DMMD X Readers-mostly nsfw by slurpsuck
DMMD X Readers-mostly nsfwby 💀DEAD ACCOUNT💀
*casually pushes all other things I'm working on just because I had an idea at 2 AM* Anyway, requests are open.
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Ariana Grande HQ ✔ by StrawberryNugget
Ariana Grande HQ ✔by σlgα♚
Ariana Grande HQ pics
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~The Book Of Sin, DMMD Lemons and Fluff~ by aobacatrash
~The Book Of Sin, DMMD Lemons Yaoi trash~~
This book is full of my dmmd stories, as you can see from the title. There will be a lot of shitty ones. Enjoy~~ ~~~~ also, credits to the creator of the cover photo.
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Fun Time Alone Dmmd Boys by sakiko-uchiha
Fun Time Alone Dmmd Boysby Haruki-Hanako
Dmmd x female reader Dmmd x male reader Lemon and fluff
  • noiz
  • trip
  • dramatical-murder
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Dmmd oneshots by purple_jelleyfish
Dmmd oneshotsby purple_jellyfish
Smut, lemon, fluff, you name it.
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Dramatical Murder x F!Reader by _bubee_
Dramatical Murder x F!Readerby _bubee_
what the title says :) A kind, cheerful young adult named (Y/n). One of the few people with one of the rarest personalities in the Old Residental Discrict. She stumbles...
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Dramatical Murder X Reader [Lemons] by juviaszen
Dramatical Murder X Reader [Lemons]by Juvia
This book is only LEMONS! The characters that will be shown are: ~ Noiz ~ Aoba ~ Mink ~ Clear ~ Koujaku ~ Mizuki ~ Ren ~ Possibly Virus and Trip
  • noiz
  • clear
  • koujaku
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DMMD Fictober 2018 DRAMAtical Murder Yaoi by medusastein
DMMD Fictober 2018 DRAMAtical Ghiraher~
Como valí berga con el Inktober, dije "¿Por que no hacer un Fictober de DMMD?" y psss aquí está. como pueden ver, ya es el día 3, así que será del día 3 en ade...
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Female (Dramatical Murder)  by kikuhondaislife
Female (Dramatical Murder) by LT
Is it just me or am I the only female to be found around here besides Aboa-kun's grandmother? After deciding of finding a job, I find trouble wrapped in a pretty bow. ...
  • noiz
  • aoba
  • ren
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LOST Imagines & Quotes  by _freckles
LOST Imagines & Quotes by Root
REQUESTS in chapter "🌴REQUESTS🌴" I made this because I LOVE lost:) - tv show Jack Shepard, Hugo Reyes, Kate Austen, James Ford, Benjamin Linus, mr Eko, Boone...
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Which door will you choose? Aoba/Clear/Mizuki/Koujaku/Noiz X Reader (Lemon/Smut) by Lemons_4_The_Hungry
Which door will you choose? Aoba/ Jisatsu
This story will contain LEMONS for Clear, Aoba, Mizuki, Koujaku and Noiz. You can choose each route at your own leisure, so please enjoy! When you get the chance to go b...
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[DMMD] You Saved Me... (Aoba x Reader) by TheFanGirl2003
[DMMD] You Saved Me... (Aoba x ♥Fandom trash♥
What happens when a certain blue haired boy saves you from a horrible gang. But you're hiding a special secret from him, and your suspicious about his power. Read to fin...
  • dmmd
  • akushima
  • clear
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Daddy-Daughter Moments by bluedog1414
Daddy-Daughter Momentsby Life Is a Tea Party
In all his years of revenge, it looks like Mink will have to learn to love again. Yes, he loves Aoba with all his being and could never imagine life without him. Now, Ao...
  • clear
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Glo-Up by LunarDivination
Glo-Upby LunarDivination
The term "glo-up" stands for a personal transformation and largely attests to the increase in self-confidence and a positive change in one's self. Each chapter...
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Hopelessly Confused by Master_Fanboy
Hopelessly Confusedby Gay-Little-Aesthetic
Dramatical Murder book, yay! I have been wanting to do this for a long time and now I have decided to... so yay? Either way, this book is going to be mixed ships so if...
  • 18
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Fixing me by Elenistica33
Fixing meby Serenity
6 ocasiones para conocerlo. 2 semanas para repararlo. 1 día para perderlo. ¿Cuanto tiempo para superarlo?
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  • secuela
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Sick days.... by Autumnbaldwin2005
Sick XlordsX
This are days that everyone is sick so be prepared.....
  • aoba
  • noiz
  • koujaku
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Nitro+ CHiRAL: Seven Minutes in Heaven by asuka_lynnbrown
Nitro+ CHiRAL: Seven Minutes in asuka_lynnbrown
I've read plenty of Seven Minutes in Heaven scenarios and there's not a single one for the whole Nitro+ CHiRAL game series. So I decided to make one! All of the main cha...
  • konoe
  • characterxreader
  • noiz
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Dramatical Murder by Kitkatgirl0515
Dramatical Murderby Kitkatgirl0515
Akira Amaterasu was a young street girl, who lost everything about her and was left alone to fend for herself. Her longing to interact with people drew her to play VR ga...
  • akira
  • drama
  • toue
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Dmmd characters x Male reader by BlushYngi
Dmmd characters x Male readerby ⠀
  • mink
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