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The Hook Up by pinkkiyxox
The Hook Upby Pinkkiyxox
He backs me up into the wall, and grabs my wrist trapping my arms up above my head and leans into my ear. "Wha..what are yo.. you doing" I pant while he nibble...
Toxic Marriage by Failia_Baighaan
Toxic Marriageby Failia_Baighaan
"You won't expect love from me and will please me whenever, wherever I want." *** Passionate bonds linger in their relation which are ignorant to both of them...
(●'◡'●)𝕊𝕀𝔻 𝕂𝕀 ℕ𝔸𝔸ℤ(●'◡'●)✔️ by Losennayak
(●'◡'●)𝕊𝕀𝔻 𝕂𝕀 ℕ𝔸𝔸ℤ(●'◡'●)✔️by Losennayak
Am writing this about SID and SANA after the shows ended...How Sid 's behaviour is changing and he is falling more and more in love with SANA...❤❤❤❤
Mad In Love || J.JK. by bangyanforever
Mad In Love || bangyanforever
"What do you want?" he whispered as he then trailed hot kisses down your neck, across your jawline while pulling your body closer and breathing heavily once ag...
The Heir and The Heiress by Eevee_Erin
The Heir and The Heiressby Erin Parker
This story takes place after the Fourth Great Shinobi World War and everyone is struggling to find their place and purpose in this new era of the ninja. Naruto and all h...
Mated to my Stepbrother  by Isaexpert
Mated to my Stepbrother by AneX
Skylar Faust, sister of the popular Faust brothers is excited for her Step-brother's 17th birthday. Only for the sole fact that clingy, overprotective Jackson will be ab...
Sinful Desires  by Reallycool45
Sinful Desires by Ruby
Mysterious guy in library wants to fuck your brains out but he's respectful
inamorata  by amber_stonexx
inamorata by deedee
my personal collection of the infamous love poems that every poet composes at least once :,) inamorata- a female lover don't forget to comment or vote! i appreciate fe...
YOUNG WAR POETS | a collection by palemoonstudio
YOUNG WAR POETS | a collectionby pale moon studio
an ongoing collection of letters and short stories. honest, intimate moments. surreal and erotic. read in any order.
EDEN IN FLAMES | a novel by palemoonstudio
EDEN IN FLAMES | a novelby pale moon studio
For most of Hanna's life, her father has been hiding away in his secret forest mansion, following a controversial art career. After Hanna's mother left, her father's sol...
The Alpha's Omega by 124sher
The Alpha's Omegaby shernelle carlisle
One Alpha, One Omega Quite the wrong mate yet it seems so right. There just no telling what can go down when an Alpha gets and Omega as a mate. Grace's fate as a Luna l...
Everything I've Needed (A Jacob Black Love Story) by Asnowfallkindoflove
Everything I've Needed (A Jacob Asnowfallkindoflove
Lucy Clearwater was born and raised in LaPush, but had to leave it all behind when she was fourteen to go to a fashion design internship in New York. Three years later s...
Queen by curlynerd4ever
Queenby CurlyNerd
He was always there. Always watching. Always loving. She just never knew. The North is crumbling. After years of peace and serenity, times have finally changed. After h...
Triple the Innocence, Double the Dominance by markin512
Triple the Innocence, Double the Kat
Highest ranking: #53 in Werewolf Farah-Ember, or Fe, is the most innocent and shy person you will ever come upon. She loves nature and being the Betas daughter has some...
A Trillionaire's Revenge by ParisONEALx
A Trillionaire's Revengeby ParisONEALx
Playing a game of vengeance is as hard as breaking a rock, especially when that game is equally as dangerous as something much more powerful; Love. Meet Luke, one of t...
The bachelors||The Story:Book1-Night Trap COMPLETED [Under Revision] by Gelred
The bachelors||The Gelred
Love is all about sacrifice and compromise, we forget to set the limits and we forget ourselves and throw our entire life to make the relationship works. To the extend t...
Annabeth's Choice by MythicallyAwesome
Annabeth's Choiceby MythicallyAwesome
Annabeth and Percy have been dating now for seven years. After the was with gaea, things have settled down a little, and the demigods can pursue their normal lives, can...
The Royal Baby [Undergoing Editing] [BoyxBoy,Mpreg] [Completed] by a_slave_to_love
The Royal Baby [Undergoing a_slave_to_love
Haylen Gray was a servant that fell in love with Jonathan,the prince of Molasia after fighting their feelings they finally gave in.What happens when they discover that H...
Destined to be His by Pra_nita
Destined to be Hisby Pra_nita
He was happy to marry her. She was not happy to marry him. He can do anything for her happiness, even if it means divorcing her. Let's see how does destiny important r...
𝚌𝚎𝚕𝚎𝚋𝚛𝚒𝚝𝚢 𝚒𝚖𝚊𝚐𝚒𝚗𝚎𝚜 𝓋𝑜𝓁. 𝟥 by thekillerde4th
𝚌𝚎𝚕𝚎𝚋𝚛𝚒𝚝𝚢 𝚒𝚖𝚊𝚐𝚒𝚗𝚎� 𝕛𝕦𝕝𝕚𝕒𝕟
Celebrity Imagines Vol. 3 is another installment of the previous two Celebrity Imagines I have done (Make sure to check those ones out too). A lot of love and preference...