Üksteisele loodud (Isac Elliot) eesti keeles by Ellu_15
Üksteisele loodud (Isac Elliot) Eliisabet
"Ma teadsin kohe kui sind nägin, et me oleme üksteise jaoks loodud" Eliisabet on täiesti tavaline eesti tüdruk, kes on pidanud kolima oma vihatuimasse riiki. S...
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Please have FAITH in me - Isac Elliot by Ellioteer1
Please have FAITH in me - Isac Ellioteer❤️
We need FAITH Faith in humanity Faith in others Faith in ourselves Give them hope, give them a chance to survive You'll never know if they need you in their lives Do...
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Backstage|| Isac Elliot  by __misomaniac__
Backstage|| Isac Elliot by Me.
This book is about Tindra who goes on a cruise with her best friend Karla. Tindra had never heard of Isac Elliot before but as soon as she heard him sing she was hooked...
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You had FAITH in me by Ellioteer1
You had FAITH in meby Ellioteer❤️
When trust is broken Sorry means nothing
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