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A Marriage Contract •Kim x Macau• by MilkyReading
A Marriage Contract •Kim x Macau•by MilkyWattpad
He's rude and ruthless , he's a dick but yet , he still loves him He wasn't soft but the words always hits him hard , his heart was soft but the other one was a stone...
Our Love Story (TemTankhun) by Rona_hakzjsnsb
Our Love Story (TemTankhun)by Bubbles
This is Tankhun's side story in which include VegasPete ArmPol Kinnporsche and other couples in the series. So let me barrow the characters in the series. Tankhun is kn...
Follow Your Heart by myloveiswriting7
Follow Your Heartby my love is writing7
I have written a new fanfic about my favorite couple KinnPorsche. I want Porsche to have a life where he can enjoy and others will take care of him. I want him to be hap...
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Under Circumstances ||A KinnPorsche: The Series Fanfic|| by at_ct123405
Under Circumstances ||A KinnPorsch...by at_ct123405
The Theerapanyakul brothers start talking about their father when Kim comes to visit one day. A bit of trauma was spilled out mostly from the oldest and youngest Theerap...
HIDDEN SIGN  by aqua_lan
HIDDEN SIGN by ᵛᵃⁿᵉˢˢᵃ
What if there was a sudden arrival of a Girl? Who solved all the secrets and cleaned the way. Who she can be?
the sun in everyone's darkness by arialuie07
the sun in everyone's darknessby Aria
It's funny how outsiders would immediately assume that the youngest member of the Kittisawat is the most innocent, spoiled, and "that" beloved member that ever...
2 is better than 1  by BND__ZB1_
2 is better than 1 by ~♤~
macau likes kim since he was a kid, he also likes chay since the first day of their second year in high school. Kimchay likes him too but macau thinks he was too late to...
Haunting Silence/Kinnporsche Series by Abandoned__acc_x
Haunting Silence/Kinnporsche Seriesby xxxx
And suddenly his silence made us realise, how much we need him A Kinnporsche Series Fan fiction
Do I Deserve This? by fluffenthusiest
Do I Deserve This?by fluffenthusiest
What if instead of saving Kinn that night at the bar, Porsche meets the family threw his younger sibling, Porschay, who is dating the youngest Theerapanyakul brother. No...
Mission Surrender-VegasPete by juwee0309
Mission Surrender-VegasPeteby OLIVE
This is a fancfic starring Vegas and Pete of the KinnPorsche Book and series. They are definitely one of the most controversial couples in the series. This story is a fa...
All I Need Is Love (Macau & Porschay) by BoltingSparrow
All I Need Is Love (Macau & Porsch...by BoltingSparrow
This is a fanfiction of Macau and Porschay. They are characters from Kinnporsche series. After the betrayal from Kim, it was tough for Porschay to move on. The person he...
Carnations I had thought were Roses by Alvidachaaya95
Carnations I had thought were Rosesby Alvida
Pete, he only followed two things in his life, either he likes people or dislikes people.... Tankhun always teases him that he is still the island's naive boy, that he d...
Ghost's by little_bl_addict
Ghost'sby little_bl_addict
A little gift from Tankhun that may scare the Kittisawasd brothers for life! Read if you want to find out what it is 😉 P.s. The first 2 chapters after the introduction...
kinnporsche incorrect quotes by kinnporscheluv
kinnporsche incorrect quotesby kinnporscheluv
just a bunch of quotes that at some point might've been said by the kinnporsche characters (credits to the owners)
Vegaspete: Blood Ties 18+ by Valenciavept67
Vegaspete: Blood Ties 18+by Darklost
"I had no idea you'd drop your act so damn fast," Vegas said, his voice dripping with a mixture of amusement. I couldn't help but widen my eyes in disbelief, m...
Let me heal you... by BTSFFVR007
Let me heal you...by Purple Beauty💜
Kinnporsche ghostship Vegas is known as a heartless monster who don't care about anyone and can do anything. For others he is a sadist but what if there is another face...
"I'll Fight Hell To Hold You" / Kinnporsche Fancition by Abandoned__acc_x
"I'll Fight Hell To Hold You" / Ki...by xxxx
The Moment kinn came to know he is pregnant, he know things are gonna change especially when his Father don't want him to keep the child and declares kinn unfit as leade...
VegasPete: Elusive Target (COMPLETED) by lightlessboy
VegasPete: Elusive Target (COMPLET...by Darknessboy
First rule: trust no one. "Main and minor family never trusted each other, but this time it seems different, it feels like we have reached a breaking point..."
love In waterland by Avani3167
love In waterlandby Avani
when two different people from different world fell in love will that success? a story which starts from misunderstanding will it end as love story? vegas a ruthless mer...