Anak Panah; Child of Arrow by tawardojo
Anak Panah; Child of Arrowby alien
(He struck fast like an arrow, And my, Did he bring grief with him) In midst of all the deaths, battles, politics, faux promises, tales, dark magic, and war, There was a...
  • magic
  • legend
  • myth
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Mi diario by yiampdaniela
Mi diarioby Blog personal de empanada
Hola!!! sé que más de uno ojeara para saber si aparecerá en este diario lleno de buenos momentos y sabores agrios pero antes de comenzar quiero acotar algo estoy inscr...
  • notasdeamor
  • desamor
  • mujeres
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The Cruise to Forever by Unlabeled_Generous
The Cruise to Foreverby ~miss muffin^~^
I accidentally met a guy...a guy who was destined to be my friend.. Hindi ko alam kung bakit kaylangan kaming pag tagpuin ng tadhana. Sadyang mapag laro lang talaga sigu...
  • reigncarnate
  • destiny
  • friendship
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The Rat-Ridden History Textbook Of A War-Stricken World by althazar
The Rat-Ridden History Textbook Of...by althazar
This textbook of a not so dystopian history of a not so utopian planet strikingly similar to our very own earth depicts the lifetime of a mastermind who plays with this...
  • criminal
  • historical-fiction
  • history
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Pirate's Maiden ( book one, Pirates Diary) by marlee2017
Pirate's Maiden ( book one, Pirate...by M
Althea is a maid for the BreadFors. Her job is to get their youngest daughter dress and hair done. When a maid was sick she has to go to America with Lady, Charlotte. Ez...
  • pirates
  • action-
  • ships
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La mancha negra en la alcoba N° 27 by Mesmaylk
La mancha negra en la alcoba N° 27by Mariana Esob
El despertar de la muerte es algo inexplicable, pasaje adverso que le toco pasar a Andaluz una joven la cual no tenia problema alguno en su vida hasta que tuvo que tran...
  • soledad
  • drama
  • suspenso
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The Tempus by C0l0rful_Darkn3ss
The Tempusby P!atd Addicted
A forming friendship, blazing fury, and breaking the laws of the universe come to one in this story- The Tempus. ____________ If you have any questions about what this s...
  • lgbt
  • 1920s
  • badboy
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Shot by Love's Arrow-A Regency Romance Novella by sassypantsromance
Shot by Love's Arrow-A Regency Rom...by Kelly Alfreds
Lady Elenor Reynolds and James Manchester, Earl of Westing, have been neighbors their entire lives, but when one of eight-year-old Ellie's arrows flew astray and struck...
  • romance
  • regency-
  • historical-
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The Great War of Heimzland by Curtis66
The Great War of Heimzlandby Curtis66
The time of the sage was swept away by base human greed and war has been raging across all of the land over the unthinkable span of 5 centuries, desire, pleasure sufferi...
  • millitary
  • magicalrealism
  • fantasy
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Story of a stranger in Gensokyo by AtlasHuape
Story of a stranger in Gensokyoby Atlas Huape
Una novela basada en Touhou Project. Las promesas pueden ser mas fuertes que los propios recuerdos ; Taro tenia una misión muy importante que cumplir tenia que encontrar...
  • vampiros
  • historical-fiction
  • recuerdosdelpasado
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Color (a weekly serial novel) by thomaseng
Color (a weekly serial novel)by Thomas Eng
WATTYS SHORTLISTED! During World War I, a black baseball player gets a second chance to play ball on an all-white steel mill baseball team, an action that shocks and div...
  • theroyaltyawards2018
  • discrimination
  • historical-romance
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A Lovesong Disguised as Rainfall by screamthylastscream
A Lovesong Disguised as Rainfallby Mariela Guerra
In the year of 1891, superstitious thoughts have long been demolished, and left only to the minds of gullible peasants. Or so eighteen-year-old Flora thought. Daughter o...
  • esotericism
  • clairvoyant
  • spirit
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Historia de the flash y sus diferentes versiones by the_flash_Fans_
Historia de the flash y sus difere...by the_flash_Fans_
si eres un fanatico de the flash,esto te encantara
  • flashback
  • romance
  • historia
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Queen of Hearts by ellamilany
Queen of Heartsby Ella
One word changed her life forever. It only took one simple word to destroy her soul and ruin an innocent man's life. To outrun her guilt, Isla decides to visit her sanc...
  • princess
  • friends
  • historical-fiction
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The Time Traveler's Tea House by returnto-sender
The Time Traveler's Tea Houseby returnto-sender
(Watty "Wild Card" Winner 2018) In the heart of Edinburgh, there lies a tea house that has been in business for over 100 years, despite the sign on the door al...
  • wildcard
  • science
  • future
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The Wolf and the Rose by TwinSisters4Life
The Wolf and the Roseby TwinSisters4Life
Alison Kerr is a spirited peasant. Bête Neville is a beastly aristocrat. And Hendry Kerr brings them together. When Alison's brother steals from M. Neville, Alison decid...
  • eighteenth-century
  • french
  • love
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Short Stories by Surly_Wombat
Short Storiesby Surly_Wombat
A collection of short stories from all genres- I take suggestions, and constructive criticism is appreciated!! Enjoy!
  • fiction
  • shortstorycollection
  • historical-fiction
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Samantha Columbus by UnicornVI1738
Samantha Columbusby Hanna
I'm Samantha Columbus the daughter of Christopher Columbus the reason you Americans have Columbus day. I want to make his legacy a real one he died a disgrace to Europe...
  • adventure
  • historical-fiction
  • romance
♔ Entre el amor y la guerra by mxnyoon_
♔ Entre el amor y la guerraby ❀ sαɾ♡ ❀
Después de que el futuro rey se escapase del castillo vestido de pordiosero y, para su suerte, encontrase al amor de su vida sirviendo vino en una de las tabernas del re...
  • reinos
  • historical-fiction
  • guerra
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adele rose y la habitación secreta by sky_xxxx
adele rose y la habitación secretaby natalia
hola, soy Adele rose...y no, no soy la famosa cantante "Adele" aunque raramente si soy Fan de ella. soy una chica de temprana edad que simplemente esta encerr...
  • rose
  • fancic
  • historical-fiction
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