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Ouija (COMPLETED)(South Park) {DamienxPip} by Blazedarkness
Ouija (COMPLETED)(South Park) {Dam...by Blaze
After playing with a Ouija Board, Phillip 'Pip' Pirrup finds a demon. Just casually sat on his bed. But not just any demon. The Prince, and future ruler, of Hell; Damien...
Angel Of Darkness (COMPLETED)(South Park) {DamienxPip} by Blazedarkness
Angel Of Darkness (COMPLETED)(Sout...by Blaze
Silky jet black hair Deep Crimson eyes Pale clear skin The coldest stare ever But somehow, when he looked at me his stare wasn't as cold.. Is this mystery person all in...
South Park Text Fic  by snazzy_is_snazzy
South Park Text Fic by boomerbea
Stan Marsh has made a groupchat titled 'South Park Kidz'. What kind of topics will be brought up in the chat? Art on cover is not mine. It's by dudemarsh check out their...
South Park: Asylum. by rosetealatte
South Park: Asylum.by Nari O’Mara
Craig becomes a new doctor at South Park Mental House, where he meets an eighteen year old boy named Tweek Tweak convicted with depression, self harm, and an addiction t...
New Angel by Edwaardio
New Angelby edwaardio
Young Pip Pirrip gets himself into a pickle. He made the biggest mistake of his life. And the last mistake of his life. I can't tell you any more because there is such...
Take me to church by mistakenumber25
Take me to churchby mistakenumber25
pip always gets picked on he's been told to kill himself and his parents aren't any better. So one day he asks the dead what he should do. But he got someone else.
THAT BLIND DATE by selena_xo_xo
THAT BLIND DATEby damonique butler
A blind date that kinda, somewhat went sorta good.
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Siren Falls- A Pirate and a Siren by RAGELBAGEL24601
Siren Falls- A Pirate and a Sirenby Ragel Bagel
Dipper is a siren who lives with his abusive parents (a merman and a mermaid). They greatly favor his sister Mable over him because she is a mermaid as well. None of the...
AirDrop-lamelo ball by babydip_
AirDrop-lamelo ballby Baby dip
What happens when u meet someone off of airdrop (SLOW UPDATES)
Don't summon the Anti-Christ (Dip/Damien x Pip South park Smutfict)  by LebianLemonDemon
Don't summon the Anti-Christ (Dip...by @Yeelesbianboi
Philip 'Pip' Pirrup overheard his 'friends' talking about summoning something, strange... Eric Cartman looked over, and saw poor Pip, and got an evil idea. "Hey! Pi...
Worlds away by Flynn-Rider_5317
Worlds awayby BiMyselfBitch
Years after weirdmageddon, dipper runs from home after his sister grows a horrible ego. Being 22, he buys a small house in gravity, little does he know there's an old fr...
south park fluff oneshots by lucky_lad_
south park fluff oneshotsby kimmie ;)
i don't see many fluffy oneshots, mainly only lemons so i decided i should write fluff oneshots :) (or maybe i'm just a weenie and i've just read all of them lmao) *DIS...
The Elementals by Bummer_Butter
The Elementalsby Bummer_Butter
(SOUTH PARK ELEMENT AU) Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. These were the elements. Rumors say that 4 special people possess the power to manipulate these elements. They each...
A Companion For The Anti-Christ (South Park) by SuzanneTheBear
A Companion For The Anti-Christ (S...by Suzanne
[In Process Of Editing] (You will notice some changes in all chapters even pictures 😳) After being crushed to death and arriving in hell, Pip is given the opportunity t...
I Will Always Write Back (Pip x Damien story) by lydia_no
I Will Always Write Back (Pip x Da...by lyds
What started off as a pen pal project in school, that became a love story. (Characters are 16 in story) (I don't own any characters here or art) Hope you enjoy.
A British angel and the antichrist (Pip x Damien) by Rippletail1
A British angel and the antichrist...by Ripple
Philip pirrup or, Pip, as most people call him, is an angel. All young angels are assigned a town and his happens to be South Park. A quiet mountain town should have bee...
 Some South Park Story... by Alwayshere1992
Some South Park Story...by Alwayshere1992
Creek and Bunny (originally was going to do creek first, but bunny kinda shoved its way to the front) storyline, random fluff stories, cheesy and cliche work, first time...
A Calm Stroll Through Hell {Dip Fanfic} by TheICJK
A Calm Stroll Through Hell {Dip Fa...by JACKIE
Pip is a bullied boy and always has been. Damien moves from school to school often and is never really liked by anyone at any school they go to. Damien transfers to Sout...
Horizon: The Dawn of Heros by emileigh36
Horizon: The Dawn of Herosby emileigh36
Season 1: The story of September's Children: Craig, Kenny, Stan, and Butter became inseparable friends. One day familiar face makes a come back into their lives. Will...