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Zero two x female reader by littlezenix
Zero two x female readerby ☁️🍒✨Arson✨🍒☁️
"A stamen controls there pistil... and I am your stamen, you're my pistil." 02 started to snicker a bit, "you think you have control over me? Well I guess...
Two Worlds Collide (Titanfall x Darling in the Franxx) by code066
Two Worlds Collide (Titanfall x code066
In this story, you, the protagonist, and your vanguard class titan, DB-5453, have been, for reasons unknown, dropped to the surface of a new world where humans are at wa...
Blind Franxx by Knotavin
Blind Franxxby Knotavin
Code 028 is unique...but they don't know. He has a secret.... he is blind. Being blind however hasn't affected his ability to pilot his franxx with his partner. What hap...
Darling of carnage (Zero two x OC Male reader) by GaritoVeskante
Darling of carnage (Zero two x Garito Veskante
This is a story I create in my free time. This is Darling in the franxx story, but with the addition of my characters. P.S. I'm not the owner of any music or pictures th...
Darling in the FranXX: The Reaper Squadron by Code089
Darling in the FranXX: The Code089
In the past they were the best, but their time was coming to an end. Choosing to be frozen to safeguard the future, they slept. However, something went wrong and they aw...
Come now... BE MY DARLING (zero two x fem reader) by thatblackguh
Come now... BE MY DARLING (zero thatblackguh
Who would've thought that Hiro had a sister? Well thats you. You and him have been separated for as long as you can remember and you finally get to visit. But little do...
Neo reader! by Jake123415535
Neo reader!by Jake123415535
Basically you are the Cute Neo and you are in the Darling in the FranXX universe Zero Two and DITF belong to Studio Trigger and A-1 Pictures and Neo belongs to Rooster T...
 Back in Japan... (Love is War x Malereader) by Lennyboi0618
Back in Japan... (Love is War x Hoodini - Lenny
Y/n L/n, is a childhood friend of Miyuki Shirogane and Kayguya Shinomiya. He was alwasy there for them if they needed help the most, but his parents had to move to Ameri...
|The Experimented BNHA FANFICTION| Zero Two Reader by Jake123415535
|The Experimented BNHA FANFICTION| Jake123415535
A world where You! yes You the Reader is Zero Two but is in My Hero Academia since I have not Seen a SINGLE one of these in the internet. Seriously has no one tried this...
Hiro Mating Season Book One by Slayer_Liz
Hiro Mating Season Book Oneby Liz
After Hiro became part klaxosaur he now has to deal with mating season what is Zero Two going to have deal with that her boyfriend is going through this for a week
Darling in the Franxx: Code Zero by AlicizationCore_
Darling in the Franxx: Code Zeroby AlicizationCore
What if Darling in the Franxx didn't end or start the way it did. What if no one knew about this one code. She was kidnapped as a child, but was kept hidden from the res...
Zero Two x Reader by Iamgod12345
Zero Two x Readerby iamgod12345
this is so cringy and i want to delete this but a few people seem to like it and i'd feel bad
9'a X  Reader (Nain x reader)  by Mrstouyaaa
9'a X Reader (Nain x reader) by Mrstouyaaa
You fall in love with a nine, will you be able to continue the relationship?... *TW: Mature Language* Best Rankings #1 darlinginthefranxx #1 ditf #1 franxx #1 9a
Darling in the Franxx: Cold Blood by Mcdankler
Darling in the Franxx: Cold Bloodby Mcdankler
If you woke up one day to find you were one of the last of your kind on your planet, what would you do to save the future of your race? In Darling in the Franxx: Cold Bl...
A New Beginning by ZeroN__
A New Beginningby N
Stuck in the dark and lost in space, two souls looking to find each. A boy and a girl known by the people of Earth as saviors. A new story starts and so did a new coupl...
Absolute ZERO [A Darling in the FranXX Story] (DISCONTINUED) by 6_Doom_6_Marine_6
Absolute ZERO [A Darling in the Dooge121
Code: 0000 or Absolute ZERO is an Elite pararasite, having the 0000 rank he was overall the best FranXX pilot in his Squad. 0000 is even stronger and more skillfull than...
Ultraman And The Franxx by Smiley2158
Ultraman And The Franxxby Smiley2158
An alternate universe of The Darling In The Franxx where the parasites fight along Ultraman Tiga.
Izuku, The Mysterious Dragon Elemental. by anitoons17
Izuku, The Mysterious Dragon Anitoons17
Izuku Midoriya, The Vigilante, Dragoon, and, also, Zero Two, The Vigilante, Fraxx, one day get caught trying to steal UA file's at UA, But the whole entire, UA staff, an...
"I found you!, Darling" by yourlocalwannabeweeb
"I found you!, Darling"by Cailyn Mae Difuntorum
Y/N (Your Name) This is a story about darling in the franxx, I've been addicted to zero two after watching the anime. (This isn't actually happening,I just made this for...
Beta 2 Darling in the franxx Fan Fiction  by SimpForZerotwo
Beta 2 Darling in the franxx Fan Mega Darling simp
Hiro Died in a accident with Strelizia Zerotwo has been devastated since. Papa decided to have Beta 2 a Pilot known to be a pistil killer ride with ZeroTwo and see if th...