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You Are The Only Exception {Teacher/Student Relationship} by 10stephanieg
You Are The Only Exception { Stephanie
Michelle doesn't want to think about her parents divorce. No more, then she already has. Michelle swears she will never let herself forget what her father did to both h...
Shadow Fangs by ClockyFox
Shadow Fangsby ClockyFox
Meet Zorakuba, a 27 year old man who is a writer and artist by day...and a crime boss at night who seems to have a troubled look on the world. His gang, the Shadow Fang...
Rối by _matine_
Rốiby Matine
Q&A cùng các tuyển thủ Chủ đề: Tình yêu
Dmmd x oc Save her by Itsahabit17
Dmmd x oc Save herby Itsahabit17
Kyouka looses her memory's of her past and is found by aoba unconscious in an ally, she stays with him and tae, but when things start to go down, her memory's start to s...
Nitro+ CHiRAL One shots Yaoi, Lemons, X Reader, X OC [REQUESTS CLOSED] by asuka_lynnbrown
Nitro+ CHiRAL One shots Yaoi, asuka_lynnbrown
So all the handsome men from Dramatical Murder, Togainu no chi, Sweet Pool, and Lamento Beyond the Void. Have told me to make some one-shots, fluff for them and for you...
Dramatical Murder by Kitkatgirl0515
Dramatical Murderby Mystic Fox
Akira Amaterasu was a young street girl, who lost everything about her and was left alone to fend for herself. Her longing to interact with people drew her to play VR ga...
Eyes on You by miss_oline
Eyes on Youby Caroline
I was blind for almost my whole life..Yeah I couldn't see anything but I'm certainly not weak. I met a man with deep-beautiful voice that held my attention. Yes, I was...
Nitro+ CHiRAL: Seven Minutes in Heaven [COMPLETE] by asuka_lynnbrown
Nitro+ CHiRAL: Seven Minutes in asuka_lynnbrown
I've read plenty of Seven Minutes in Heaven scenarios and there's not a single one for the whole Nitro+ CHiRAL game series. So I decided to make one! All of the main cha...
DMMD X Readers-mostly nsfw by slurpsuck
DMMD X Readers-mostly nsfwby 💀DEAD ACCOUNT💀
*casually pushes all other things I'm working on just because I had an idea at 2 AM* Anyway, requests are open.
DRAMAtical Murder Scenarios & OneShot by AnimeFoxZ
DRAMAtical Murder Scenarios & Kenzie FoxZ
I don't own any of the DRAMAtical Murder character
Daddy's Little Girl by eryn32
Daddy's Little Girlby Eryn
A dark figure is walking towards us through the haze. I ignore it and let Ryan pull me to the ocean. As the figure gets closer, I can tell its a grown man. I stop abrupt...
Next》Alex Browning  by imjustadamari
Next》Alex Browning by A.J
I just really like these movies, so, here it is. (:
Dmmd oneshots by purple_jelleyfish
Dmmd oneshotsby purple_jellyfish
Smut, lemon, fluff, you name it.
A DRAMAtical Adventure by gummylord
A DRAMAtical Adventureby D I C E
"W-Where... Am l?" She asked herself looking around at the unfamiliar town that seemed a bit worn down but still, suitable to live. As she examined the place s...
a place where i belong | dmmd/dramatical murder by maebemin
a place where i belong | dmmd/ maebemin
{ (Noiz) x OC x Clear Love Triangle } | DISCONTINUED ~~~~ Hana Hisa, a not so average 18 year old who has been betrayed countless times, causing her to build walls aroun...
A Dream or is it? (Dramatical Murder Fanfic) by Pastel_Girl15
A Dream or is it? (Dramatical Monochrome_Eater15
Ami Hirano was just a little girl when her parents abandon her, luckily she was taken in by an orphanage. But as she grew older she was being made fun of for being diffe...
DRAMAtical Murder One-Shots (Fluff and Lemons) by shortJayWritesstuff
DRAMAtical Murder One-Shots ( Shorty
Who's your favorite DMMD character? Who's your favorite ship in DMMD? Request your ship in the comments or I'll write my own! If you wanna see my cringe writing, then c...
Dramatical murder x oc  by Itsahabit17
Dramatical murder x oc by Itsahabit17
Ani lives with her aunt in Midorijima, in an all female gang trying to locate her missing sister
DMMd Lemons (Yaoi) by Ezio_Auditore637
DMMd Lemons (Yaoi)by Ezio Auditore da Firenze
This is a request from a friend of mine. I hope you will enjoy it and have fun by reading. Cya! :D Ghirahim
DMMD Q/A + DARES!! Ask Away!! by GlaziolaNacht
DMMD Q/A + DARES!! Ask Away!!by Glaziola Nacht
Hey there friends! It is I, Glaziola Nacht! I'm coming at you with yet another ask/dare book! This time, it's all the guys or the Dick Squad from DRAMAtical Murder! Jus...