Kaiken Kestävä Rakkaus   [Isac Elliot]  by Ihmemaa
Kaiken Kestävä Rakkaus [Isac Wonderland
"Jos joku olisi kertonut mulle, että mä tulisin raskaaksi kuusitoistavuotiaana, olisin varmaan vaan nauranut päin naamaa ja käskenyt säästää vitsit jollekin toisell...
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BadGirl & BadBoy sesong 6  by isac_elliot_story
BadGirl & BadBoy sesong 6 by isac_elliot_story
Isac Elliot som Isac Elliot Emilie som Isac og Maria datter Emil som Marias brors sønn Michelle som Marias bros datter
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You had FAITH in me by Ellioteer1
You had FAITH in meby Ellioteer❤️
When trust is broken Sorry means nothing
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His Secret Life by Elliot_Isac
His Secret Lifeby Elliot_Isac
"I can help you." "No you can't no one can... You don't know me and neither does anyone else."
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  • dark
  • sad
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Runaway Children // Isac Elliot by hardcorebieber
Runaway Children // Isac Elliotby hardcorebieber
14 year old Joey Rikkson lives with her abusive dad in the big city of Helsinki. Joey's started to think that it will never get better, with her dads alcohol obsession...
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Please have FAITH in me - Isac Elliot by Ellioteer1
Please have FAITH in me - Isac Ellioteer❤️
We need FAITH Faith in humanity Faith in others Faith in ourselves Give them hope, give them a chance to survive You'll never know if they need you in their lives Do...
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Isac Elliot Facts by Elliot_Isac
Isac Elliot Factsby Elliot_Isac
These are just random facts about Isac
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Close to death"Isac Elliot" by OfficialPresident
Close to death"Isac Elliot"by Vote for me 2k20
I'm sitting in the Car, it's 1942 just us jews, don't know Where we're going. My heart is pumping..... I came into this weird place named auchSwitz, And I can't find my...
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Countdown - Isac Elliot by Vasuki7
Countdown - Isac Elliotby Vasukii_m
"When that timer hits zero , your whole life will change "
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