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Honey (A Keith Powers Story) by lush_rush
Honey (A Keith Powers Story)by MYA ♥
Soon to be World's Greatest Champion. Julian "Juju" Maxwell finds his new success to be a little sticky; in pursuit to marry his college sweetheart Sevyn Mille...
Guarded Hearts by Fatima_Iman
Guarded Heartsby Bronxite Maiden
Being the son of one of the most renowned preachers in the world, Adrian, a young, handsome, and married man is forced to abide by the rules of his parents. After his dr...
BB by KayReader21
BBby KayReader21
Charlotte is a quiet girl, she is not popular but is known for her good work. Charlotte is a focused person. She stays focused on her work more than to go have fun. Mar...
Mr. Right • Powers by michaelsbabyhairs
Mr. Right • Powersby 𝔍𝔞𝔠𝔨𝔰𝔬𝔫 58
Read To Find Out! 💓💓💓💓💓
I Hate You Too | Keith Powers by MsFanfictional
I Hate You Too | Keith Powersby Tay Here ♥
New Keith Powers Book. Keith Powers and Amara Johnson use to be close friends when they were younger before suddenly out of the blue they started to hate one another. I...
the group chat || n.e  by Cazmere__
the group chat || n.e by Bootylicious ✨
One Girl, Six Guys And One Group Chat Read To Find Out More
Daddy Daycare k.p by whosmickey
Daddy Daycare k.pby whosmickey
" Keith why do you take care of these BeBe kids messing up my house." " First off this is MY house, I'm the only one paying bills up in our dau...
Infatuation||Algee & Keith Imagines  •slow updates• by kps-toasterstrudel
Infatuation||Algee & Keith 🥀Syn🥀
Infatuation (In•fat•u•a•tion) noun An intense but short-lived passion or admiration for something or someone. A book filled of all you've probably fantasized about with...
Inhumane k.p by whosmickey
Inhumane k.pby whosmickey
" He doesn't talk much does he?" " Sadly no, he became mute his sophomore year. He was and still is being bullied because of his dyslexia and stuttering...
Corrupted Lies by -BIGKAHUNA
Corrupted Liesby 🌊✨
"you lied to me !" "me ?! you really lied !" Genesis , or Jhené if you will. daughter of a huge mafia boss in england. when she gets into some life c...
Mania by aaaaanddone
Maniaby aaaaanddone
Somewhat slow update! VERY SORRY FOR THAT
Book of Imagines by Live-Laugh-Enjoy
Book of Imaginesby 2pacalypse 💋
Read it, you'll love it.... Enjoy!!! Slow updates...
Keith powers and Bryshere Y. Gray imagines(discontinued😢) by Layaaaa14
Keith powers and Bryshere Y. PrettymuchThatBih ッ.
(DISCONTINUED ‼️⚠️) I suggested to start a new book about my two faves ??so yea I do request and I get my phone taken a lot ?so ill try my best to keep y'all updated?? ...
𝐀𝐃𝐎𝐑𝐍. KEITH POWERS by hoesociety
in which navia finds herself bored and wants to explore her sexual fantasies and finds herself in a polyamorous relationship. STARTED : 8/1/20. oc female x keith powers...
The Neighborhood (Urban) by esupreme
The Neighborhood (Urban)by esupreme
In South Shaw, a neighborhood where brotherhood, sisterhood & loyalty is everything, Jodie finds herself leaning on her family when she gets tied into a mess with a love...
Him.  by Love_Bri94
Him. by Love_Bri94
When she thought she was incapable of being loved correctly.... then she met HIM
The Powers  by dannilion22
The Powers by Dulce
A man with dreams needs a woman with vision. Her perspective, faith and support will change his reality.
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One Shots.  by ninetiesfanatic
One Shots. by ♎️szn
I want to know where to touch you. I want to know how to touch you. I want to convince you to design a smile just for me. Yes, I do want to be your friend. I want to be...