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Missing Appa by AchiraHarita
Missing Appaby AchiraHarita
Jeon Jungkook hates the girl who left him three years ago. Little did he know that she was carrying his own son when she left. Three years passed by and now Jeon Daejung...
  • pregnancy
  • romance
  • joenyewon
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I Can't Help But Love You - A Bagginshield Love Story  by ViridiClark
I Can't Help But Love You - A ~ViridiLeaf~
A Dwarf's One is not immediately recognised by said Dwarf. It could take them days, weeks, months or even years to find out that the love of their life is right next to...
  • thorinoakenshield
  • nobodydies
  • bilbobaggins
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From here to the Moon and Back  by madaboutfalice
From here to the Moon and Back by Mrs. J
The Black Hood is back and Alice Smith is in danger. She must find out who is hidden under the hood as soon as possible. Who will she ask for help?
  • love
  • hurtcomfort
  • fpjones
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Blurred Line by merlotneis
Blurred Lineby Sher
Ada dua hal menarik semenjak perpisahan mereka. Pertama, setelah tak sadarkan diri selama satu malam, Seokjin bangun dengan indra yang sangat baik dan bertambah; sedikit...
  • kimseokjin
  • ksj
  • hurt
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 Maa by readerlisha
Maaby readerlisha
After a tragedic car accident Riddhi (Indian girl) losses both her husband and the baby but Lord Krishna has other plans for her as she becomes the mother of this beauti...
  • awkward
  • saree
  • romance
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Hetalia Oneshots by spare-me
Hetalia Oneshotsby amaryllis
  • norden
  • nsfw
  • hetaliaworldseries
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Skipping Fear by The_Quierdest
Skipping Fearby Juliette
Flash thought he knew what fear was. Nothing compared to the look of pure terror in front of him.
  • enemiestofriends
  • skipwescott
  • preslash
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Detroit: Become Human Oneshots by _I_AM_DEVIANT_
Detroit: Become Human Oneshotsby _I_AM_DEVIANT_
This will be a small compilation of Oneshots/Scenarios/Imagines that come up in my head during work. From Hurt/Comfort, Fluff to x Readers, you will find almost anything...
  • alice
  • reader
  • fluff
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Mine to Take (A Boruto Love Story) by Eclair_Designs
Mine to Take (A Boruto Love Story)by Eclair_Designs
Yuna Katayama is new to Konoha and a formidable kunoichi from her village. After an intense battle between the Seventh Hokage's son and another shinobi, the village was...
  • adoption
  • konoha
  • naruto
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Presumed Dead by Trekkiehood
Presumed Deadby Jamie Dawn
or how each Avenger found out about the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ His eyes widen as he sees the simple, four-word h...
  • shield
  • captainamericathewintersoldier
  • presumed
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Snarry Sweet Sick Fic by The_Other_Ship
Snarry Sweet Sick Ficby The_Other_Ship
Severus gets sick when he doesn't care for himself after mostly recovering from Nagini's bite, and Harry takes care of him until things flip. Severus doesn't think he'll...
  • harry
  • topharry
  • severussnape
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After the End by CGreenleaf
After the Endby CGreenleaf
Their powers are fading, and Crowley worries. (Good Omens fanfiction, Aziraphale/Crowley, post-canon)
  • fanfiction
  • unlimitedpride
  • goodomensfanfiction
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Who Do We Trust If Not Ourselves  by Rayneix
Who Do We Trust If Not Ourselves by Rayneix
We all saw how Keith tried to sacrafice himself at the end of season 4. Now how will the team react? How will Lance react?
  • hurtcomfort
  • klance
  • comfort
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If You Don't Swim You'll Drown  by Fly_Elle
If You Don't Swim You'll Drown by Fly_Elle
Calum was a swimming champ. But that was the past. That was before - And Michael is a swimming tutor who likes to work with kids and wants to rise money to go to college.
  • ashtonirwin
  • 5secondsofsummer
  • malum
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Mine - Dramione Story by bookangel25
Mine - Dramione Storyby bookangel25
Two grey orbs stared at the way sunlight bounced off the dark curls. She was the only thing that kept him from going insane. She was the reminder of beauty and purity, a...
  • romance
  • hogwarts
  • insanity
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To tame a thieves' king by conjuringdistress
To tame a thieves' kingby conjuringdistress
contains GID, bondage, whump, hurt/comfort. With traces of fantasy in a fictional world. my first attemp to write something creative in english. Chavdar alias Chadi is l...
  • bondage
  • captive
  • hurtcomfort
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Stuck in rubble with the Enemy  - Dabi x Male reader by AdnamiButu
Stuck in rubble with the Adnami
Three unlikely people get buried under a skyscraper: Dabi, who has Endeavor at his vengeful flame-tips. ; Endeavor, who is a egoistical asshole that can't back down fro...
  • todorokifamily
  • fire
  • endeavour
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Can't be without you by SelviGuru
Can't be without youby Selvi Guru
#1 - Tony (06-02-2019) #1 - May Parker (28-07-2018) When Tony comes to know about May's death too late, things didn't end well. Peter's guardiansh...
  • tonystark
  • loki
  • natasha
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The Stark Family (original AU) by AlwaysBenSolo
The Stark Family (original AU)by Solo
Tony and Pepper have 10 kids, all adopted and rescued from tough situations. Each day brings a new adventure for the family, full of fun moments, humor, and cuteness. Th...
  • steve
  • stark
  • rhodey
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His Life [KHR Fanfic] by ArashiYunaG05
His Life [KHR Fanfic]by J.B Havoc
He turned blind eye when he saw his parent are always happy because of his big brother. He goes mute to not said anything to 'disrespect' his parents even though he need...
  • tenthgenerarion
  • ieyasu
  • hurtcomfort
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