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Combat Doctor Deku by YotsubaAnna
Combat Doctor Dekuby Yotsuba Anna
What if Deku want to be a doctor instead of Hero? What if Deku and Bakugou stayed as friend and never misunderstood each other? Quirkless Deku.
Private Messages//Katsudeku\\ by hashibira
Private Messages//Katsudeku\\by Hashibira inosuke
@kingofexplodokills: yo ⋆⋅⋆⋅⋆ @Dekuthefanboy: HI LOL YOU RESPOND FAST ≪They started talking through direct message from twitter. They got to know each other and became r...
UA Villain Rehab  by oxy-theangel
UA Villain Rehab by oxy-theangel
What makes a Hero a Hero and a Villain a Villain ? That's what went through Izukus head the day he went missing two years ago. BakuDeku Him and his 2 Now family member...
He's Mine... BakuDeku {Omegaverse AU} [BEING EDITED] by Iris1702
He's Mine... BakuDeku {Omegaverse...by Iris1702
Midoriya was Born an Omega, but thankfully for the last 16 years of his life he has been able to keep it a secret. And that's because every time he goes into heat he wou...
Shadow by scrletfyre
Shadowby Elizabeth Vounce
Izuku Midoriya was taken as a child and transformed by the league of villains to become like their warp gate Kurogiri. But something went wrong as it gave Izuku a shado...
The Interview Bakudeku AU by katsuki__bakubro
The Interview Bakudeku AUby ~Katsuki~
BAKUDEKU AU Katsuki Bakugou the famous actor who refuses to accept a single interview since his debut and Izuku Midoriya a journalist who's sick of having to sit around...
Unstoppable paring (BkDk mafia AU) *CURRENTLY ON HAITUS** by Rexiam_1520
Unstoppable paring (BkDk mafia AU)...by Icy Pops
In a world where the government is corrupt and weak, Mafias rule most of the land. Japan's most powerful mafia is ruled by the Bakugou's, a powerful and rich family. Ev...
Until You Love Me [Bakudeku Mafia AU]  by mhaslut04
Until You Love Me [Bakudeku Mafia...by Bakudeku Shipper
This has some trigger warnings please don't read if you are sensitive to any of these topics ⚠sexual assualt⚠ ⚠rape⚠ ⚠sexual activities⚠ ⚠murder⚠ Overal this story is pr...
Warmth. by Wizard_of_ships
Warmth.by Wizard_of_ships
BAKUXDEKU. I don't want to put a description, I might spoil something lol.
Surprise Deku.. || Omegaverse by KAatsukisdickindeku
Surprise Deku.. || Omegaverseby Rhiyanne Ryz!
this is an Omegaverse story! I hope you enjoy. Bakugo is a hot headed Alpha and meanwhile Midorya is a sweet little Omega.
Bakugou's Kid by caex2000
Bakugou's Kidby caex
Originally on AO3 under pseud caex *The cover does not belong to me. Mr/Ms Creator, feel free to tell me to take it off* During his intern at Best Jeanist's hero agency...
꧁𝕃𝕠𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕤 𝕊𝕚𝕟𝕔𝕖 𝔹𝕚𝕣𝕥𝕙꧂ (Fem!Izuku x Bakugo) Discontinued by BrxkenAce
꧁𝕃𝕠𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕤 𝕊𝕚𝕟𝕔𝕖 𝔹𝕚𝕣𝕥�...by Ace
Inko Midoriya, best friends with Mitsuki Bakugo. Inko was raped by Izuku's father, Hizashi Midoriya. After that she became pregnant with a small girl called Izuku. She...
choose your own fate by Lielea1
choose your own fateby Tiffany Elsey
in this world izuku midoriya is actually the son of Medusa who did experiments on him just like Corona but after a successful experiment the dwma found her and was inten...
The Secret of my Omega |^ Completed ^| by ciolJen
The Secret of my Omega |^ Complete...by CJ
|^ Omega verse ^| As mafias in Japan diminish, they are starting to gain allies. The most famous ones, Bakugou's, Midoryia's, and the Todoroki's are rushing to match the...
Bakudeku pictures by adoremoey
Bakudeku picturesby a n i s a
- i don't own any of these! - credit to all the artists!
Star Damaged [BakuDeku] by Cone_of_Depression
Star Damaged [BakuDeku]by 🍦🐟 🕐
🧡💚From the moment Izuku watched his first All Might movie he knew exactly what he wanted to be when he grew up: a hero! However, it wasn't long before the harsh, cruel...
Devil's Cake (Bakudeku) by Squidtcyc
Devil's Cake (Bakudeku)by Squidtcyc
Having ventured to earth, devil Bakugou Katsuki finds himself unable to return back to hell. It was then he met human Midoriya Izuku, a baker on earth. As they spent the...
BakuDeku SS fluffs and smuts by ilovesunflowers224
BakuDeku SS fluffs and smutsby emphrange kuzvek
This is a My Hero Academia fanfic, so this is all about Katsuki x Izuku ship. This book contains lots of short stories of my ship. This includes SemexUke (vise versa), f...
💚🧡Bakudeku & Kirikami One Shots❤️💛 by Spud_Potato_19
💚🧡Bakudeku & Kirikami One Shots❤...by SPUD ZE POTATO!
Bakudeku and Kirikami are two of the most precious and awesome ships of all time, so it was only inevitable that I'd made a one-shot book to honour them! Each one-shot...
Pierce the Heart by StarkkeSkye
Pierce the Heartby Starkkeskye
It's been years since Izuku Midoriya has seen Katsuki Bakugou, or pretty much any of his high school friends for that matter. When he makes an appointment at a recently...