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Be mine 》 by imaginationxfantasy
Be mine 》by fantasy
Arthit is..soft for him? The characters belong to bittersweet and the story plot is on the request of @Susmitha3
As Bright As Rome by Human_fo
As Bright As Romeby Human_fo
What if Rome never met Pick but met Bright instead? What if Kongpob never got to confess his love for Arthit in his first year? What if Arthit loves to be in denial? Wha...
S. O. T. U. S. by maysecretzx
S. O. T. U. may._
Ship Kongpob x P'Arthit Forth x Beam Ongoing
Distant Signals: The Love Between Us by ajsocks
Distant Signals: The Love ajsocks
After being dismissed from the hazing team, Arthit indulges in a night of drinking and wakes up the next morning with a terrible hangover and a fuzzy memory. But he's pr...
My Wall Between Us by Ryuk91
My Wall Between Usby Nick
One is shy to the world and chooses to get by unnoticed the other embraces the world and loves it's attention. They say opposite attract. Will this be true for Arthit an...
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Royal fate by ramyapa
Royal fateby RP
Five alphas are forced into the marriage... All characters belong to the respective authors and the novel, sotus and 2 moons.
The Alpha Bride  by maysecretzx
The Alpha Bride by may._
Singto the dominant alpha playboy, millionaires, handsome, smart and have everything. Krist a ordinary beta has a normal life. Live by his own his parents have an accide...
Perception by ang3l_n_d3vil
Perceptionby Angel
They destroyed their life, now it's payback; with the shrewdest allies by their side, nothing's gonna stop them from getting the revenge that is due.
a sprinkle of rainbow • Completed by raisinggays
a sprinkle of rainbow • Completedby singto's bitch
romantic-comedy/fluff fics ft. Arthit Kongpob cover from pinterest.
Scentless Curiosity [KristSingto Fanfic] by KittyMefwa
Scentless Curiosity [KristSingto 雏菊彩虹
It started as curiosity. But somehow it lead to life full of happiness and love. ------ Main: SingtoKrist Brief mentions: NammonGuy, Tay, Gun, BrightWin, TharnType, Sara...
Dauntless Meets Intellect by DangerousBookAddict
Dauntless Meets Intellectby Louisanna Lestrange
He confidently said, "Do you think you can outsmart me --" "I already have." came a voice from above along with the sound of a gun shot. The former...
Evermore by feignifugal
Evermoreby ⌯ freya ⌯
It all started when Arthit saved a stranger one day. The amazing and beautiful characters used in this story are from Sotus by bittersweet.
Wednesday  by imaginationxfantasy
Wednesday by fantasy
Oh! What a lovely Wednesday it is, except for some, those having their last one The characters belong to bittersweet only the story plot belongs to me
My Better-Half (M-Preg) by BrightWin_87
My Better-Half (M-Preg)by StarGazer
"I'm going the washroom M... Call me if the concert is gonna start. I will be back in 5 minutes." Kongpob told M before going the washroom since they have arri...
Love beyond Death by 4lice_
Love beyond Deathby 4lice
"You are and always have been my whole world." He started by answering his first question, looking at the blanket he was covered by. He will speak the truth an...
Head Hazer ? No It's Mafia Leader ( DS ) by scx_scx
Head Hazer ? No It's Mafia scx_scx
Singto suddenly disappeared and he came back without a warning what the hell is happening ?
Fall for you..... KristSingto by The_divergent_reader
Fall for you..... KristSingtoby Abhaya Raghavi
Singto meets Krist after many years of searching through Mew and Gulf. Where will this meet lead them to ? Hii, a new KristSingto's story. This publish is slightly based...
A Lifetime with You [Completed] by Allie_Perayuhhh
A Lifetime with You [Completed]by Allie
In Thailand, arranged marriages have been common with people ranging from 23 to 28 years of age. In a generation where the Same-Sex Marriage Act has been established for...
You Belong To My World (Completed!) by ionlyseedaylight
You Belong To My World (Completed!)by ionlyseedaylight
Arthit is in 2017. Kongpob is in 2020. They live in the same apartment, but in two totally different worlds. Can they find their way back to each other? ✓parallel uni...
Baby's Daddy [COMPLETED] by httpaimy
Baby's Daddy [COMPLETED]by Aimy Emmet
Arthit is an engineering graduate who loves baby to his core that he even set up Sunshine Daycare - a daycare business. He hired all male sitters and they are having a h...