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One Night To Forever (G!P) by etherealpinks
One Night To Forever (G!P)by Yeojin
Kim Jennie is a snob and has no time for a serious relationship. What she really wanted was to find the right fling and learn the sensual arts with him. Her friends are...
Jenlisa AU | Oneshots by MaMisarangchEwy
Jenlisa AU | Oneshotsby ;
Jenlisa crumbs that I don't see on others. No sexual contents.
Head Over Boots For You // Jenlisa by sshlalisa
Head Over Boots For You // Jenlisaby sshlalisa
[COMPLETE ✅ JENLISA AU ] City girl Jennie Kim accepted a job at a ranch a thousand miles away from home to have a fresh start. Upon learning that Jennie basically had no...
Holiday Mishaps // Jenlisa by sshlalisa
Holiday Mishaps // Jenlisaby sshlalisa
[ COMPLETE ✅ JENLISA AU ] Jennie Kim finally found the courage to go home after five long years. What she planned to be a smooth trip took a turn when she met Lisa Manob...
Dinner of Confession  by ssweetdispp
Dinner of Confession by •
where Lisa accidentally confesses her undying love for long time best friend, Jennie, during a dinner with Jennie's future in-laws. short story.
Because love can either damn you or dumb you. A/N: 2nd book Story and plot from yours truly. Started: Jan. 10, 2022 Ended: Jan. 29, 2022 Edited: June 9, 2022 Feb. 03...
Crossed paths - Jenlisa adaptation by Luckie_asf
Crossed paths - Jenlisa adaptationby Gremlin Bread
Jennie and Lisa are complete strangers yet go to the same school. Lisa is the captain of the Girls' Soccer team whereas Jennie is the former Cheerleader Captain. Sure, t...
Monster | Jenlisa by vincentvangh
Monster | Jenlisaby V
Jennie Rubyjane Kim, A hundred- year old vampire half demon who fell in love with a human, Lalisa Park. Jennie will always try her best to protect her woman. To protect...
All I Do is Dream of You (Jenlisa) by jendeurio
All I Do is Dream of You (Jenlisa)by jendeurio
A Jenlisa AU wherein Jennie is an artist and Lisa is an actress Jenlisa Adaptation A/N: This story is not mine. All credits goes to the author and will be taken down imm...
Music of my Heart (Completed) by JENLISAAU
Music of my Heart (Completed)by Kimanoban
Lisa as Charlie, a songwriter who wants to have a name in the music industry. Jennie as Julia, a freelance singer and model.
Her 》 Jenlisa by milalisas
Her 》 Jenlisaby rami
A One-Shot Jenlisa Story. It's always going to be her. She will always come home to her.
Timeless Goodbye by seiphobia
Timeless Goodbyeby sei
Jennie and Lisa; two of the childhood mortal enemies shared a loathing no one could ever compare. They vowed to hate each other until their last breath. But what if an u...
Heart on Your Sleeve by jendeurio
Heart on Your Sleeveby jendeurio
She has one friend though. Jennie. And Jennie's nice. Lisa likes Jennie. Sometimes, Lisa might even think she loves her. Originally Camren, Converted to Jenlisa A/N: Thi...
Unconditionally || JenLisa AU by blackpink819143
Unconditionally || JenLisa AUby мιℓкү ωαү
"Oh, no, did I get too close......" ".....I will love you unconditionally" "So open up your heart...." "......Acceptance is the key to...
This is How She Lose Her by invisiblebutterfly
This is How She Lose Herby invisiblebutterfly
Lisa has a selective amnesia. It occurs when a person blocks out certain information, usually associated with traumatic events or can be a specific person. Does the sayi...
Obsession  by jxzmloml_
Obsession by Jamaica
Till We Meet Again In The Parallel Universe Kierra Pov: Kierra: We never gave up but whyyy..... Thalia: Our love is like a flame that will just unexpected gone*/hear a s...
What about us? by Duke_Astareas
What about us?by Astareas Castillo
When everything began back in middle school... A somewhat short story of a Jenlisa Alternative Universe... This is a work of fan fiction, intended for entertainment pur...
Blooming | Jenlisa by jenniesays
Blooming | Jenlisaby sam
[ON-GOING] Married couple Jennie and Lisa teaches their young adult readers how to love and be loved. A Jenlisa Original Fanfiction | Drabbles
My Secret Love by JENLISAAU
My Secret Loveby Kimanoban
I'll keep you in my heart, forever. ♥️
Remember Me || hiatus again :( by tthinkii
Remember Me || hiatus again :(by mk
JENLISA Warning: extremely sad Based off an original story by @iced-americanoo (I used her idea, but made it extra-angsty)