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Offenderman x reader - The real you by nerdygingerteen
Offenderman x reader - The real youby nerdygingerteen
Beauty and the Beast, that's what they could say, But as soon as he met you, his heart changed that day, And before his heart was broken in two, But he began to feel it...
Slender Brothers x Reader Oneshots (Requests Open) by Broken_Samurai_
Slender Brothers x Reader BrokenSamurai
Request oneshots with your favorite Slender brothers! I do the main four and will do the others as well! Just let me know what you want and I'll get to it as soon as I c...
Creepypasta X Reader Oneshots by ZalgoidWriter
Creepypasta X Reader Oneshotsby Jackson
Fluff and Smut! Requests always open! I noticed that there aren't many Male!Reader oneshots, (or fluff), so I've written lots of those. Also some gender non-confirming...
Hold your Breath by mr_poopy_butthole
Hold your Breathby Doodoo Daddy
//Slenderman X Reader X Offenderman Welcome! It's the sequel to "Just Breathe"! If you hadn't read that yet, then go read it. Now. Anyway, hope you lov- cArEsS...
Red or Blue my lady? (Offenderman x Reader) by CutieFox01
Red or Blue my lady? ( CutieFox01
An Offenderman x Reader story! Except your Character is a depressed little bean, maybe it's because of a bad relationship with your Ex and he's still trying to take you...
Offenderman x Reader(Female) A thorn in my Side by LolbitMiller
Offenderman x Reader(Female) A Lolbit Miller
You move to a rustic old town near an old forest, and new beginning right? Wrong! You find women have been going missing, ages 14-29 years of age. You are scared but lik...
Splendorman's Proxy by darkestofhearts
Splendorman's Proxyby DarkestOfHearts
Abandoned as a child she runs from the abusive orphanage and ends up in a flower field. What happens when she's found by a certain cheerful slender
Love, or Hate?(Offenderman love story) by BlackSpirit_CPs
Love, or Hate?(Offenderman love BlackSpirit_CPs
Tina was a normal girl before , before what? Before she kinapped by the famous Offenderman(Offendy for short) What if he hurt her , what will she do , what about her fa...
All 4 of you? (Slender brothers x reader Lemon) by 01Noah_Wolf10
All 4 of you? (Slender brothers Noah Wolf
Y/N is wondering the woods after hearing the Legend of the Slender brothers, Little does Y/N know, the Brothers knew that She/they were coming, and were planning on keep...
My 4 Soulmate (Slender Brothers x reader)  by MysticSkylerPlayz
My 4 Soulmate (Slender Brothers NoreaCountry
Y/n Is a 20 year old girl who has four mark on her back, wrist, shoulder blade, and neck. Those mark has the Slender brothers mark but she doesn't know that. Slender's...
(Offenderman x Masochistic!Male!reader) [Remake] by Qu_inky
(Offenderman x Masochistic!Male! Lucius
You just turned eighteen and you moved away from home into a more rural area. You never fit in at home, it wasn't abusive, it was just cluttered. Your apartment faces a...
Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios (Male Reader) by thesleepymonster
Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios ( Zero Cipher
So, I'm bored and saw more of these female scenarios than male. Might as well give it a try. Basically, for male readers but anyone can read it. Enjoy gentlemen or anyon...
Creepypasta Truth or Dare by PurplePilotToast
Creepypasta Truth or Dareby A smol toasty Tato
Splendorman has started an 'innocent' game of truth or dare with everyone in the mansion... including you. Come have fun with the pastas!
Nothing Like Him (Creepypasta) by Dark_Obsession15
Nothing Like Him (Creepypasta)by Dark_Obsession15
Hadley, the daughter of a certain rapey Slender, has never met said father. But she will at her 17th birthday which is soon. Until that, she has been raised by Slenderma...
Slender Brothers X Reader - Rain Gray by VikingMetalToby
Slender Brothers X Reader - Rain ⦻ toby ⦻
Awesome cover created by @white_rose_official . ◇Might rework◇ Slenderman and his brothers decide to each take turns having you as their proxy to see who you'd would wor...
💕a Slender Brothers x Reader story💞 by XxSugarNekoxX
💕a Slender Brothers x Reader XxSugarNekoxX
ON HOLD AND EDITING I just randomly thought about this. the girl on the cover will be your character. her name will be Nikki. (i dont own the pic or any other pics used...
A Sex Toy? (Kagekao X Reader) by XxHunter02xX
A Sex Toy? (Kagekao X Reader)by Hunter
Taking a trip to Japan sounds awesome, until you meet the one and only Kagekao. Where he tries to kill you. But let bygones be bygones. After all, he did just make you...
Rose Petals (Offenderman x Reader) by darlinglynx
Rose Petals (Offenderman x Reader)by Lynx
After the only family member she had,her father, pasted away Y/N is on their own. They didn't entirely mind it but sometimes it gets lonely. They're all alone in their f...
Redemption Or Murder?  by Queen-Of-Weird
Redemption Or Murder? by ᗯE බƦƎ ₮ⱧɆ ҒRΣΔҜS
(Editing and being continued!) Y/N was not really a normal girl. She was the daughter of an infamously known killer in cities. Women are afraid of him and men are jealo...
His Little Cannibal (Creepypasta) by Dark_Obsession15
His Little Cannibal (Creepypasta)by Dark_Obsession15
Eyeless Jack has a daughter. Everyone was surprised when one of the killers almost kills her and an angry, blue masked cannibal stops him. Curious, one of the killers ta...