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If You | Jensoo by Adeptarmy11
If You | Jensooby L. Seng
It's been exactly a week since Jennie started to notice the girl. The first time she saw her, the mysterious girl was wearing glasses, reading a book, and chewing on her...
Love After Marriage (Vsoo)💜  ✔️ by Tae_pikachu
Love After Marriage (Vsoo)💜 ✔️by ᴛᴀᴇ_sᴛʜᴇᴛɪᴄ
Kim Taehyung a very popular model was in relationship of about 3 years there parents were against it he has forcefully married to Lee Jisoo a very popular writer and the...
HOW IT STARTED! | Vsoo |  by settuuii__
HOW IT STARTED! | Vsoo | by SL
After breaking up with his girlfriend, 17 y/o Taehyung Transferred his study to Korea from busan. He always thought he can't move on from his ex. But everything was chan...
Mafia's dark obsession  by taevdevil123
Mafia's dark obsession by Kim taehyung
'you are mine ~' So , hey guys this my first ff and I will try my best to make my story unique and interesting and for that I need ur support. and ya my English is very...
Fake Dating... or is it real? by LesbianInNeverland
Fake Dating... or is it real?by SquigglyAf🏳️‍🌈
Jennie is getting cheated on by her boyfriend and Lisa's ex girlfriend is getting married to someone else not even six months after they broke up. Jennie and Lisa hate e...
BE ALRIGHT by AuthorManoban
[COMPLETED] When Lisa, a normal student, and a happy-go-lucky person, agrees to date the hardworking, passionate, and a little arrogant CEO, Jennie just for show, she n...
Better Off by AuthorManoban
Better Offby Z
[COMPLETED] 《Be Alright Book 2》 "May your heart remain breakable, but never by the same hand twice" -T.S.
Where Were You? by AuthorManoban
Where Were You?by Z
[COMPLETED] Jennie is a hardworking surgeon who has spent her life trying to prove herself to her family, especially to her former older sister who has always been their...
The CEO's Beloved Wife (Jenlisa Adaptation) by Khaiylee97
The CEO's Beloved Wife (Jenlisa Khaiylee97
She lost everything to one scheme, and only then did she realize that the Woman she had always treated with coldness and indifference was actually deeply in love with he...
Ms. Kim wants me! by LILI_NINI0323
Ms. Kim wants me!by LISA MANOBAN
(story adaptation) Lisa Manoban is an 18-year-old senior in high school. She loves studying and is very innocent. One day, she went and visit Jennie Kim, the owner and t...
Project Z by Bp_hiu
Project Zby Baeleeeunbo
Transferring to YG University at Seoul South Korea is one the decision that I make, living there alone, studying, making friends, and finding a second family. Everything...
Conundrum | JENLISA (COMPLETED) by jenlisasbiatch
Conundrum | JENLISA (COMPLETED)by ysab
"You like her." "What?" I heard her say. Her voice was barely a whisper. So small and fragile like it wasn't hers. Not from the Jennie I know. I loo...
stepsisters | jenlisa by ChaepmunkRose
stepsisters | jenlisaby jenlisaqt
tomboyish lisa transferred to a new school, new city after the remarriage of her mother. turns out, she didn't know that the school she's transferring in was an all-girl...
The Angel Next Door (Rosé X Female Reader) by CrescentAthena
The Angel Next Door (Rosé X Moonlight
Y/N, a messy and irresponsible person who lacks basic cooking and self-care skills, unexpectedly comes to the aid of her next-door neighbor, Rosé. One rainy day, as Y/N...
They Don't Know About Us (JenLisa Fanfic) CMPLTD by fivehptx
They Don't Know About Us ( fivehptx
The media and their fans wants to know the real truth behind JENLISA. There are bunch of evidences like photos and videos roaming around the internet about them. But wha...
DREAMS [JENLISA] by tainseuki_
Lisa Manoban a poor girl who dream to have a successful life to give back all the effort of her mother and to have a better life than what they have. Jennie Ruby Jane K...
Lost Wings by Bp_hiu
Lost Wingsby Baeleeeunbo
Do you believe in God? Do you believe in Angels? Do you believe that there is heaven? Do you believe that an angel can lost its wings? Do you believe that angel wings ca...
Yo Yo JenLisa by PersonallyATaco
Yo Yo JenLisaby taco
Just one-shots 'bout JenLisa flirting with each other.
A Blackpink fanfiction starring JenLisa. It's a LISA G!P for starters. +++ In frustration, she grabbed her phone. She always does this whenever she's feeling angry, feel...
[SERIES] what's happened? || Jensoo by gigidabestie
[SERIES] what's happened? || Jensooby gigidabestie
FIC MÌNH TỰ VIẾT, KHÔNG PHẢI FIC COVER ĐỀ NGHỊ KHÔNG REUP, COVER, CHUYỂN VER FIC CỦA MÌNH. Những câu chuyện ngắn không liên quan đến nhau. Nhiều nội dung. Nhiều bối cả...