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people can change by seevello67
people can changeby s.liz
All she wanted a night in, nothing special. She just happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, ends up seeing something not meant for her eyes, and well the in...
A L E X E I by yum_yum12
A L E X E Iby Chloe
A L P H A A L E X E I is a feared name, whispered many times by frightened children. But he's respected, others kiss up to him and his word is valued upon. C A T H E...
Long Lost Daughter by thycelestia_
Long Lost Daughterby Celestia
There lived a mother named Irene whose heart bore a deep and unending ache as many years ago, a devastating storm had swept through their lives as she lost her one and o...
Just What I Needed by chooseitwisely
Just What I Neededby Kelsey
In life there are things that are said, and then there are those that remain unsaid. For Keely Staub, her life mostly remained in the latter category. She kept the one t...
The Villain is Happy Being a Father by purple0195
The Villain is Happy Being a Fatherby purple0195
The chairman of the Bai Group of 'City A' and his wife died in a plane crash, leaving their 3-year-old orphan with a large fortune. The relatives were trying their best...
Hopeful (My Sequel to Heartless) Unfinished by give-me-the-stars
Hopeful (My Sequel to Heartless) U...by Tasha
Catherine lost her heart years ago to the sisters of the well and hasn't thought of the Looking Glass since. Her life as queen was full of hatred and resentment for the...
The God of Beauty is a Spare Tire [ BL ] - Discon by Unluckykuroneko
The God of Beauty is a Spare Tire...by Riki Kurotsuki
The story of a group of bad dogs who covet beautiful beauties but can't get them. The spare tire department of the Lord was hit by a general strike. Helpless, the main s...
Loved  by Sapphire_Azurine
Loved by Sapphire_Azurine
Emerson Leone - 23, average features ( according to her)student at NYU studying to death, struggling not to cry and wishing for love. Gone through many heartbreaks but t...
The villains are crazy for me (Quickly wear)[MTL] by ClarissaSim0
The villains are crazy for me (Qui...by Fen
FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSES [MTL] Completed 反派都为我痴狂(快穿) 作者:长乐思央 Lu Ge binds a villain transformation system. Every world has a villain. Because of the powerful spirit a...
Awakened as a Fine Female Cannon Fodder by ChristenIceDejesus
Awakened as a Fine Female Cannon F...by @chrisss
In every book, there's always a female cannon fodder who seeks death - the ones who are arrogant and tyrannical, spoiled and willful, and the ones who are abused till ha...
i love you, i'm sorry [poetry] by saturngoId
i love you, i'm sorry [poetry]by vela's fleur ᡣ𐭩
«waterfalls start living under my bridge and it seems like it starts to overflow; well, isn't that selfdestructive.» ── poetry; c. @saturngoId.
Mrs. Matched | Complete by authorelizasolares
Mrs. Matched | Completeby Eliza Solares
Since Aubrey James could crawl, she has wanted to decide things for herself. So when an archaic law allows her parents to choose who she will marry, she vows to find a w...
Aligned constellations by localsquids1fan
Aligned constellationsby kdj pls stop dying
Kimcom goes worldline hopping and end up in Sung Jinwoo's worldline. Well, what do they do now? Just a random fic i wanted to write on a whim the plot for this is messue...
I Can't Forget (Adrienette AU) [Completed] by 1228load
I Can't Forget (Adrienette AU) [Co...by (*゚ー゚)ゞ
Adrien and Marinette WERE happily married until one event came across their marriage and it lead to divorce. 4 years later, Adrien owns and teaches in an art school whil...
The Heart of the Matter  by AverageOPenjoyer
The Heart of the Matter by Caleb Atchison
Robin is getting tired of watching the man she loves risk himself without a care for her feelings, and this last time has pushed her over the edge. Now complete! (final...
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All Muscle (abused and neglected male reader x rwby) ARC 1 by jackolops
All Muscle (abused and neglected m...by Jack Nani
no semblance or aura, all he has is the hard earned muscle.... Y/n can jump through time and space and dimensions without knowing it with my stories :DDDD
Kingdom of the fallen by the_lazy_creative
Kingdom of the fallenby The lazy creative
***UNDER EDITTING*** As a ranger of Gondor, Talion was slaughtered on the Black Gate with everyone he ever loved. However, Talion did not find peace in death. He was cur...
Gacha Life oneshots by lolaismissing
Gacha Life oneshotsby Lola
Lemon: 🍋 Angst: 💔 fluff: 🧸 I hope u guys enjoy my book hihi 😊😊 #1 in GachaLife🥳 *Satire
POETRY(sorrow,pain) by ilily_writes
POETRY(sorrow,pain)by lily🥀🦋
Hey loveliess💖 This is my first poetry ,first of all I know I am not good at poetry but I want to try it .So,please let me know in comments if it's good enough to be po...
recent thoughts by ElizaWinters09
recent thoughtsby Eliza Winters
wistful, hopeful, delusional wise, perhaps, or true these are the words that pour from my soul will they spill out onto you?