Fast Forward - Isac Elliot ( Sequel to Countdown) by Vasuki7
Fast Forward - Isac Elliot ( Vasukii_m
"Why can I not Fast Forward my life , to when I'm finally happy and don't have to try mend the heart that you broke almost 3 years ago !?! "
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Isac Elliot Facts by Elliot_Isac
Isac Elliot Factsby Elliot_Isac
These are just random facts about Isac
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Love On Top (Isac Elliot Fanfiction) by fusavage
Love On Top (Isac Elliot fusavage
"Stop saying I like you! Because I definitely don't." I let out a shaky breath, frustrated with the guy in front of me, convincing me that I am attracted to hi...
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