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Combat Doctor Deku by YotsubaAnna
Combat Doctor Dekuby Yotsuba Anna
What if Deku want to be a doctor instead of Hero? What if Deku and Bakugou stayed as friend and never misunderstood each other? Quirkless Deku.
The Interview Bakudeku AU by katsuki__bakubro
The Interview Bakudeku AUby ~Katsuki~
BAKUDEKU AU Katsuki Bakugou the famous actor who refuses to accept a single interview since his debut and Izuku Midoriya a journalist who's sick of having to sit around...
Shadow by scrletfyre
Shadowby Elizabeth Vounce
Izuku Midoriya was taken as a child and transformed by the league of villains to become like their warp gate Kurogiri. But something went wrong as it gave Izuku a shado...
I Can't Help Falling In Love With You by rishwish
I Can't Help Falling In Love With...by rish
Katsuki Bakugou is a well-known surgeon. He is every women/men dream to be in relationship with. A tall, handsome and succesful man he's a complete package. But beneat...
Mafia leader's omega  by that_one_weird_boi
Mafia leader's omega by Vincent
Deku an omega who was captured by the LOV(an omega trading group) at the young age of 13 has been fighting non stop to be freed. Bakugo an alpha who is the leader of a w...
The player by Myheroacadrmialover
The playerby That.One.Account
Izuku is the son of Aizawa Shota and Toshinori Yagi. Males can get pregnant in this fanfic but it's not an Omegaverse because i suck at writing those things. After some...
Tododeku vs Bakudeku by ZodiacAnimeTrash
Tododeku vs Bakudekuby ˚✧₊⁎madi⁎⁺˳✧༚
When Bakugo Katsuki realizes that he has had feelings for his childhood friend when at the same time another, named Todoroki Shoto, has. They "fight" to win th...
Unstoppable paring (BkDk mafia AU) *CURRENTLY ON HAITUS** by Rexiam_1520
Unstoppable paring (BkDk mafia AU)...by Icy Pops
In a world where the government is corrupt and weak, Mafias rule most of the land. Japan's most powerful mafia is ruled by the Bakugou's, a powerful and rich family. Ev...
Bakudeku One Shots by bakudeku_king10
Bakudeku One Shotsby Alexandra
I am thinking this will mainly be smut but with a plot for each one shot. Picture is not mine. Characters are not mine. This is my first time writing.
~I'll Be Even Better Than Him~HIATUS~ by MultishipperCrisis_
~I'll Be Even Better Than Him~HIAT...by MultishipperCrisis_
Izuku is in a loving relationship with Todoroki, but Todoroki had a secret and he got caught??? By non other than... BAKUGOU!?? This is so chaotic Bakudeku don't like do...
Online Friends | Bakugou X Deku by Lilly_994
Online Friends | Bakugou X Dekuby Lilly Crystal
Quirkless AU ------- KingExplosionMurder120 and ProDeku1 have been online friends for seven years now. The seventeen-year-olds talked daily and knew each other fairly we...
Pierce the Heart by StarkkeSkye
Pierce the Heartby Starkkeskye
It's been years since Izuku Midoriya has seen Katsuki Bakugou, or pretty much any of his high school friends for that matter. When he makes an appointment at a recently...
Only you || Bakudeku ||  by lance_411
Only you || Bakudeku || by Lance <3
Basically is a role play I made with a friend , but I want to have this so bad , so I need to do this , it's so good since my friend is a really good fanfiction writer @...
Home. (A Bakudeku Fanfic) by OohYuhGetIt11
Home. (A Bakudeku Fanfic)by OohYuhGetIt11
Izuku midoriya, a boy who is now 15 years old. He used to have it all when he was younger. A happy family, friends, and an overall amazing life. But sadly, all good thin...
💚🧡Bakudeku & Kirikami One Shots❤️💛 by Spud_Potato_19
💚🧡Bakudeku & Kirikami One Shots❤...by SPUD ZE POTATO!
COMING OFF HIATUS ON SUNDAY 20TH JUNE Bakudeku and Kirikami are two of the most precious and awesome ships of all time, so it was only inevitable that I'd made a one-sho...
Far Away (BakuDeku) by flowersforfood
Far Away (BakuDeku)by flowersforfood
"Startled, my mouth quickly shuts and my head bolts right up, only for my eyes to be met with the dazzling crimson red orbs that have never ceased to leave me breat...
Heroes Love (Katsuki X Izuku) by mhabakudeku_xx
Heroes Love (Katsuki X Izuku)by mhabakudeku_xx
bakudeku fan fiction comic. Katsuki and Izuku have there own family now with 2 kids. One day a abnormal nomu attacked the city and the heroes are having a hard time with...
Private Messages//Katsudeku\\ by hashibira
Private Messages//Katsudeku\\by Hashibira inosuke
@kingofexplodokills: yo ⋆⋅⋆⋅⋆ @Dekuthefanboy: HI LOL YOU RESPOND FAST ≪They started talking through direct message from twitter. They got to know each other and became r...
He's Mine... BakuDeku {Omegaverse AU} [BEING EDITED] by Iris1702
He's Mine... BakuDeku {Omegaverse...by Iris1702
Midoriya was Born an Omega, but thankfully for the last 16 years of his life he has been able to keep it a secret. And that's because every time he goes into heat he wou...