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Do You Remember Me? (Damien x Phillip) (Completed) by Trash_fire06
Do You Remember Me? (Damien x Phil...by Trashfire
Pip had a tough few years without Damien. Constantly bullied and teased for no reason but every day he would still smile to everyone, fake or not. But what happens after...
"One Kiss is all it Takes"~(South Park Dip story){Currently being Rewritten!} by Heavenly_Playz
"One Kiss is all it Takes"~(South...by UwU
Damien Thorn and Phillip "Pip" Pirrup have been friends for years, and always will be, but after one little kiss during a game of truth or dare, will the two s...
romance is for idiots [dip] by cupiidschokeholdd
romance is for idiots [dip]by aaaaaaaa
˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆a south park story with damien x pip⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥this is also on my ao3 account [this is #1 in the dip tag!!!!!]
A Companion For The Anti-Christ (South Park) by SuzanneTheBear
A Companion For The Anti-Christ (S...by Suzanne
[In Process Of Editing] (You will notice some changes in all chapters even pictures 😳) After being crushed to death and arriving in hell, Pip is given the opportunity t...
The South Park chatbox. by doyin-ig
The South Park chatbox.by doyin |ドイン
This is based on how i think most characters would text/type to eachother and the tone thy would have! Enjoy! -doyin 1# In chatbox. Noted: 4/11/22. (April 11, 2022) 7# I...
kenny angst  by _Suck__Cock_
kenny angst by tobias
a merged re-write of "not hungry" with hints of "runaway" it's got multiple ships in it. mentions of and descriptions of child abuse, mentions of sex...
Angel Of Darkness (COMPLETED)(South Park) {DamienxPip} by Blazedarkness
Angel Of Darkness (COMPLETED)(Sout...by Blaze
Silky jet black hair Deep Crimson eyes Pale clear skin The coldest stare ever But somehow, when he looked at me his stare wasn't as cold.. Is this mystery person all in...
the rain brings tears by welcometotrash
the rain brings tearsby welcometotrash
This is a dip fanfic it will jump from pov to pov hope you enjoy, it was one of my first ever fanfics so be nice please thx. art is not mine, wish it was cause its amazi...
Sleeping beauty | dip by some_stupid_weirdo
Sleeping beauty | dipby Local weirdo
just a parody of the classic story sleeping beauty. this is a dip fanfic btw and I obviously don't own south park nor disney's sleeping beauty. and if you know south par...
𖤐 Black Heart 𖤐 by Elliot_I
𖤐 Black Heart 𖤐by Elliot
A story of how the son of satan, Damien falls in love with his only and best friend, Pip, a feeling Damien has never felt before, yet still likes. [The art of the cover...
❤️‍🔥South Park opinion ships!❤️‍🔥 by LiraJayJay
❤️‍🔥South Park opinion ships!❤️‍🔥by 💜Anime Girl💜
This is my 11th book version of opinion ships and it's going to talk about South Park ships! Please feel free to check it out whenever you had the free time! Also feel f...
 Some South Park Story... by Alwayshere1992
Some South Park Story...by Alwayshere1992
Creek and Bunny (originally was going to do creek first, but bunny kinda shoved its way to the front) storyline, random fluff stories, cheesy and cliche work, first time...
South Park oneshots by Southpark1223
South Park oneshotsby Ash catch'em
I do not do it with reader. I take request.
South Park Beauty and the Beast by SweetCookie500
South Park Beauty and the Beastby SweetCookie500
The Demon Prince was a lonely 'beast' in search of something to free him And the Angel was the gentle lad who could set him free. This is a South Park version of Beauty...
Teenage Demon Love (South Park Dip) by SkullRat2
Teenage Demon Love (South Park Dip)by Fox
Hey. I'm gonna make the dumbass decision to write two stories at the same time. If your here from my Pike fanfic, then don't worry, I'm gonna work on that one too. I jus...
THAT BLIND DATE by selena_xo_xo
THAT BLIND DATEby damonique butler
A blind date that kinda, somewhat went sorta good.
AirDrop-lamelo ball by babydip_
AirDrop-lamelo ballby Baby dip
What happens when u meet someone off of airdrop (SLOW UPDATES)
South Park One Shots by sideney
South Park One Shotsby Distinguishedrunawaymiracle
South Park Oneshots I've written based on people's prompts. Ranging from fluff to angst and everything in between. Chapter One: The Notebook; Style Chapter Two: Style fi...
South Park: Asylum. by rosetealatte
South Park: Asylum.by Nari O’Mara
Craig becomes a new doctor at South Park Mental House, where he meets an eighteen year old boy named Tweek Tweak convicted with depression, self harm, and an addiction t...