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I MARRIED MY SOUL MATE 2 by sai-moon
now that Arthit and Kongpob were married,they have to be creative in keeping their love and marriage a are they going to do that around the people who know th...
Lights! Camera!....Love! [Complete] by benasdasdorvien
Lights! Camera!....Love! [Complete]by rulesofvienna
Arthit, a rising actor probably needs to reevaluate his relationship with his best friend and manager, Kong. ***All Regular Credits** A not so short story!
Please Help, Dont Hurt Me by SlyBlueLady
Please Help, Dont Hurt Meby Meowmeowgirl
Shits happened, Arthit getting pregnant. And life never really kind to him.
Before Its too late 》 by imaginationxfantasy
Before Its too late 》by fantasy
Kongpob has a book full of wishes he wants to fulfill Arthit is determined to help kongpob to do so, before it's too late this is just a fan fiction and the characters b...
Love shots by imaginationxfantasy
Love shotsby fantasy
You know how The moon only glows Because its reflecting off of the sun? Well that's me with him He's my sun And I only shine Because he's there by my side You be the moo...
Let Me Be There. by Krittanays
Let Me Be Echizen
All i ask you is let me be there. Its just a story about Arthit and Kongpob. Where Kongpob is just another junior for Arthit but for Kongpob, Arthit is the whole world. ...
The Heir to my Heart • Completed by raisinggays
The Heir to my Heart • Completedby singto's bitch
Last night, Kongpob remembered drinking and partying hard. Morning the next day, a newspaper is laid out in front of him, on it is the headline written in black and bol...
Under My Roof [Complete] by benasdasdorvien
Under My Roof [Complete]by rulesofvienna
They were roommates. They were friends. Often that is enough. But sometimes one needs more. A lot more. ***Credit to BitterSweet for the characters and the respective ow...
SOTUS: First Weeks and Friends by soosuxx
SOTUS: First Weeks and Friendsby soosuxx
Kongpob and Arthit have just started dating, and they are not good at hiding their relationship. Or, nosy people find out that their friends are gay. (This story is curr...
Our Miracle by V_Krishna2004
Our Miracleby Peraya_Love
SEQUEL to 'THIS IS MY MOON & THIS IS MY SUN' A wide picture into Arthit and Kongpob's life after marriage
Mr. Detective by Kitsing0062x0206
Mr. Detectiveby Jaan
Kong and Arthit have known eachother since they were kids.. though they were 5 years apart.. they always used to play together like friends but when Kong was 7 years old...
Sotus Short Stories by AuthornimJRose
Sotus Short Storiesby JRose
This is a series of Short Stories from Sotus. Cover done by @sheismathilda Divorce Lawyer in Love (Completed) An Alpha's Revenge (Current)
A Second Chance..! by Kitsing0062x0206
A Second Chance..!by Jaan
A small misunderstanding led to their separation.. one blaming himself and his short-temper while the other the was breaking apart thinking that he hasn't shown enough l...
Path Of Love (KenTell) by MsAurumLia
Path Of Love (KenTell)by AurumLia
[KenTell X SOTUS Fanfiction AU] Once upon a time, there lived a young man named Stell. He was the half younger brother of Kongpob, a natural-born leader admired and res...
I Can't, If It's Not You by tshreyu
I Can't, If It's Not Youby Tshreyu
Summary: Kongpob has to do what he has to. But what about the love of his life and their relationship? Let's find out.
6 Years After • Completed by raisinggays
6 Years After • Completedby singto's bitch
3 years in their relationship, Arthit left Kongpob with no apparent reason. 6 years after, with Kongpob ready to settle down with his girlfriend, he receives a future l...
Through time by mayL_23
Through timeby mayL_23
Singto and Krist has been schoolmates since high school. As their friendship grows, so do they. A/N. This story is a bit unconventional. We follow the story of 2 friend...
Obsessed by Yours_Truly_T
Obsessedby Twinkle
"When something wrong feels so right, and something right feels so wrong, but he's too addictive to quit and too obsessed to let go." -- "Was it good? &qu...
Be The One by Blue_Oon
Be The Oneby Blue💙
Arthit always finds himself in the most unexpected situations. Arthit is waiting to join University after a few months so he started working part time meanwhile but ther...
Luna Solis Reflectat by ruhanlu
Luna Solis Reflectatby Li Riu
" It is always my intention to provide you with everything you need. Hence, you will never feel sad, always happy, comfortable, and depend on me, P'" - K (The...