what happens next by girlmeetscoffee
what happens nextby fennie
2 years after the s7 ending
  • paris
  • doyle
  • steph
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3 | We Who Survive the Apocalypse by ImagineDragonflies16
3 | We Who Survive the Apocalypseby Bridgit of Midgard
***Sequel to "We Are Survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse"*** The late-January cold is seeping into the bones of Wynne, Seth, Izzy, Mara...
  • adventure
  • snow
  • sequel
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Fate  by girlmeetscoffee
Fate by fennie
After ayitl
  • loganhuntzberger
  • rorygilmore
  • steph
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Red vs Blue: Agent Rhode Island: The War for Chorus by TyForestWrites
Red vs Blue: Agent Rhode Island: TyForestWrites
|Book VII| After Chairman Hargrove declares war on the Reds and Blues, things are going not quite as well as our favorite sim troopers and Freelancers hoped. But things...
  • rvb
  • chairman
  • chorus
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Two Angels (Angel x Reader) by MyOneAngel
Two Angels (Angel x Reader)by KaT tHe RaT
For many people, Los Angelus was their ticket to fame and fortune. For you, it was a fresh start. New town, new people, and thanks to Angel and a little bit of bad luck...
  • lovetriangle
  • angelxreader
  • love
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Can you keep a secret?  by secret5000
Can you keep a secret? by secret5000
(I wish this would happen to me tbh)
  • romance
  • goth
  • onedirection
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Bungou Stray Dogs: クロニクル故人 (Crónica de difuntos) by Avekour
Bungou Stray Dogs: クロニクル故人 (Cró Avekour
Continuación directa del capítulo 51.5 del manga Bungou Stray Dogs. Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle y Robert Louis Stevenson, miembros de la Orden de la Torre del Reloj, son env...
  • bsd
  • dogs
  • fyodor
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