The Untamed boy  by _Tiaraqueen_
The Untamed boy by Aastha Shinde
#12 in teen fiction ~8|11| 17 " "Use your words doll I want to hear that sweet voice of yours" He said gripping my jaw even more tightly. I was sure that...
  • fiction
  • selena
  • teenfiction
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Only Yours by TyRauje
Only Yoursby ✨
Warning: this isn't edited or anything, all first drafts, so it's pretty trash Raina's been in love with her best friend, Ricky for years. The problem is he only sees he...
  • love
  • woc
  • rebound
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Ignorance ➵ h.s. au by cinnamoniall-
Ignorance ➵ h.s. auby I'm sad™
"Do you want that?" Harry asked, smirking at her innocence afterwards. "Me, returning the favor?" "H-how will you do that?" She stuttered. ...
  • babygirl
  • sebastianstan
  • innocent
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Keepers of the Dragon Slayer's Hearts by littlebookworm13
Keepers of the Dragon Slayer's Katie Simmet
Every Dragon Slayer has to find their mates at some point in time. Lucy Heartfilia gets abused by her father every night and is forced to work at Fairy Tail as a maid t...
  • rowen
  • gale
  • bullied
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Married To A Rich Jerk by RubabArsalan
Married To A Rich Jerkby RubabArsalan
"Biya I am married to you because of the business proposal you do not have any rights on me from now on and now leave my room ." I do not believe he just used...
  • hate
  • revenge
  • used
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My love for him (reader x character) by iuwuholland
My love for him (reader x 🏁🍒
You start developing feelings for a guy on your first day and l... Continue reading for more
  • mystery
  • readplease
  • used
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 FADED. When You Can't Trust Your Senses. by SibaJallad
FADED. When You Can't Trust Siba Jallad
When eve gets her dream job as a psychiatrist in santa barbra mental institution, and her dreams come crashing to the ground when she realizes what she's been hired for...
  • romance
  • mystery
  • dark
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Willing To by JanePlanet2256
Willing Toby WatAWonderfulSeizure
I keep writing the description, then it deletes it! I'm done!
  • usedtoo
  • love
  • work
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Dead Flame by PriyankaG24
Dead Flameby Priyanka
When Arabella's childhood friend Carter Arrow turns into a famous singer their friendship ends. He left her in her darkest days. Years later, he is back. Why is he? Arab...
  • bestfriend
  • billionaire
  • player
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Used || C.S by rvrdleiii
Used || C.Sby rvrdlei
After moving away to another country after filming the Suite Life series, Sandra got cast into Riverdale, where she saw her old bestfriend and old crush. What if he's da...
  • riverdale
  • used
  • colesprouse
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The World Needs More Sh*tty Poetry by Moosy101
The World Needs More Sh*tty Poetryby Da Bean Supreme 🔥
It would be a shame if someone wrote some shitty poetry about completely, most definitely, whole heartedly, not at all relatable feelings. Feeling hurt, used, sad, annoy...
  • hurt
  • relatable
  • poembook
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Killing me softly..  by Cosplay_at_risk
Killing me softly.. by Lion
If I had said no.. what would have happened? Would I be.. dead? No. Alive, but ruined. Escape. That word used to run my mind. But it left. And now im alone. With.. Them...
  • lgbt
  • red
  • stalking
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Messing with boys by Iamchill12
Messing with boysby Sarcasticcookies
"So it's a deal then?" He asks coming closer, a smirk comes onto my lips immediately "What makes you think I want to do this?" I ask crossing my arm...
  • lies
  • used
  • revenge
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UN BICCHIERE DI CHIANTI; by theskylooksbeautiful
❝Cheers to the broken edges of my heart!❞ A GLASS OF CHIANTI [translation from Italian] [a/bic‧chiè‧re/ di/kee:ahn:te] Earlier known as "Fervours of The broken;&quo...
  • poem
  • poetry
  • warriors
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used | e.d by rosedolans
used | e.dby ; m
  • ethandolanfanfiction
  • ethandolan
  • dolantwinfanfiction
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In The Shadows by Simbacats
In The Shadowsby A. K. G
Deep in the shadows A darkness lies A ceaseless war That will not die Savage beats With eyes of red With claws and teeth They have bled The strong will survive The weak...
  • hunter
  • notcliche
  • enemies
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Mistakenly YOU by sweetblunch2017
Mistakenly YOUby sweetblunch2017
Alexandria Olsen has a terrible past she was abuse and manipulated by her ex-fiancé after recovering from her past and she met the love of her life Nick but unfortunatel...
  • ex-fiancee
  • mistaken
  • ceo
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Aarmau Abused☆COMPLETED☆ by Human_Name
Aarmau Abused☆COMPLETED☆by ~brxken_drexms~
Aphmau was bullied at school and abused at home. Her mom died because of her father. She was on her own.. She had nobody.. Not even her mother.. "Be careful you bu...
  • unloved
  • used
  • aarmau
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Benefactor X  by _KhrisLance_
Benefactor X by Khris Lance
◈ cover made by me ◈ ◈ started - August 23 ◈ ◈NOT FINISHED ◈ ≻ ───── ⋆✩⋆ ─────≺ Elijah also known as X, was the first known werewolf in his family after skipping generat...
  • fighttothedeath
  • blood
  • benefactor
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The Vampires Mate by Tzhandire
The Vampires Mateby Tamara Matiya
Imagine walking in on your best friend and boyfriend going at it. Imagine getting so drunk you forget your name. Imagine waking up in a stranger's bed. Imagine this stra...
  • used
  • queencess
  • betrayed
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