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Jim Moriarty's Daughter by butchersmiles
Jim Moriarty's Daughterby amanda
A series of one shots about Jim Moriarty and his daughter, Jen.
The Detectives Daughter by HarrietSwan98
The Detectives Daughterby Harriet_Swan
An Ex Army Doctor John Watson meet the Consulting detective Sherlock Holmes and his 13 year old daughter. The two Holmes' pull the good doctor into their crazy lives and...
y/n Holmes (Loki x reader) by marvel7starkid
y/n Holmes (Loki x reader)by marvel7starkid
Y/n Holmes is an ancestor of the great detective Sherlock Holmes. She is sent to babysit and deduce information about Loki and what his next move will be after he was ca...
The Swan Queen | Sherlock by justadreamertoo
The Swan Queen | Sherlockby Laura T
'I remember when I met him, it was so clear he was the one for me. We both knew it right away.' Samantha Holmes is the 22-year-old cousin of consulting detective Sherloc...
Mormor - 3 Acts  by cwildwolf
Mormor - 3 Acts by cwildwolf
"How long have you been working for me now, Moran?" You unconsciously fold your hands behind your back like a schoolboy and clear your throat. "Next week...
Like father, like son by Megm114
Like father, like sonby Meg
When Sherlock has a 19 year old son dumped on him, he will have to cope to the best of his abilities with someone so alike yet so different to him. The rugged, young, gi...
Revenge (A Jim Moriarty Fanfic) by Ponyo__
Revenge (A Jim Moriarty Fanfic)by Cherry
After Jim Moriarty is found dead, his influence is passed down to his hidden family. His sister, Beatrice and husband, Leo. What will happen when they want revenge?
Loss, lust and love by Megm114
Loss, lust and loveby Meg
"arms wrapped around my waist like an anaconda to it's prey, holding me in place and failing to silence my wails. An 'oof' sounded as my elbow connected with the so...
Jim Moriarty Imagines by OldFashionedVillain_
Jim Moriarty Imaginesby Ash
Onehsots with Jim Moriarty 😍 And his Actor Andrew Scott Requests will be open Smut included Enjoy!
His ransom - Moriarty x Reader by StayinaliveOrnot
His ransom - Moriarty x Readerby Ah-ah-ah-ah stayinalive
You are 19 years old. You've lived in France for the past 5 years, until your brother Sherlock called you, obviously terrified and back on drugs. He asked you to stay as...
Anderson ↠ BBC Sherlock by LMoriarty
Anderson ↠ BBC Sherlockby Lanie (lay-knee)
Fact: Sherlock Holmes hates Philip Anderson. Fact: Philip Anderson hates Sherlock Holmes. Lie: The reason that Philip hates Sherlock to the extent that he does is simp...
It Started With Stealing (Sherlock X OC) by Mickey_Fable
It Started With Stealing (Sherlock...by Eurus
Elizabeth Parrish is a thief but not just any thief - She is Moriarty's personal thief. She made a deal with a devil and she enjoyed it: the thrill, the challenge, the m...
Beneath The Mask  by CameronCalloway
Beneath The Mask by CameronCalloway
Moriarty loves a good a distraction and goes crazy when he can't find any. So, when he fakes his suicide, he is absolutely miserable with boredom. What happens when he s...
Bored (A Sherlock Fanfiction) by Inspiration-Nation
Bored (A Sherlock Fanfiction)by Carley
Amelia is the mysterious girl with no last name. Sherlock is the detective with no mystery unsolved. When Amelia appears on his doorstep, claiming to be moving into the...
I Owe You (Moriarty Fanfic) by cristaadams
I Owe You (Moriarty Fanfic)by Crista
WHO SAID PSYCHOPATHS COULDN'T FEEL? THEY COULD. THEY JUST CHOOSE NOT TO. This was what Moriarty kept in mind just to achieve whatever he wanted. He was a criminal, an...
An Ever Mysterious Murder by ZoeZabel
An Ever Mysterious Murderby Professor Jim Moriarty
When a fanciful dinner that Sherlock arranged goes south, and his friends are slowly getting killed one by one, it is up to Sherlock to find out who has been murdering h...
The Devil's Darling by butchersmiles
The Devil's Darlingby amanda
(Ordinary AU) A book full of nothing but Morley (Jim/Adalia) fluff (and maybe just a touch of angst.) Comment AU ideas! They're always needed!
Consulting Daughter (BBC Sherlock) by BadWolfBlue
Consulting Daughter (BBC Sherlock)by BadWolfBlue
Kyna Jocelyn Graham is unusually talented and intelligent, much to her mother's unending and embarrassing horror. For sixteen years Kyna's mother has been desperately tr...
the stray hare  by idioticoddities333
the stray hare by illiad
By chance, a young woman finds herself falling into the lives of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. Quite literally.