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Truly Unexpected  by icy_flames17
Truly Unexpected by mysticgirl♡
I really love stories on time travel. Please give this book a chance. A story on Time Travel about a girl who accidentally ended up in the 12th century India . "F...
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The Do's and Don'ts of Writing a Story by xxdelinquentxx
The Do's and Don'ts of Writing a S...by TheDelinquentWriter
For all you amateur writers on Wattpad that want to write a smashing book. Here are the top tips. There are four different sections in here: PLOT - anything incredibly r...
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Stay Strong, Forever and Always by lwmlandrsurana216
Stay Strong, Forever and Alwaysby LivingWithMyLife and Rsurana2...
Story written by @LivingWithMyLife and @Rsurana216. ***WARNING*** There will be some mild profanity and suicidal/murderous thoughts in this story. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RIS...
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Prestige and Morality by AnayLeonor
Prestige and Moralityby AnayLeonor
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Before the Monster by writinganyone
Before the Monsterby Alyssa Coleman
~Updated every Monday and Friday~ Before the Monster... there was the Man. Many write Victor Frankenstein off as a snotty highborn, everything having been served to him...
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A Samurai's Pride by Ryuu-san77
A Samurai's Prideby Ryuu-san77
In Edo period japan, Hiraku Hayashi, a seventeen year old boy is called to Edo(Tokyo) to become a samurai. But he must face many challenges to become one. (P.S -I do not...
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Just my type by Nicole-Harry69
Just my typeby NIKKI
Belle Cavill es una dama a la que nadie le prestaria mucha atención no por falta de belleza más bien por su actitud distante a sus 25 años aspira convertirse en abadesa...
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Atrapado en un mundo perfecto. by AriielYm
Atrapado en un mundo perfecto.by Ariiel
Vivir en un mundo perfecto requiere de sacrificios...
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Frozen Grimoire: Paroxysm Blasphemy [Series I] #WRITEON by A_K_Villanueva
Frozen Grimoire: Paroxysm Blasphem...by α.k. ѵíllαղմҽѵα
||ON-HIATUS|| "We risen from the ash as one--To be awaken as light against the darkness of night like fireflies flying at the dim sight." Starlight vanished, s...
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Don't Love by IceOnMyEyes
Don't Loveby ColdMysteriousGirl
Bakit ba kailangan pang magmahal? "Kailangan ba talagang mamili sa pagitan ng buhay, pero walang pag-ibig? O Pag-ibig, pero walang buhay?" Tao ka kung nagmamah...
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Tides by SidPaxton
Tidesby Gold
Tides is a historical fiction short story that follows a sailor on the USS Constitution during the First Barbary War circa 17th century. Find out about Ernest Reeves' m...
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Casa de críticas. by CasaDeLosGatos
Casa de críticas.by CasaDeLosGatos
¿Necesitas una crítica para tu historia? Pues estas en el lugar correcto, nos alegra anunciar que oficialmente nuestra casa de críticas se encuentra abierta. Solo dale...
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SUICIDE LOGS- illustrated by davidaviiarte
SUICIDE LOGS- illustratedby David Avii
Do you know what death is in a dream? Adrian is followed by dreams of death, dreams that anyone would lose their sanity for a moment but all that does not happen until h...
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Progres wsteczny, tom I by Famus1
Progres wsteczny, tom Iby Paweł Famus
Historical-fiction. Europa przełomu lat trzydziestych i czterdziestych XX stulecia.
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A Whisper to the North by AbigaelOfAgartha
A Whisper to the Northby Abigael
Damsels aren't supposed to wield swords, especially ancient swords that will have the blood of thousands spilled across it. ✵✵✵✵✵ Deep in the mountains of Cambria, there...
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Marc of Ashes by CybrCzar
Marc of Ashesby Mark Kessinger
Marc of Ashes is a re imaging of history as told by a sheriff, drafted as knight, to deliver a secret payload to the besieged city of Constantinople. En route, he encou...
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Black Butler: Transcendent [Book 1] by ra_chan
Black Butler: Transcendent [Book 1]by Cierra
Alice Sullivan is a twenty-eight-year-old, British woman with a tragic past. Eighteen years ago, she witnessed the brutal massacre of her parents and of the family of he...
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Machiavellian by jadeisourqueen
Machiavellianby Her Highness
An uncanny series of events struck the kingdom of Cambridge-A game they could not process. The mastermind was still not to be found. After all, who would suspect an ange...
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