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The Time Traveler's Tea House by returnto-sender
The Time Traveler's Tea Houseby returnto-sender
(Watty "Wild Card" Winner 2018) In the heart of Edinburgh, there lies a tea house that has been in business for over 100 years, despite the sign on the door al...
  • historical-fiction
  • action
  • shortstory
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Amaya vuelve by sel____20
Amaya vuelveby LILA BLACK
Imagínate que viene un chico que hace que te separes de tu mejor amiga y por si fuera poco tu amiga desaparece... Pues a Alba si le pasa eso así que mientras se va duran...
  • historical-fiction
  • nuevahistoria
The Dawn by WithSky
The Dawnby Sizzler
Far away in the lands of Laddentown... It seemed a happy empire but soon this was going to change.There was something big coming something very big that people didn't no...
  • historical-romance
  • love
  • war
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How to Catch a Kitsune by Rimxez
How to Catch a Kitsuneby Rimxez
The Egyptians, the Norse, the Greeks. Everywhere in the world, there is belief in some form of the supernatural. Gods, Mythical creatures, Superstitious beings, that o...
  • monsters
  • fantasy
  • fiction
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Dark is not really Dark by Rudhresara
Dark is not really Darkby Rudhresara the writer
when we felt nothing could be done . When you totally faded and need help. There will be a unexpected twists happens in your life. it will brings you to the best part or...
  • fiction
  • netflix
  • pain
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Cranborne Manor by Pringle_Pot
Cranborne Manorby Deanne and Chenney
Suzette has never been the same since her mother died. Her father is a harsh man who cares little for the feelings or desires of Suzette and her brother, and she longs f...
  • manor
  • historical-fiction
  • christian-romance
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Operation Neptune by fnaf_fan_tab
Operation Neptuneby Trevor Burchfield
this is the story of six people who worked in ww2 to stop the treacheries of hitler and the nazi's.
  • historical
  • ww2
  • war
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Literatura de mi vida. by CenturionJaz
Literatura de mi vida.by Damn Witch🖤
Supongo que no hace falta especificar mucho. Durante el bachillerato, mis profesoras de literatura me pedían escribir algunas cosas. Digamos que lo aprovechaba al máximo...
  • shortstory
  • juvenil
  • historical-fiction
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Thinking of You by HPLuvnBandGeek
Thinking of Youby Kim H.
How did she end up here? It was all because of him. He wasn't her fiance. A short romance story based on the song "Thinking of You" by Katy Perry.
  • younglove
  • fiction
  • truelove
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Dr Incaendos Study of Dragons in the Americas by 42gcooper
Dr Incaendos Study of Dragons in t...by Dr Incaendos
A clear guide to assist sharp eyes in the studies of American dragons, answering question such as where they came from, do they migrate, how many species and breeds are...
  • guide
  • winged-serpent
  • truestory
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MI AMOR POR TI by FabiolaRaymeChaco
MI AMOR POR TIby Ñust'a fabiola
  • ladies
  • fable
  • castle
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Her Assassin's Heart - Book 2 #Wattys2017 by WriterByNight12
Her Assassin's Heart - Book 2 #Wat...by WriterByNight12
**SEQUEL TO HER SISTER'S FIANCÉ** London of the mid 19th century: a city of feigned propriety, snobbery, and tempestuous attempts at the upkeep of the law. Beneath the v...
  • historicalfiction
  • cassandra
  • scotland
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CatriotaLa Historia de una Princesa by --Sirco--
CatriotaLa Historia de una Princesaby Jael Limas
Es una historia contada por mí y escrita por mi; sobre dos hermanas que apesar de los desafíos siguen adelante por un objetivo en común.
  • historical-fiction
  • princesa
  • reinos
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These Disparate Aims by ReeseAlexandra
These Disparate Aimsby Reese Alexandra
England & Continental Europe, 1786. She wants to publish her novel. He wants his new wife to be happy. But can Miss Celia Goodwill and Mr. Friedrich Sommer accomplish th...
  • historical
  • 1780s
  • portugal
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Repetición by ArianaSNK2000
Repeticiónby ArianaICM
En octubre del 2011, en la ciudad de Lima(Perú), la prensa peruana se enfocó en el caso de un joven con aparente trastorno mental, quien fuese responsable de un asalto a...
  • enfermo
  • ficción
  • historical-fiction
Skyland by JeanPierreRuizRengif
Skylandby xxnumasef jpg
la humanidad tiene un enemigo, y esos enemigos están relacionados con el Dios Sunchif, Dios de la creación de los monstruos y goblins, los humanos creados por el Gran D...
  • dioses
  • sky
  • aventura
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Story of a stranger in Gensokyo by AtlasHuape
Story of a stranger in Gensokyoby Atlas Huape
Una novela basada en Touhou Project. Las promesas pueden ser mas fuertes que los propios recuerdos ; Taro tenia una misión muy importante que cumplir tenia que encontrar...
  • romance
  • drama
  • acciónyficción
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The Battlefield (in honor of Rhindi Issacs) by DragonAutismForever
The Battlefield (in honor of Rhind...by Peyton Eberle
This story takes place long ago right around when the war between celestials and demons began and now 3 brave soldiers named Rhindi, konawa, and Oak, must complete a ver...
  • dragons
  • shadow-demons
  • arkena
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The Todoroki Family  by Books_You_Will_Love
The Todoroki Family by I Like Food
The Todoroki family. Oh how messed up it truly is. Since their family issued gone out of hand, they think the best way to solve it is. Ask some random people to film the...
  • trollfic
  • endeavor
  • historical
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Tenías que ser tú by sashasbadass
Tenías que ser túby pll <3
Abril, Lara, Elsa e Inés son amigas desde pequeñas. Ahora con diecisiete años, Abril se siente atrída por su mejor amiga, Elsa. ¿Podrá el sueño de Abril hacerse realida...
  • historical-fiction
  • amorhomosexual
  • amor
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