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Baby's Daddy [COMPLETED] by httpaimy
Baby's Daddy [COMPLETED]by Aimy Emmet
Arthit is an engineering graduate who loves baby to his core that he even set up Sunshine Daycare - a daycare business. He hired all male sitters and they are having a h...
Time Can Mess Things Up by Kcrescent_V
Time Can Mess Things Upby Kcrescent_V
Suddenly waking up and finding themselves back in past and getting chance to reverse all the mistakes and change their future... Kongpop, Tew, Wad and Rome were blessed...
KongArt SOTUS ''One Shot'' by MyCutieKit0206
KongArt SOTUS ''One Shot''by CutieKit
It's only One Shot from Sotus / Sotus S
Untamed (Completed) by Bookwormmmm193
Untamed (Completed)by Book worm
Kongpob found a wild man in the forest Untamed....... Feral...... Unruly..... How will he tame him and bring him back to life.... And.... WHY he felt so protective towar...
His Love For Him by arpana2
His Love For Himby Literature lover
It's a continuation story from the last episode of a thai bl web series called SOTUS (SOTUS S & Our skyy episode 5) that I've watched as I grew so fond of these characte...
SOTUS - English trans from Chinese version by Jocelyn0122
SOTUS - English trans from Jo
The translation of SOTUS novel from Chinese Version. I do not own this story. Everything is by author Bittersweet. All I own is the trans and will take down if I am info...
Head Hazer..! Mafia Head..!! by Kitsing0062x0206
Head Hazer..! Mafia Head..!!by Jaan
What will it be like when the head hazer always pick on you.. and you don't even know the reason..? Why does his presence always make me pick on him..?-- Arthit I did no...
An Angel (Completed) by shalinikaushik
An Angel (Completed)by Khong Chan Oon
Arthit is an angel who live in his fairyland. And Kongpop is prince of an empire but still ordinary man who live in earth. But when fairy Arthit comes on earth. What wil...
Through time by mayL_23
Through timeby mayL_23
Singto and Krist has been schoolmates since high school. As their friendship grows, so do they. A/N. This story is a bit unconventional. We follow the story of 2 friend...
Love and Lust by nochill_0206
Love and Lustby nochill_0206
'Is this love?Or simply because I drool for your dick?'- Singto 'I dont care if its my dick or love,I'm keeping you for both.' - Krist Singto never experience love,ever...
Perception by ang3l_n_d3vil
Perceptionby Angel
They destroyed their life, now it's payback; with the shrewdest allies by their side, nothing's gonna stop them from getting the revenge that is due.
The Best Revenge is A Life Well Lived by oursinsdefineus
The Best Revenge is A Life Well oursinsdefineus
Moving on from a cheating boyfriend isn't easy. However, when Gun suddenly meets his first love again, will a spark rekindle the fire that burned bright between him and...
Love me please (on going) by winandaaza
Love me please (on going)by wina
Singto dan krist sudah menjalin hubungan selama 8 tahun ,namun di dalam hubungan itu hanya ada cinta sepihak ,karna krist tak pernah mencintai singto ,karna cintanya ya...
Love Tales by imaginationxfantasy
Love Talesby fantasy
"Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favourite" kongpob said "Such a cheese ball" arthit said and Chuckled _________________________________...
fanboy | by musicbeatloves
fanboy |by musicbeatloves
Arthit would never admit in public that he's a fanboy for the model turned actor, Kongpob. He did not expect that there would come a day that their paths would cross...
Mr. Suthiluck by Dana-KS
Mr. Suthiluckby Dana-KS
[ONGOING] Kongpob Suthiluck and Arthit Rojnapat have been married for seven years. When his husband Kongpob met an accident, Arthit feared that it had damaged his brains...
Kana 2 by wan195
Kana 2by Wannie
ESTHER SERIES GEN- 1 ----- The door slammed open, Earth and Baifern came in. Mew was still sitting on the couch, lost in his own world of guilt. Earth noticed the marks...
After ✔ by HopelessWings
After ✔by ceejay
❝After we broke up, I made a promise to have you back, love.❞ --- A typical love story where Singto Prachaya broke up with his long-time boyfriend and fans starts to won...
Hidden by V_Krishna2004
Hiddenby Peraya_Love
It's better if you hate me, I don't want to risk your happiness with my presence in your life. Hating me is better than loving me, P'Arthit. So please don't ask me to l...
a sprinkle of rainbow • Completed by raisinggays
a sprinkle of rainbow • Completedby singto's bitch
romantic-comedy/fluff fics ft. Arthit Kongpob