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I am him ✔ by Dana-KS
I am him ✔by Muffin's meow 🐱
"Youth seems to start because I love you but it made me see through love"___ 🔳 CREDIT LIST: Author: Su Bie Xu. Translator: @Dana-KS Genre: Chinese Fanfictio...
SOTUS - Story Of True love between US by alson8492
SOTUS - Story Of True love alson8492
Kongpop is 3rd year and a head hazer now and Arthit is in his 5th year. They already in relationship for 2 years. All the seniors from 3rd year until 5th year knew about...
Forgotten Past by naruxsasumi
Forgotten Pastby naruxsasumi
Arthit and Kongpob loved each other fiercely for three years but each had different plans for their future. Kongpob's plans took him out of the country and Arthit's kept...
Under My Roof [Complete] by benasdasdorvien
Under My Roof [Complete]by rulesofvienna
They were roommates. They were friends. Often that is enough. But sometimes one needs more. A lot more. ***Credit to BitterSweet for the characters and the respective ow...
✅Baby Arthit, his P'Faam and their Dada by FiiJaa
✅Baby Arthit, his P'Faam and FiiJaa
just a daily dose of your favourite lil' rascal, yes the one and only.. Pink milk monster, our baby Oon. DISCLAIMER: these characters belong to original creators. I don'...
Back to You by Blue_Oon
Back to Youby Blue💙
Arthit broke up with kong. What made him do that? Read about their relationship from the beginning from the sweet fluffy days to the day they broke up. Will kong let hi...
Four Times They Were Seen and One Time They Weren't (Completed) by QueenyC10
Four Times They Were Seen and QueenyC
Bright, Prem, Tootah and Knott observe Kongpob and Arthit and each time we learn a little more and so do they! How they could have gotten together... a four + one fic!
Predestination by mayL_23
Predestinationby mayL_23
Someone turns up when you least expect it. Someone turns up when you need it. Someone turns up when you've waited too long. Someone turns up all the same. sometimes th...
Leave Me Alone (COMPLETE) by redwin93
Leave Me Alone (COMPLETE)by redwin93
"I'm sorry P'arthit", kongpob was sitting on the chair, his eyes were looking at his lover and soon to be ex-boyfriend. "I'll try my best to protect our r...
Sotus - Contract Lovers by seniora9
Sotus - Contract Loversby seniora9
What happens when you are betrothed to the person you hate? With no way of escaping it, when both families want it to happen. Is it love at first site or hate at first s...
𝑰 𝑯𝑨𝑻𝑬 𝑴𝒀 𝑯𝑼𝑺𝑩𝑨𝑵𝑫 by shinyivy
𝑰 𝑯𝑨𝑻𝑬 𝑴𝒀 𝑯𝑼𝑺𝑩𝑨𝑵𝑫by ❖ 𝕚 𝕧 𝕪 ❖
What will you do when one morning you wake up & find yourself stuck in a Marriage...?? Especially with the person you hate most in the whole world...?? That's what exact...
Even if I stagger [Kongpob/Arthit] by spectral416
Even if I stagger [Kongpob/Arthit]by spectral416
Arthit had never quite mastered suppressing his emotions. He wished he had. A fanfiction based on the Thai Series, Sotus the Series.
Sotus Black by Sakura_D
Sotus Blackby Sakura_D
Sotus - Sotus Black Time never stops, moving and changing everything in its wake. Time they say, heals all pain. Makes you forget. Time has no hold on an immortal. Wound...
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Time Can Mess Things Up by Kcrescent_V
Time Can Mess Things Upby Kcrescent_V
Suddenly waking up and finding themselves back in past and getting a chance to reverse all the mistakes and change their future... Kongpop, Tew, Wad and Rome were blesse...
Societal Good by Raven_Lane
Societal Goodby Raven
Welcome to a world where people show politeness and respect in the opposite way as us! Greed and dishonesty are rampant and the only thing keeping most people in check a...
Let's Do Lunch by OtterPrincess11
Let's Do Lunchby Eve
Kongpob is a single father that has trouble getting his son to eat. Little did he know the solution to their problem works in the Production department.
Through time by mayL_23
Through timeby mayL_23
Singto and Krist has been schoolmates since high school. As their friendship grows, so do they. A/N. This story is a bit unconventional. We follow the story of 2 friend...
I Married my soulmate by sai-moon
I Married my soulmateby sai-moon
This is a fan fiction based on Arthit and Kongpob. their journey through their relationship.the story doesn't follow the series but might have some parts included. ...
Be Mine (Completed) by kottran
Be Mine (Completed)by kottran
Kongpob is a 2000 year old vampire king with special ability who felt that his life was boring with no spark in it until he met him Arthit his sun Declaration: I do not...
Sotus Short Stories by AuthornimJRose
Sotus Short Storiesby JRose
This is a series of Short Stories from Sotus. Cover done by @sheismathilda Divorce Lawyer in Love (Completed) An Alpha's Revenge (Current)