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Izuku in Hogwarts by TheholyoneIbara2
Izuku in Hogwartsby TheholyoneIbara2
Izuku, now living a peaceful life in Japan ever since defeating All for One, A.K.A his father, at the beginning of his second year, and turning Shigaraki's path to good...
MHA: Rise [IzukuxHarem] [Still Ongoing] by Karen_Tendo09
MHA: Rise [IzukuxHarem] [Still Ong...by Karen_Tendo09
MHA FanFic, Enjoy the ride! The story will introduce the different deku ships slowly through out the story so please wait patiently for your ships to sail 😉
Red Eye Deku by Hanx1590
Red Eye Dekuby Hanx1590
Izuku is a late bloomer who gained his quirk after a year. Izuku now has an optic blast quirk similar to a mutant hero named Cyclops. Let's see what the world has in sto...
MHA: Bury The Light by Spider-Deku2012
MHA: Bury The Lightby Izuku Midoriya
After being framed as the UA traitor, Izuku Midoriya leaves UA behind, leaving those that were against him, and sadly those who stood with him. After joining Shiketsu Hi...
The op cook by ascendergrey
The op cookby Crocadoodledoo
Izuku midoriya has a very powerful quirk, it allows him to control lightning and anything related to it, it also lets his body grow strong to insane amounts that its on...
We'll do this together by Leonstage964
We'll do this togetherby Leonstage_964
It all started at UA, the best hero school of Japan, and in most cases, in the world. Our protagonist, along with both class 1A and class 1B of the hero course, was doin...
Deku x kendo by goldenjackson
Deku x kendoby GoldenBlue1412
Kendo x izuku This is another of my favourite ships although it's very rare probably even more rare then izuku x mei also it's literally just romance so don't expect a...
Izuku Yagi the sin of pride by armoredlord1115
Izuku Yagi the sin of prideby ArmoredLord 1115
Izuku Yagi son of Tonshinori Yagi also known as All Might the number 1 hero and inko Yagi who was known to be psychic the number 4 hero. izuku was known to be an optimis...
The Teigu Hero : CrossTail by NightmareFuel6666
The Teigu Hero : CrossTailby NightmareFuel6666
Inko dies when Izuku turns four. He is then kidnapped and held by villains until he turns ten. After being there for six years he starts to see how bad heroes are. Espec...
The Failure (Discontinued, up for revision, not adoption) by OrekiSakuta
The Failure (Discontinued, up for...by Sakuta Oreki
A BNHA x Chivalry of A Failed Knight Fanfic Quirks, also know as Meta Abilities, was manifested to a new born baby in Qing Qing City, China. No one knows how it happened...
The Power of OFA & AFO by Leo243410
The Power of OFA & AFOby Julio Morales
This is the story of Izuku Midoriya son of Hasashi Midoriya or as All for One the number 1 Villain now his son born with All for one but more powerful and also found by...
Izuku The Winter Solider [Adopted by @Weeb Lewis] by justredhead
Izuku The Winter Solider [Adopted...by justredhead
BNHA x Marvel Universum I don't own either of these franchises. I only own the story.
Izuku Midoriya: The Betrayed Uchiha by kingjblakk
Izuku Midoriya: The Betrayed Uchihaby james blakk
After everything he has done for those he considered his friends deku believed that all of his hard work and his heroic deeds that got him this far never would he have t...
The Hero Beyond the Gears of Time (V.2) by bobertoo1234
The Hero Beyond the Gears of Time...by Bobert1234
Rewrite! - - - Our protagonist is none other than the cinnamon roll himself, Izuku Midoriya. He is a special child who was born with a special type of quirk; a stand. Wh...
Stand Proud by KazBlue23
Stand Proudby Kaz
"Useless" "Deku" Izuku was called those words, Izuku Yagi was one of the few people in the world who were quirkless, due to this his friends and sis...
Izuku The Unstoppable Chain Hero by KuureRaaian
Izuku The Unstoppable Chain Heroby Luffy Zoldyck
Run... Run... Run as fast as you can. He's here, why do we keep running? We got quirks we can beat him. You idiot! No one can escape him, He's a monster in human bo-, wa...
The Tattoo Hero: Deku by Drippy--Water
The Tattoo Hero: Dekuby Landan
In this story Izuku Midoriya is born with a quirk called tattoo. His quirk allows him to use his tattoos as weapons an infinite number of times until he runs out of ener...
Izuku The gaming Hero by Libatie
Izuku The gaming Heroby Libatie
Izuku Yagi son of Toshinori and Inko Yagi and brother of Izumi Yagi was neglected abused and bullied by almost Everyone he knew( Izumi Aizawa Emi Présent Mic Nezu Bakugo...
New Challenges Await. by MediocreWriter5
New Challenges Await.by Writer
Context: Our hero Izuku Midoriya born into a very talented family of pokemon trainers. his father the champion of johto and his mother a retired gym leader all a happy f...
betrayed aegis user by nejirexdeku580
betrayed aegis userby green chicken storm
in a world lives a green haired boy named "rex" salvaging for a life but not known y most he had a past life and was the reincarnation izuku midoriya but after...