Borkfriend Blaze X Reader by Kupcake_Productions
Borkfriend Blaze X Readerby Kupcake Productions
(First few chapters are cringe worthy but story will be under editing once finished) Y/n L/n, a female werewolf, is now a freshman at PDH. She unexpectedly joins her cou...
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Maze Runner Imagines and Preferences// Requests Closed by call-me-earl
Maze Runner Imagines and Gabriella and Elliot
Imagines for the following: -Newt -Thomas -Minho -Gally -Chuck
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monsta x imagines [몬스타엑스] by Dejuuhh
monsta x imagines [몬스타엑스]by 🍋
[interracial included.]
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TomTord Sin~ (Bottom!Tord x Top!Tom ONLY!)  by TheRedHoodieCommie
TomTord Sin~ (Bottom!Tord x Top! TheBlueHoodieJehovah
Wattpad deleted the last one- (*Slow Updates*) And it wasn't there yesterday and I was like wtf so I made a new one ack- Also sorry I don't do Dom!Tord I do not own ed...
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Soulmates (a Draco Malfoy fanfiction) by StrongerThanIWas
Soulmates (a Draco Malfoy Sherlock Holmes
Draco Malfoy and Chanel Potter are able to meet each other in their dreams. This isn't common for most Witches and Wizards. The only way this usually happens is if the t...
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Unprecious » 2jae by arsbottoms
Unprecious » 2jaeby -beom
-In which Youngjae decided to take Jaebum back.
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sugar | oh sehun by succjin
sugar | oh sehunby 。・゚゚・ ella ・゚゚・。
oh sehun spends millions of won on an escort, but that's before he finds out what it even is.
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The Sense Of Feeling | UNB  by highmistress
The Sense Of Feeling | UNB by littlebosseu
"Just say the truth and nobody will get hurt. It's better to have a chance instead of having no chances at all." Lily, a girl titled "the angel," wan...
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Devils Little Angel -  A Larry AU by prettylouistommo
Devils Little Angel - A Larry AUby prettylouistommo
"Well Louis, I'm the devil and you are in Hell." or, Louis, an angel, is dragged to hell from heaven in the after life. A hot tempered devil awaits his arriva...
  • louistomlinson
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Communication [2] Carlisle Cullen by -actuallykai
Communication [2] Carlisle Cullenby ✨ oh my stars ✨
"You saved me." COMPLETED Book two Sequel of Interpretation. Book two of the Twilight Fanfic Series
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NERDY[Monsta X I.M FF] by faithbellas
NERDY[Monsta X I.M FF]by Faith
What will happen when the victim change her personality? What will happen when the bully know that the bully victim has changed? Find out. • • • • START:05/10/2017 END:1...
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Honey Wants a Cutie {Jookyun} by TinaaxQuinn
Honey Wants a Cutie {Jookyun}by TQ
In which Jooheon has a big crush on Changkyun and his best friends are the worst.
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  • crack
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Mind Reader -Kihyun- {Ongoing} by _nzedy
Mind Reader -Kihyun- {Ongoing}by somewhere~
"You said what?" I look at him. "Can you please..stop reading mine. I feel like I was conquered by you all the time" He grins." I can't. Becaus...
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Alpha's Young Angel by NerdySelf
Alpha's Young Angelby NerdySelf
Cole Harber has been searching for his mate for five years, now at twenty five, he's finally stopped his futile search parties and has buried himself into the work he ne...
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Bunny | Shownu x Wonho by ajaeparkian
Bunny | Shownu x Wonhoby ajaeparkian
Wonho is a needy bunny hybrid who needs an alpha to satisfy him, Son Hyunwoo is the CEO of X Clan Company and the heir of Son Group. The wealthiest man on earth, rumor s...
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A Tomtord smutshot book  by FlavoredWindex
A Tomtord smutshot book by FlavoredWindex
Yep, requests are open and im dying inside
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You And I: More Than Words(Poth) by The_JMRo_Studios
You And I: More Than Words(Poth)by JMRo HQ
(_)_(_)_(_)_(_)_(_) " what your saying don't trust me anymore... " " What?? N-No!! Palette!! Of course I trust you!! " " then wH...
  • jr
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prettier than flowers (jookyun) [✔] by chimchim33
prettier than flowers (jookyun) [✔]by chimchim33
jooheon, a thug meets changkyun who works at a flower shop called "flowers prettier than you"
  • leejooheon
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When I saw you (Jooheon X Reader~) by _jhopieRM
When I saw you (Jooheon X Reader~)by JhopeRM_twt
(y/n) = your name this story is about that you incidentally meet this guy and he become friends. This friendship you had with him will take the next step or who knows...
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Yeah, I'm Normal [TomTord] by two-parts-vodka
Yeah, I'm Normal [TomTord]by Anxiety™️
#3 in shipfic Original Photo For Cover By: HuiRou [SFW] [Monster!Tom x Tord] [Foul Language Warning]
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