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INSTAGRAM - klance by klancecoffee
INSTAGRAM - klanceby frankie & piper
keith just posts because he's bored. lance is a famous instagram model. keith sees lance's account and crushes hard. lance is way out of keith's league. keith just doesn...
Klance Smut OneShots by KlanceWRLD
Klance Smut OneShotsby KlanceWRLD
... your goin to hell bro I guess i'll see you there😎
klance fluff by spacegremlin204
klance fluffby Sup it’s Keith
After a battle with Hagger, Zarkon's witch, Keith was struck with a spell and finds it hard to walk, forcing lance to carry him. As lance is walking up the hill he spots...
Submissive Mullet - Klance Smut by xsugarlemonsx
Submissive Mullet - Klance Smutby ✨🌻sugarbuggs🌻✨
(We reached #1 in #klancefluff recently! Thank you all so much!) Keith hid a deep, dark secret from all of the paladins for far too long. He had a crush on the cool ninj...
Klance Oneshots-Don't Forget Me by -Jaspisss-
Klance Oneshots-Don't Forget Meby -Jaspisss-
A mix of Klance One-Shots, or Short Stories, all crafted by yours truly. I must warn you, some chapters do explore some mature themes, because some chapters are writte...
Klance One-shots by LoneCreatoriP
Klance One-shotsby Lone Creator
Almost all the one-shots are fluff and a bit angsty. One I will consider mature. I will give warnings if needed before each chapter. WARNINGS: swearing, mentions of abus...
The Transformation by JustSomeFanGirl101
The Transformationby FanGirl
After a night of nightmares and screaming, Lance is sent to check up on Keith... I don't own the characters or the show, that all belongs to DreamWorks, I just own the s...
Rivals ||Klance Voltron|| by rebelips
Rivals ||Klance Voltron||by rebelips
#1 in Klance Fluff #1 in Klance Smut #4 in Coming out || You don't have to say I love you to say I love you Forget all the shooting stars and all the silver moons Cause...
To Be Paladins - Klance by writerjo159
To Be Paladins - Klanceby takashi shirogayne
Lance and Keith have been fighting more than ever before, and it takes a toll on the whole team. With the red and blue paladins constantly fighting, they are unable to f...
Anything For You ~ Klance au by booknerd3467
Anything For You ~ Klance auby booknerd3467
{COMPLETED} Keith Kogane is a kid with a sad past who's been sent to a boarding school, where he meets Lance McClain. Little does Keith know, Lance McClain might change...
Langst Oneshots by rippling_ripples
Langst Oneshotsby Ripples
This is gonna be book of one shots about my boi Lance. Mainly angst but I'll do smut and fluff if ya want. Made this because I love making my favorite character be in...
Symphony of the Ocean (Klance) by mishdishz
Symphony of the Ocean (Klance)by Floralvale
WARNINGS OF SMUT!! It starts out as simple training as Keith's crush on Lance intensifies. Keith 'falls' in on Lance singing and it gets a bit steamy ;)
Klance smut/fluff by friendlypurpledemon
Klance smut/fluffby friendlypurpledemon
this is a klance ( strictly klance) fluff/smut story hope you like it (^-^) Also this is like mostly smut with like fluff intros if that makes sense (Don't b...
Love You Like That ~ A Klance Fluff Story by RaylaxCallumxLove
Love You Like That ~ A Klance Fluf...by RxCxL
*DONE BEING UPDATED, ENDS AT A CLIFFHANGER* Lance has liked Keith for a while now. Flirty, confident Lance has fallen in love with emo, bratty, go away Keith. Ah yes, th...
TREES |  klance ✔︎ by itreeks
TREES | klance ✔︎by jay
towards the end of their spring break, lance decides he wants to finally ask keith to a place very dear to him. through the hours they're together, they may discover mor...
Lean On Me || Klance Angst Oneshots by madklancefan
Lean On Me || Klance Angst Oneshotsby Maddie
A very angsty boi so get ready to be in the feels. These aren't all angst and recently its's been more upbeat but before a new story it says what youll be reading so you...
HUSH || klance by ticcyoli
HUSH || klanceby Ticcy.oli
Keith has been deaf since Childhood. He's learned to live with it, using sign language and other communication. One day, he meets Lance, and the two immediately become b...
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Klance oneshots by plut0o0
Klance oneshotsby Oat
So I just started this book so there won't be alot of chapters yet but I PROMISE that I'll post some more. I'll make fluff, angst MAYBE smut but idk yet. It's gonna say...
The Taylor by theherbaltea
The Taylorby theherbaltea
Based on the head cannon that Keith thought Lance's name was Taylor back at the Garrison, and did in fact know/like Lance, but didn't remember him as 'Lance'
The smell of Coffee and coconut by plut0o0
The smell of Coffee and coconutby Oat
Krolia and Rosa were friends as kids, they had children of their own. They drifted appart but 12 years later, the Koganes move in with the Mcclains. Keith and Lance shar...