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Strangers [KimChay AU] by ohmysatur
Strangers [KimChay AU]by ohmysatur
Porchay left Kim at their hotel room after a drunken one night stand. No name & phone number written on a sticky note at the bedside table. Not until a kid who looks exa...
His Little One. by ewqarre
His Little Alannah <3
This will be one shot chapters of jeffbarcode. Sometimes fluff and sometimes nsfw. Please enjoy units and saturdayss!
Undo, Then fall in love by titan_tanni
Undo, Then fall in loveby Titanni
သေးငယ်တဲ့ ဂရုမစိုက် မှုလေးကပဲ ကိုယ်တို့နှစ်ယောက်ကို ဝေးသွားစေခဲ့တယ် ကြီးမားတဲ့လွဲချော်မှုကြီးက ကိုယ်တို့ကို ပြန်လည်ဆုံဆည်းစေမယ်လို့ ဘယ်သူကထင်မှာလဲ? ~~~ ေသးငယ္တဲ့ ဂ႐ုမစို...
Shoot Me. Kill Me. Lie to Me. [KimChay AU] by ohmysatur
Shoot Me. Kill Me. Lie to Me. [ ohmysatur
Out of pure rage and immeasurable pain, Porchay shot his first & last bullet straight to Kimhan- the man who shattered him to pieces. But Kim survived. The Theerapanyaku...
goodbye is not goodbye | kimchay oneshots  by wangxiann_
goodbye is not goodbye | kimchay biblebuild <3
crina's kimchay haven ↡ ↝ requests: open ↝ ships: kimchay (main) kinnporsche (side) vegaspete (side) ↻ kimchay haven <3
After the accident by sateer_10_10
After the accidentby sateer_10_10
what happened when Porschay was kidnapped ?! did something happen to him?! what about after he was kidnapped ?! will everything goes back to normal ?! what will Kim do...
KimChay one shots  by satursgf
KimChay one shots by satursgf
I write KimChay one shots on here and I hope you guys enjoy them.
Sunshine  by milo1am
Sunshine by milo1am
Porchay Kittisawasd is Free. This is a Short One Shot that is going to give you insight into Porchay's Life where He is Moving on from Kim. And He is healing. One shot...
"Artistry in Espresso: Barcode & Jeff's Cafe Chronicles" by Ice2035
"Artistry in Espresso: Barcode & Ice2035
"Barcode & Jeff's Cafe: Where Tech Meets Art, and Love Blossoms." In the heartwarming tale, "Artistry in Espresso: Barcode & Jeff's Cafe Chronicles,"...
Fourteen by Bubbles_bibiu
Fourteenby Yelhsa Kim
Love. Love is very powerful. It makes us happy but it can also be the reason for our pain. When you love someone, then you will do anything for them but what if they do...
FADE (Short Novel)  by Joonrie
FADE (Short Novel) by Haniey
ស្នេហារវាងដំណកឈាមចុងក្រោយបង្អស់របស់បិសាចជញ្ជក់ឈាមត្រូល Amaries ជាមួយកូនប្រុសបង្កើតរបស់ត្រូលអ្នកប្រមាញ់បិសាចជញ្ជក់ឈាម នោះគឺត្រកូល ជេហ្រីអាដាម។ ជេហ្វ : ចាត់ទុកថាថ្ងៃនេះជាប...
[BarcodeJeff] Bạn trai nhỏ của Jeff Satur by Rubyrubyhan
[BarcodeJeff] Bạn trai nhỏ của Ruby
Jeff Satur có một em bạn trai nhỏ. Bạn trai nhỏ của anh siêu cấp đáng yêu, cực kì ngoan ngoãn, vô cùng nghe lời. Ngoại trừ một vài trường hợp bé con hóa sói, còn bình th...
A Broken Heart  (KimChay fanfic) by Mercury271
A Broken Heart (KimChay fanfic)by Mercury 27
Porchay was a sweet and innocent kid, but due to his brother he was pushed into a new world, a dark and deadly one. There he meets Kimhan, one of the most powerful Mafia...
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of all the letters | kimchay by wangxiann_
of all the letters | kimchayby biblebuild <3
" what are you doing, p'kim? " " just writing lyrics " ❀ "of all the letters, of all the love. with my heart and with my s...
|shortfic/JeffBarcode| apple pie.  by zinelinkaleidoscope
|shortfic/JeffBarcode| apple pie. by zinelinkaleidoscope
"Em yêu gã. Gã yêu em. Nhưng hai người họ không thể yêu nhau. Và cứ như thế, cả hai một mình, mãi mãi..." ___________________________________________ ***Note :...
After watching KINNPORSCHE: the series, I was deeply moved by the incomplete story of KIM KIMHAN and PORCHAY. These are the words KIM would have said to CHAY if he was g...
I'll be back by tomorrow by ahdjshdjebewon
I'll be back by tomorrowby ahdjshdjebewon
ORIGINAL BY ORALIEANATOLE A story that has neither a beginning nor end, his troublesome life was nothing but a trail of unfortunate events. They were lovebirds who crav...
Vidas Pasadas  by DaviJeffCodeSimp
Vidas Pasadas by Davi
En el pasado, Kimhan Theerapanyakul y Porchay Kittisawasd habían sido la pareja más poderosa que había existido entre los clanes elementales, y se habían amado con locur...
Why Don't You Stay? by star4clover
Why Don't You Stay?by Baby⭐star
One-shot au JeffBarcode/KimPorchay Cause I Wanna stay One your side Even if the world come crashing down tonight We'll be fine Hold me close and we'll just leave it all...
Lucid~KimChay Fanfic by JustWriteItOut12
Lucid~KimChay Fanficby JustWriteItOut12
Kim's been having weird dreams lately. At first they started off just once every few weeks or once a month but now they've become weekly or even daily occurrences and wi...