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Isac Elliot imagines <3 by KarinaLyngenHolmen
Isac Elliot imagines <3by Karina
I AM BACK! Tell me some things I can write, or if you want one to yourself <3
I'll be your parachute.. by nialloffciall
I'll be your Moa
What happens when Melissa meets the one and only Isac Elliot? Will she say the truth to everyone and what happens when she falls into the deep hole? Will she survive? An...
Recklessly in love by empquuu
Recklessly in loveby empquuu
The story of 15-years-old girl that will move with his dad from France to Finland, and meet a boy whos name is Isac.
Summer L❤VE by majastorhaug
Summer L❤VEby majastorhaug
Jeg heter DN og er 16 år. Moren og faren min skilte seg når jeg var 3 år så jeg er vant til å bo 2 steder. Både mamma og pappa har kjæreste og jeg har da sykt stor famil...
Isac Elliot's Girl by HazzaLover162
Isac Elliot's Girlby HazzaLover162
Sade never thought her life would change so much after her prenatal died in a car crash. She finds out she's being sent to Finland to live with her hyper Aunt she didn't...
Isac Elliot♡ imagines by Etherealxcrybaby
Isac Elliot♡ imaginesby Etherealxcrybaby
There is going to be dirty imagines, sad, romantic. PG-13
Why dose this feels so wrong? by 7041Bear
Why dose this feels so wrong?by 7041Bear
Lovisa and Isac's paths was crossed by mistake when Isac texted Lovisa when they where 14. He wrote the wrong number and there she was. They talked on Skype a lot until...
Cold Blood / Isac Elliot by Elliot_Isac
Cold Blood / Isac Elliotby Elliot_Isac
"Stalking is such a strong word, I prefer the term..." He paused placing his pointer finger on his chin while thinking. "Taking an interest." He fidd...
Isac Elliot Norsk fanbok by CeciliePettersen
Isac Elliot Norsk fanbokby Dragon
Isac Elliot er Nordnes aller største popstjerne akkurat nå! I denne boken får du innblikk i alt du trenger å vite om isacs bakgrunn, oppvekst og karriere - fortalt med i...
Save You by Bloodrose15
Save Youby Bloodrose15
{Taken from my Instagram: @ellioteerholly} Ellie and Isac are both 15 in this story/imagine. Ellie moved from Stockholm, Sweden to Espoo, Finland. Ellie's life isn't...
The Dream - Isac Elliot Fanfic (ON HOLD) by nialloffciall
The Dream - Isac Elliot Fanfic ( Moa
Alexis Gatwick is a 13 year old girl who lives in Oslo in Norway with her mum, dad and littlebrother Jake. Her family moved from England to Norway when she was 5 years o...
His Secret Life by Elliot_Isac
His Secret Lifeby Elliot_Isac
"I can help you." "No you can't no one can... You don't know me and neither does anyone else."
Isac Elliot imagines by rockmeisac
Isac Elliot imaginesby rockmeisac
Dirty imagines of Isac Elliot Enjoy them
Me and You by justanotherwriterlol
Me and Youby JustAnotherWriter
Isac Elliot is 14 years old singer from Finland. One day he meets a beautiful girl named Noa. They becomes really good friends. But what happens when Isac starts to fall...
Cheaters by FinnishBums
Cheatersby FinnishBums
What happens when famous singer Isac Elliot broke up's with her girlfriend Meeri just to date with another girl who she doesn't know?
Love Is War ( Isac Elliot ) by justanotherwriterlol
Love Is War ( Isac Elliot )by JustAnotherWriter
"I don't care how many times I have to fall or crawl in desperate, as long as I just have you by my side." At first they didn't even knew each others. They be...
Reopening Scars (Isac Elliot fanfic) by ALittleWhiteLie
Reopening Scars (Isac Elliot i ɓѳʀʀѳw รѳuʆร ɑ ʆѳt ɓut ɗѳɳ'...
One misunderstood statement may lead to a big misunderstanding. One big misunderstanding may break a heart. A broken heart may ruin a life. A ruined life may damage the...