthit too. How will this mating take place? What will hap...
You Belong To My World (Completed!) by ionlyseedaylight
You Belong To My World (Completed!)by ionlyseedaylight
Arthit is in 2017. Kongpob is in 2020. They live in the same apartment, but in two totally different worlds. Can they find their way back to each other? ✓parallel uni...
Kissing P'Arthit (Completed) by QueenyC10
Kissing P'Arthit (Completed)by QueenyC
The freshmen women have made a bet to be the first to kiss their fierce head hazer, P'Arthit. The betting pool has reached 8000 Baht and plenty of people are desperate t...
A FAN [Completed]  by Vivien_2020
A FAN [Completed] by vivien
It's a story about a young college boy who meets his dream celebrity. Cover cr:To the rightful owner.
He Bought Me by BL_Sins
He Bought Meby BL_Sins
Kongpob Suthiluck, the most popular guy in school made just one wish for his 18th birthday. He bought me - Arthit Rojnapat. And that's when all Hell broke loose. *Rewrit...
Just Friends (Completed) by QueenyC10
Just Friends (Completed)by QueenyC
Kongpob and Arthit fought over which flat to get - the one with the big lounge or the one with just enough room for a two seat sofa that is much nicer and closer to thei...